The Only Exception (Chapter 4 Out)

A Supernatural Romance Story...

It only started when enemies turn to lovers. When hate turns to immediate care and love, sorrow happens.

So when Violet Marie Everett, the werewolf who despises her form, she falls for a creature more peculiar then her. He looks strange, and feeds on blood, almost like her. He looks and seems so different...But she couldn't have met someone that fit the puzzle more perfectly.

Chapter 1

Hell Is Only What You Make It Out To Be

I'm a werewolf. No doubt about that. A white coated, evil based, carnivorous werewolf. Even though the curse seems cool, I only evolve into one of them in the presence of night, and I feed on blood of animals during these raids.

We are immortal, and the only way to end our sorry lives was to stab a silver dagger in our heart in the presence of a full moon. We do not sleep, as we are basically dead once we are formed. We have enemies as well. Vampires. Angels. Anything that threatens us in the supernatural world. We don't feel pain. We don't feel anything, unless it is truly a strong power.

Me? I'm Violet. Violet Marie Everett. Stupid name, right? I know. I am supposed to be a Silver Blood, or a ever-lasting werewolf of Evil. The others? Their supposed to be White Bloods', or rarely Era Bloods; White Bloods are the apparently common 'good' ones. Era Bloods are immortal, however they die of 'natural causes' after living a short period of time, their actual time, which lasts almost a century. Anyhow, I am 126 years old starting tomorrow. I support the Temno KrasivyÄ­ DragotsennyÄ­ Kamen Clan, better known as KrasivyÄ­ Clan of Russia.

Yes, I live in Russia. Ustyuzhny is my small town, barely less than 10,000 people. I wouldn't know if any of them had my curse. I wouldn't know to think if anyone was my enemy or not. That's why I'm always careful, because the snow white werewolf I am does not rupture the mind. It does not hurt at all.

It only punishes the soul as it glosses over thoughts. The small particles of the curse are delicate yet powerful. It only takes time before one is actually gone.

That's why I have strong hatred for myself. Because this horrible curse took my family.

I can't say that. I murdered my family. It started out so harmless, but that's when it actually overtook me. How I became one? Well, it's a long story. Get ready. Be prepared.

"Trever, stay close! Stop venturing off!" I shouted at his face. "Stay cool, nothing is gonna happen with me around..." He smirked as he tread on the forest floor.

Trever was my childhood friend. Imagine a tall, gangly sixteen year old with messy jet black hair. His dark hazel eyes shone in the moonlight silently, as they always did. He was barely buff, as his blue and white polo hugged his chest.

We were only in the forest because Trever wanted to show me something he said was peculiar. He found a moon stone, they were supposed to glow, and they can only be found deep in mines.

"There!" He shouted. Sure enough, a luminous, silver, oval shape stood there. "Cool," I said, mesmerized. "Er, Vi?" He looked at me horrified. Or was he looking behind me...? "What's that?" He trembled slightly. I turn my head to see what was there. "Trever, there's nothing he--"

But when I looked back, instead of Trever, a jet black gargantuan wolf stood in it's place. It's eyes glowed yellow, and it howled into the night, almost blinding me. I looked up to see the full moon that gave me light. I clapped my hands together, praying to God.

That was before I felt a stabbing pain like a thousand hornet stings in my neck.

And my heartbeat slowed. My throat gurgled with blood.

And I basically died.

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