Kiss Kiss Fall in love (Ouran HSHC with a american twist) 2

Run from fangirls! sorry about the typos

Chapter 1

Twins, mini ninjas, and fangirls, oh my!

"What is a host club?" I asked. Tamaki got right in my face "A host club is where handsome young men like myself entertain beautiful young ladies." I narrowed by eyes "Blondie if you dont get out of my face right now your going to regret it." He backed up a little bit. "So what was it like in america?" I backed away from him he was creeping me out. "How do you know I used to live in america?"
"Oh, thats easy. Kyoya knows all about you." I sat back down on the couch "Great, I guess there are stalkers in Japan too."
"Hi." I opened my eyes and two boys were on either side of me.
"Im Hikaru"
"And Im Kaoru."
Then they said together "We are the Hitachiin brothers!"
"Hi. Get out of my face." They both smiled.
"I think someone doesn't like closeness."
"No he doesn't Kaoru."
"Get out of his face guys." They moved and the girl with a short hair style alomst like mine came up.
"Im Haruhi Fujioka. Sorry about these guys, they can be a real pain sometimes."
"Hi Haruhi." She sat down next to me and Tamaki started to look ticked off. To annoy him more I moved closer to her. He started to turn red. I liked annoying people. I had a wonderful annoying idea. "Hey Haruhi, do want me to read your palm?"
"Uh, What?" She had no idea what I was talking about. "Its something we do in America. I look at the lines on your hand to tell you about your life and future."
"Okay Alex." I took her hand and Blondie turned red."Okay your not very flirtasious and your very lucky. Wait, It looks like you have a big secret." I looked up at her Tamaki looked like I was scaring him, the twins looked confused and I looked to my left and a little kid was standing next to me holding a bunny. "Hi! I'm Hunny, and this is Takashi, but you can call him Mori!" He was the cutest most happy go lucky person that I didn't hate, because it was impossible to hate him. I looked up at Mori and he was huge! I smiled at both of them. "So how old are you and Mori, Hunny?"
"Seventeen! Do you want to hold Usa-Chan?" It took all my will power not to drop my jaw. This kid looked like he was 9! Oh well I looked like I was in high school in middle school. Tamaki got in my face again." Well you should go now and dont dig through Haruhi s personal life, I mean palm.” Then Tamaki pushed me out of the room into the mob of fan girls. They could probably hear my screams from inside.


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