Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 15

I Know Its Short! and am soory for that :) but the chapter will leave u wanting moree! :)

Chapter 1


by: AmyRyan

The next morning i woke up pretty early, it was about 8:00 and the smell of
bacon and coffee filled the house. I was so tired and still a little shocked about
what me and Justin had done the other night. I loved him and was glad i lost it to
him. I laid there as Justin’s arms were still wrapped around me. I slowly got out
of the bed trying not to wake up Justin, but i accidentally woke him up.

Justin:what are you doing.

Amanda:Shhh, just got back to sleep.

He slowly shut his eyes and quickly fell back to sleep. I walked into the
bathroom brushed my teeth, washed my face usual morning routine and walked
out into the kitchen. Justin’s grandmother Diane was sitting at the table eating
breakfast with her husband Bruce while reading the paper. She looked up at me
and smiled.

Diane:Morning beautiful girl, how’d you sleep?

Amanda:Morning, i slept good!

Diane:That’s good, you hungry?


She fixed me a plate of food, i had bacon blueberry waffles and a muffin. After i
was done eating i helped Diane do the dishes and clean up the kitchen a little. I
sat down at the tabel with both of them and had a good conversation about

Diane:I’m so glad we were all able to finally meet you. Justin would always call
me and tell me how excited he was for you to meet us and just how wonderful
you were.

Bruce:He was right, you are a very giggly girl. smiles

Amanda:laughs Thank you!

Bruce:Let him treat you right okay? He’s a smooth kid, and the things he says
to girls can just take over their brain.

Amanda:laughing he wont take over my brain, i wear the pants in this


We were all laughing and having a good time. Pattie came out into the kitchen
to eat breakfast and soon Justin had joined to. Pattie, Diane and I were gonna
have a girls day while Justin hangouts with his friends to watch football. We
went downtown to do shopping and we were all having a good time. We got
back to the house and you could hear everyone cheering downstairs in the
basement, screaming at the TV. Bruce was putting wings in the oven and
making little snacks for everyone that was downstairs. I walked downstairs to
see Ryan,Chaz,and Rachel watching the game. I went over and gave Rachel the
biggest hug in the world and gave Ryan and Chaz one to.

Amanda:Where’s justin at?

Ryan:puts chip in mouth while watching game I dunno, i think he went in his
room with Emilia or something.


Rachel:I KNOW, i don’t know why he invited her. But he said he was getting us
snacks and she was just gonna use the bathroom.

I didn’t even answer her, i ran all the way upstairs to his room. I opened up


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