Hidden Powers (Chapter 7)

Hidden Powers (Chapter 7)

The Brown family is moving to River Valley after Luke (the dad) is transferred there. Alika and Matt are bitter about being uproot. The twins then meet Mabel and Aaron and they immediately become friends. Mabel shows Alika around town and tells her the town legends.The problem is that the town legend isn't just a legend. Strange things start occurring and it's up to Alika and her friends to find the powers within themselves and save the town from horrors that are lurking around every corner.

Chapter 1


Sighing, I turn my back to the place I call home. Only in my dad's words, 'This isn't home anymore. River Valley is.' Every time he says that I give him a look that screams 'Ya right.'

I dont want to call that place home. I dont want to become some forest-loving, small town girl. I want to stay here with my friends in North Bay, not in River Valley. I dont want to go.

I swallowed the lump that was gathering in my throat and climbed in the back seat of our red ford pick-up truck. I gave my brother Matt a slight smile. I'm supposed to be the older sister who can handle anything. If only that was true, I thought grimly.

"Mom," I started as I buckled my seat belt, "Do we have to leave?" Tears were beginning to form in my eyes. I saw mom twist in the passenger seat to look at me. My mother's bright brown eyes met my green eyes.

The interesting thing about my eyes is that they have flecks of gray in them. I looked at her delicate figure wondering how she's going to handle the small town life. Her light brown hair frames her face making her eyes pop out more. Mom is slender like me and it's funny how I'm only an inch shorter than her yet she seems to tower over me some days. Today would be one of those days.

"Yes honey. I know it's hard but we can do this. Think of it as a...fresh start," my mom said sweetly. I tried to smile at her but it isnt as easy to smile at her as it is my brother. I turned away just as Matt put his hand on my shoulder. I had to look at him then.

He was looking at me with a look of deep concern. His gray eyes are dancing with excitement as usual but they are also laced with bitterness. Most people wouldn't see the bitterness in his eyes but as they say, twins are closer than siblings who aren't twins. Plus I have the advantage of living with him for 14 years. His dirty blond and brown straight hair is a messy mob on top of his head which flops into his eyes every now and then.

"I'm fine Mattie," I whispered using his nickname. He smiled slightly and his concern faded a bit.

"Okay, but mom is right Alika. Only instead of thinking of it as a fresh start, think of it as an adventure. It'll be fun," Matt replied, squeezing my shoulder before dropping his hand back into his lap just as dad got into the truck.

"Y'all ready?" Dad asked as he fired up the engine. Matt and I groaned when he said 'Y'all'. He's already trying to act.

"Dad, we are moving to a town in the middle of nowhe- I mean in the middle of a forest, not a farm," I said changing the nowhere part to forest when he shot me 'the look'.

Smiling, my dad pulled away from the two storey house and followed the moving truck to our new house. I shook my head and turned my iPod on as we started our journey across Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and finally to Alberta where River Valley awaits us.


Hey guys! This is a story I found in one of notebooks that I had written a few years ago. I only had a couple chapters but after changing some words and adding parts, I got this first chapter. Let me know what you think. =)

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