Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 17

AWWW!! I actually was about to cry writing this chapter :p

Chapter 1

The Rain...

by: AmyRyan

My plane finally landed in California, and boy did i miss home. The warm air hit
on my skin and the fresh smell made me smile. I then realized what i had done,
i jumped on a plane and just ran away from Justin. My heart began to sink but i
kept my head up, what i did was not wrong. I deserve better and Justin should
find someone who he’s truly happy with i thought to myself. Someone put their
hand gently on my shoulder i turn around to see my moms shinning face and
dad smiling. I got up and jumped into their arms, no matter how mad my parents
made me i loved them and was so happy to see them again. I knew the first
question my mom was gonna ask me, and i was right.

Mom:Why did you leave so early?!

Amanda:Feeling a little homesick, i just wanted to take a break for a little.
Actually enjoy my summer with my friends to.

Mom:Wow, well alright.

Dad:We cooked your favorite, pasta and garlic bread! So lets go home and that

My dad took my suit case and carry on bag and walked to the car with it. I
stopped in the airport bathroom to see what i looked like. My eyes were so red
from crying and my nose was too. I was surprised my mom didn’t notice or say
anything about it. We finally got home and ran upstairs to my bedroom and just
laid across my bed, it was good to finally be home. Before dinner i started to
unpack my things, i found Justin’s hoody in my suitcase. I looked at and and
refused to start crying, i took his hoodie and just threw it in the back of my
closet. As i was unpacking my things my phone vibrated about a million times. I
open it up to see 14 new text from “Justin.♥” , 31 missed calls from “Justin.♥” 13
new voicemails from “Justin.♥”. I didn’t bother reading or listening or calling
back. I went through my phone and deleted all the unread text, and voicalmails.
I was done with him, all i wanted was to be happy. He made me happy for quit
some time and what did he do, broke my heart.My mom was right, never trust
the famous boys. It only took him a couple days to cheat on me, imagine what
he could have done in months.

The minute dinner was over i called up Michelle and asked her to come over,
she didn’t even hesitate to say no. She came over and i told her about the whole
trip. Tears started to fall down my eyes so we changed the subject quickly. I
know it was only one day but things were starting to feel the same again.
Whenever i was around my best friend i was just all smiles. We were watching a
movie we had bought on the TV when my phone vibrated off the couch, Michelle
& i look to see who it was. “incoming call from Justin.♥”

Michelle:Girl, answer it.

Amanda:Nope, i told you i’m done with him. Fresh start.

I rejected all 67 calls i got from him that day. I don’t think i could bare to hear
his voice, i’d fall for him once again. Weeks went by, that turned into months
and all the text and calls from Justin started to died down. The last time i ever
talked to him face to face was about 2 months ago. I had moved on, my heart
was still broken but i hadmoved on. By getting over Justin i tried talking to other
guys but it just wasn’t the same. They didn’t hold me the way Justin held me,
they didn’t text me at random hours just to see if i was okay, they didn’t kiss
me softly, they didn’t sit there and tell me how much they loved me like Justin
did. And one day i sat on my bed and just burst out to tears. I couldn’t keep this
pain in any longer. Justin was perfect and i knew i wouldn’t be able to find
another Justin. I began to regret running away from him, but what would you do
if you were in my shoes? Stay and let him continue to cheat on you? I know
he’s “Justin Bieber” and girls would do anything to be with him and to keep him
but i’ll always keep respect for myself.

On June 17, around 7:00 pm probably had to be the most craziest day of my
life. My parents invited me to my dads huge business dinner. He had opened up
a new business and wanted to take all the workers out to eat for celebration. I
stayed home that night watching movies in my victory secrets sweatpants with
my hair put up in a messy bun eating strawberry ice cream.It was pouring rain
outside, i opened up my window and stuck my hand out to feel the rain fall on
my skin.The rain made me think of Justin,well there wasn’t a day i didn’t think
about him.I got a knock on my door thinking it was my dad or something, i walk
downstairs to answer it. There on my porch was Justin with wet hair, wet
clothes and one rose in his hand.Tears fell down my face, i wiped them and
walked outside into the pouring ran and just hugged him. I tried pulling away but
i saw him standing there and i completely fell in love all over again. I didn’t even
care that i was in tank top and sweat pants getting soaked. Being in his arms
was all i ever wanted for the past 2 months.

Justin:I had to chase after you.


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