Roses ( a justin bieber love story)

Roses ( a justin bieber love story)

if you don't like Justin bieber leave now

name : Aria
eyes: blue
skin: tan
hair: brunette with blonde highlights
dance student who loves to sing and and hang with friends
best friends are: Alyson,Jessica, and Sara
She is kind of in love with Justin just a teeny bit. She live with her brother, who is 25 and is very over protective.

Chapter 1

I'm dancing with who ?!?

Today like any regular old day. I got up and showered and did my hair putting it in a ponytail and brushed my teeth. I got dressed in :
I picked up my backpack and went downstairs.
" Hey Daniel, how'd you sleep ", I said while taking a bite of an apple.
" I slept fine. thanks for asking", he said his eyes looking full of excitement. I eyed him curiously. " What did you do now Dan cause the look on your face is creeping me out". "Why would you say that Ari", he said still smiling at me.
"you just seem excited about something", I said sitting on the counter.

"Well you'll never guess who is my new student at dance school". " Is it someone I know, or someone famous like a popstar", I said the last part a little sarcastically." Actually yeah Justin Bieber is going to be taking some dance lessons with us for a while to practice for his music video and his world tour. The apple I was currently eating fell out of my mouth. " When is he going to be coming I am not mentally prepared for this". He laughed at me and I gave him a completely serious look. " Well actually he just left the airport and is on his way to the dance studio so we have to start leaving". My mind could not completely wrap around this. I am going to be meeting Justin today and in less than an hour.

We hoped in the car and drove down a couple streets, then parked in front of the studio. I grabbed my tote bag with my dance outfit in it and walked nonchalantly inside being as calm as possible. When i walked inside I signed in my name and looked to se if his name was on the sign in list yet. Well seems like they haven't arrived yet I guess I will just have to warm up on my own. I got dressed in my dance clothes and headed for the main studio. ( wearing :
I did a couple of stretches as Dan was in the office filling out some papers and taking phone calls from people who wanted to book us for events. I did a couple of routines by myself working on some moves that I've been having problems with.

After the dance I went to get a drink of water. When i came back no one was in the studio so i decided to freestyle. Just listening to the beat in the song I just felt so alive and free when I danced.

Suddenly I felt something vibrating in my pocket bringing me back the life here on earth. It was a text from Dan. " Hey Ari it seems that Justin signed in 20 minutes ago so get acquainted with him and tell me how it goes later. I look up but don't see anyone so I went to go check in the bathroom but he is not in there. I see someone run into the locker room. I knock on the door to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I walk in right when Justin was changing into a muscle tank. I looked down as my face turned extremely red." Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know you were--, I didn't I'll just leave". As I turned to walk out I felt him grab my wrist gently. " Hey I'm fully clothed now", he said slightly smirking at me. I looked up at him and he looked at me in surprise. " Hey you're the girl who I saw dancing I ran in here since I didn't want you to think I was creepy just standing and staring at you". I didn't know what to say. I looked down to still see that his hand was still on my wrist. He noticed to and quickly dropped his hand." Sorry", he said turning to look down at the floor. " You really are an amazing dancer, it looked like you were just one with the music you know", he said suddenly snapping me out of my day dreaming state. " Thanks, when you start dancing you might feel the same, by the way I'm Aria your dance teacher". " Wow a dance teacher, you are like the same age as me".

I smirked at him, " well you're a popstar and we're the same age so mine doesn't seem that unrealistic". He laughed and started to walk out the locker room pass me. " Hey we should hang out since you're going to be teaching me and all that ". He smiled at me and I just melted. We traded phone numbers and I gave him Dan's just in case he couldn't reach me.

Since when did I act like this around a guy. Then I remembered Avan.

Does Justin really like her or is she just another fan, and who is Avan.

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