Broken Chords (A glee love story)

Broken Chords (A glee love story)

Harmony Mallow
~Shoulder length strawberry blonde hair
~Blue/Purple eyes (depends on the day)
~Best singer EVER!!
~In love with Puck
~Her parents are rich because they own a line of popular stores called ''4ever U''


Chapter 1

She will be loved

by: Emini_jem
Harmony walked down the halls of William Mckinley High School towards the choir room, she heard there was a glee club. 'New Directions, or something like that...' Harmony thought. As she suspected, there was a group of people, and what looked like a really hot teacher.
"Hello?" Harmony called out,
The teacher looked at Harmony, she blushed.
"Hello, I'm Mr. Schuester."
''Mr. Schuester''
"Hi. I heard you had a glee club, and I wanted to audition. I'm Harmony Mallow."
"THE Harmony Mallow....!"
Harmony looked at a black girl...With ALOT of bling, some, which was her parent's store items.
'...Ohmygosh!!! Your the daughter to Jane and Bryan Mallow, right? Owners of ''4ever U''? I LOVE that place!" Harmony smiled, "Yes, I am their daughter. I'm happy to have a fan of my parent's store...Anyway, Mr. Schu, my audition?"
Mr. Schuester looked up "Errr...Yes, what are you gonna' sing?"
Harmony has known this song since she was 2.
"She will be loved, by Maroon 5."
"Ooooookay! Go ahead."

Harmony daintly cleared her throat.

''Beauty queen of only 18
had some trouble with herself...''

Harmony looked at a sexy boy with a mohawk, with a hot expression.

''He was always there to help her,
always belonged to someone else...''

She then noticed a girl with brown hair, a reindeer sweater, and a jealous expression.

Harmony then belted the chorus and pre-chorus:

''I don't mind spendin' everyday,
out on your corner in the pourin' rain,
look for the girl with the broken smile,
ask her if she wants to stay awhile..''


Next thing you know, Harmony was done. And a eruption of applause came from the glee club. Except for the jealous looking girl.

Mr. Schu laughed. "Welcome to the New Directions!"
Harmony grinned.

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