Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 18


Chapter 1

Ben <3

by: AmyRyan

I took myself out of his hug as soon as he said "i had to chase after you." I
looked into his big brown eyes and started falling inlove again, then i
remembered seeing this big brown eyes look at Emilia with happiness. It made
me sick to my stomach. I didn't even respond, i stepped back and started shaking. The memories brought back so much pain that i bottled up inside for
about 2 months. He looked at me funny as i backed up into the house slowly
shutting the door. As i shut the door i leaned my head up against the door and
started crying.

Justin: Amanda, open up! What's wrong.

Amanda:crying Go away Justin! I cant even look at you anymore.

Justin: Babe you have to let me explain.

Amanda: I let you explain once, and i forgave you. Then you go and do it again.

Justin: Amanda, i promise this is different. Please just let me explain to you, i
love you and i could never get over you.

Amanda: Well, your gonna have to now.

The words just slipped out my mouth, i couldn't even believe i said that. It was
complete silence, are you heard was the rain hitting against my house.

Justin: I don't know what else to do, i can’t force you to talk to me. But i would
really like it if you just please opened up the door and let me explain.


Amanda:crying goodbye Justin.

Everything was still and dizzy. I heard a car door slam and the engine turn on.
My head was spinning and tears were coming down my face so hard. I finally
regretted everything i said, i ran back out into the rain but he vanished so fast. I
fell to the ground and slapped the wet grass as mud splashed onto my face. I
was hurt and all i wanted to do was roll up in a ball and lay there. I got up
shaking and walked back into my house with my soaked clothes on. Never
would i speak of this moment in my life. I took off my clothes and walked into
the shower and just cried. I cried and cried, just let out all the emotion that was
inside me for so long. Finally i stopped crying, i just stopped. This couldn’t go
on forever, always being said and depressed just wouldn’t work for me. Yeah, he
cheated on me twice…the boy i completely loved. But that’s life and you will
one day get your heart-broken and out of all people he had to be the one who
broke my heart. You may think I'm stupid for not taking him back, but my heart
and my mind told me not to.

My body was so weak from crying, i got back into my warm pajamas a layed in
my bed. Thinking of Justin and having flashbacks of everything. Later that night i got something to eat to just get things off of my mind. I was excepting a little
text or call from Justin but nothing…nothing at all. The only thing that would
stop me from crying was falling asleep. I crawled in my bed and fell asleep into
the rain, without Justin’s warm small body wrapped around mine.

It’s been a month since the whole Justin incident happened. Everything was
finally falling back into place. Being with friends, going to parties and meeting
new people. I met this guy named Ben and he made me feel like everything. He
made me happy and everything between us was going great. Justin had to be
the last thing that was on my mind when i was with him. It was around July and
Ben had invited me to go to the Bahamas with him and his family for the fourth
of July. There was gonna be a huge concert with all these artist and his parents
had got us tickets. I packed up my stuff and drove over to Ben's house to leave
for our plane. I was so excited to be with the boy i really liked and his amazing
family. I kept the love for Justin way back in my heart and just started a knew
life basically. We got to the Atlantis Resort Hotel after a long plane ride, it was
beautiful. I unpacked my bag into Ben & i’s hotel room in amazement.

Ben: You excited for the concert tonight

Amanda: it’s tonight?!

Ben: Yeah baby.

Amanda: Wow, I'm so stoked.

Ben:kisses Amanda

The way Ben kissed me was nearly not as good as Justin’s but i couldn’t help
but to smile everytime he did. I hopped into the shower to get all ready for the
concert. I was excited to see what artist were gonna be at the concert. I got
ready for the concert in the bathroom. Loose curls, with strapless light pink
dress and silver sandals. Without even noticing i picked out Justin’s cross necklace out my jewelry bag he had gave me the night of his huge dinner. I
looked at it in the palm of my hand squeezed it and held it to my heart. Ben
walked in and i jumped and threw the necklace back in the bag.

Ben: You okay babes?

Amanda: Yeah yeah, I'm fine. I’ll be ready in a little.

Ben: You look beautiful

Amanda: Thank you baby.

He walked out the room and i picked the cross necklace back up. I know it
would be weird but i put it on my neck. A flashback went through my brain of
Justin putting it around my neck then kissing my neck softly. Chills went down
my arms when i felt the exact feeling of his lips on my neck. I finished doing my
make-up and left for the concert with Ben. Our seats were insane, first row right
in the middle .Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Drake, Rihanna, Travie Mccoy, Ke$ha,
and many artist performed that night. There was one more artist and everyone
seemed to be pumped. As the band was getting ready to perform i saw justin
bieber’s gutarist Dan getting his gutair ready on stage. My heart dropped and it
was becoming super hot in the stadium. Finally you hear “GIVE IT UP FOR
JUSTIN BIEBERRRRRRR.” The stadium went INSANE even Ben was jumping
up and down like a little teen girl. I stood there and froze. My brain just stopped,
i didn't know how to react. He came out looking amazing in his leather jacket
and his dark jeans. At first he didn't notice me standing there until he came into
the middle of the stage to grab hands. He took one look at me and stopped
singing. His dancers looked confused but he just kept looking at me, the
backup singers kept up for him. I looked at him and just turned my head. He
shook his head and ran to the other side of the stage and started singing again.
My boyfriend noticed him starring at me like that.

Ben: he looked at you like you were a ghost or something.

Amanda: Yeah i know.

Ben: probably because he thinks your so beautiful, but he cant have you and
never will.

Ben pulled me into him and kissed me. I kept my eyes open and looked up at
the stage to see Justin standing there singing right to me. I legit pushed Ben
away and looked up at Justin. I grabbed my cross necklace and played with it
hoping he’d notice, and he indeed noticed it right away. He threw has hand out
toward me and grabbed onto mine while singing "i thought you’d always be
mine…mine." Tears rolled down my face and my heart was beating so fast. I fell
inlove with him once again.


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