Short Scary Stories

Short Scary Stories

You may get lost in the woods, you may be caught in a fire but it is nothing and not scary at all unless you write it down for others to fear.

Chapter 1

The House Next Door

by: Sierra990
Hello I am Lizzy Fadaffle.I live in a quiet and small town. It is pretty safe here, but I have a freaky neighbor. He always wears black and only comes out when the moon isn't full. He wouldn't eat our garlic and cheese toasties either. They are amazing. He also stares at my mom a lot. Like she is food... weird. Well it is 7:00 pm and I am going outside to catch fireflies.

Mom's View: "Ok DINNER'S DONE! COME HERE LIZZY." She opened the door and didn't see Lizzy "Weird...maybe she is in the backyard." So she opened the back door and on the ground was the most horrifying thing. Her daughter's bones were lying right in front of the back door.

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