Then The Darkness Appeared (A Twilight Story)

Then The Darkness Appeared (A Twilight Story)

2nd chapter hope you like it.

Chapter 1

I Hate Nightmares

"So you both are like human yet wolves" I asked crossing my arms and leaned into the car seat "FOR THE TENTH TIME YES" A boy I think his name was Embry said raising his voice in frustration while the other one chuckled, I think his name was.......................Jacob....yup that was it... I think.

I pushed out my lower lip a little bit and looked at Embry "You don't have to be so mean" I said in a kids voice.

He knitted his eyebrows together then looked at me "Aren't you scared Teagan, I mean we're really dangerous" Embry asked staring at me.

I pursed my lips then looked out the window "I guess I'm not really normal either" I whispered.

"What are you talking about" Jacob said pulling over at a red light and looked at me
"Didn't you guys see that man" I asked them and stared "He wasn't human"

"We know that already but what does that have to do with you" Embry asked,I looked at him and uncrossed my arms.

"He was my father, and since he has this power thing then I must have some of that power also" I said trying to make sense of it.

I looked at them and saw their jaws were practically on the ground "Th....there is a possibility that you aren't the same as him and you can still be human right" Jacob asked looking hopeful for some odd reason.

I shrugged and looked out the window "I don't really plan to keep my hopes up" I said calmly and crossed my arms again.

The car stopped and Embry got out "See ya" he called out behind him.

"Bye" I said waving out the window

When the car started moving again I moved quietly to the passenger seat and next to Jacob "Where are we going" I asked out of the blue, he jumped alittle and looked at me "When did you get there" he asked confused.

"Err just didn't hear me because I'm a ninja" I said smirking, after a little silence he burst out laughing, I tried holding in my laugh but failed horribly.

I stopped laughing and pouted "That really hurts my feeling.....nevermind" I said and giggled alittle "Soooooooo are you going to answer my question" I said like I was pressuring someone to do something.

"What was the question again" He said as he kept his eyes on the road

"Gasp you no listen to me" I said with fake surprise and put my hand on my chest "I said where are we going" I whispered like it was a secret

"Oh well we going to my house to see if you can stay over for awhile" He said

"Oh okay" I murmured falling asleep

I opened my eyes to see nothing but darkness, I sat up and looked around me, I couldn't remember anything that happened. I saw a light switch above
the desk beside the bed I leaned of the bed and touched the desk to get closer to the switch and it felt gooey and sticky. I flicked the switch on the wall and pulled. I closed my eyes to get adjusted to the light, when I opened my eyes and let out a shrill scream.

Blood was splattered everywhere, everywhere I looked I saw blood, I looked down at my clothes and saw nothing but blood covering my body. I screamed, jumping off the bed and looked above the bed there I saw bodies hanging from the ceiling, with some of the body parts missing, they were all hanged. I screamed slipping on the blood that was on the ground and fell flat on my a**.

I looked around the room and saw the door to the room was opened and in its place was a huge dark figure with glowing red eyes more red than anything on this world, plus it had no pupil. It slowly started to walk toward me but I quickly jumped up and ran to the window opening it. I whipped my head around but so someone protecting me from the dark figure, it had long light brown hair and a female shape, then I finally noticed who it was.

"" I whispered, the figure turned around and there she was, she smiled sadly at me and turned back to the figure. I started to feel hot on my shoulder and I randomly started shaking like someone/something was moving me, but no one was touching me. By then I saw my mom get stabbed, I yelled out of pain and anger pain because I saw my mom die again and anger because I was unable to save her. The shaking started to move more quicker now, I started to feel dizzy and tired, the next thing I knew everything went black.

I opened my eyes to see myself in a car and a hand shaking me, I slowly turned my head to the left and saw Jacob with a worried look on his face. "Are you okay" He asked.

"Yea I'm fine" I said rubbing my head

"You sure, because you've been yelling and fussing around alot" He said taking his hand of my shoulder

"How long have you been trying to wake me up" I asked groggily

"About 3 minutes or 4" He nonchalantly

"Where are we" I asked looked outside which it was still dark

"My house you ready to go" He said getting out the car

"Yea" I said still tired reaching in the back seat for my messenger bag and getting out of the car

I followed him into the house and when I walked in I saw a man in a wheelchair watching T.V

"Jacob that you" Said the man without looking away from the T.V

"Yea dad" Answered Jacob, when a commercial came on a few second later the man looked up at us

"Who is this" He asked looking from me to Jacob

"This is Teagan, me and Embry saved her from being killed" Jacob said

"Uh it's nice to meet you" I said to the man

"You too my name is Billy Black but you can call me Billy" He said and reached out his hand for a handshake, I walked forward and shook his hand and smiled sweetly.

"Jacob I need to talk to you" He said while wheeling himself into the kitchen with Jacob following

I stood awkwardly in the kitchen while I heard whispers coming from the kitchen the only thing I really caught was something about imprinting and letting me stay, so I stayed far from the kitchen trying not to be nosy. After a few minutes they both came back into the livingroom.

Jacob looked at me and smiled "You can stay here for as long as you need to" He said to me

"Really...thank you so much Mr.Black.... I mean Billy" I said smiling very wide

"No problem let me show you to your new room" He said smiling and made a gesture for me to follow him

I smiled and started to follow him "Sure and thanks again Billy" I called out walking up the stairs after Jacob

We got to the room and it looked pretty normal "This used to be one of my sisters room" He said leaning against the doorway

I looked around the room and nodded "It looks nice"

We stood there silently for awhile "You need clothes to sleep in" Jacob asked

"Uhh yea" I said shyly

"Hold on a second" He said leaving the room

A few minutes later he came back with clothes in his hand and handed it to me.

"Thank you....for everything" I said smiling at him

"No problem.....g'night" He said

"G'night" I said as he closed the door behind him

I took a shower which was in the room and got dressed in what Jacob gave me, I stared into the mirror and smiled sadly, then went to bed.

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