Taken (my love story)

this is my love story.all this really happened up until it was Monday.

Chapter 1

The New Kid

by: careXbear
Okay.Today is Thursday.Man,ima be late! I mean,im just a little bit ready.Urgh...i need to talk!! Oohps..."Are you ready NOW?" my pappaw asks. "Ugh yess fattie." I say,getting my purse and bad,going out to the car for him to drive me.When I walk to put my stuff down,I go to breakfast,walking fast......ignoring all the stares.I dont eat breakfast at school,i only go there to talk to my peeps.I eat breakfast at home.When Isee my friend Stephanie,and brittany,who i hate,and tyler,i sit next to stephanie.It's just a normal,hilarious,akward,random conversation.And lotsa cussing.Tehehe,my friends...


It's really weird how 5th peroiod is split in half.First we have the first half of it,go to lunch,come back here and have the second half.It's History,one of my fav subjects.I cant wait to get to lunch and talk to my friend Steph and Keirss......and my annoying friend Jennifer.LOL.


Sitting beside Keirstin (Keirss)

"The new guy is SO hot!!" Keirstin says."What?! There's a NEW GUY??" I ask,having no idea there was a new guy."Yah,he's RIGHT THERE" she points,but I have no idea where.After a couple minutes of looking,and Keirss and Jennifer bickering,telling me he's in the back.But he's not.He's 3 tables in front of us.I can only see his back,but he looks GOOD. "OMG,hes PURTY hott..." I say. "I KNOWW" says Keirstin."EEWWW......you guys are idiots." Jennifer says,with a disgusting look on her face."Neither of us are as much as an idiot as you are ugly." I say to Jennifer.Keirstin laughs in hysterics."Oh yah,and you're not." says Jennifer."No." I say,opening my chocolate milk carton and getting a drink.She just rolls her eyes.Then one of the teachers announces that we can go outside and walk the track now.Most of us pour out."Come on Keirstin,I wanna get a better look." I say.When we walk outside,we still see the back of him.He's walking the track and talking to Casey Hayes.What the flurp? After we follow him for a bit,we get a glimpse of his face.I almost think I'm having a heart attack.He's absolutely......gorgeous.The thoughts of the hot guys I know a little fade,and all I see is HIM.That boy.That wonderful,gorgous boy.What in the heck is his name.He's the hottest guy at our school now.He had brown hair,just about 2 or 3 inches past his shoulders.He has gorgeous blue eyes.And his mouth.His lips,are pretty big.He's gorgeous.Yet he's hanging out with the preps."Keirstin,do you happen to know his name?" I ask. "Yah,it's Will." Will.Cool...as a few more of my and Keirstin's friends come walk,laugh,and make jokes,sometimes he turns around to look at us,always smiling and laughing a bit.He's wearing a green hoodie.And he keeps his hands in the pockets.He has his awesome jeans and shoes too.Most of the time he looks at me coz im the funny random and dramatic one of the group."Casey Hayes,I will gice you the dollar out of my purse...to walk like a gay guy." I say,as Will turns around laughing a bit.I look at his face.Looking at his imperfections.TThen as Casey walks like a gay guy,hands on hips,skipping a bit,and his legs moving weirdly,all my friends laugh soooo loud.One of the reasons its so funny is coz hes a short blond hair,blue eyed,football player.A jock.But the season's over.He's one of those big built guys.Tall,big,YOU KNOW.Will is the type who's tall,skinny,very quiet.


Well,Jennifer told me that Casey asked him if he was a boy or a girl.I sat there with a wide mouth.How could you not tell that he's a boy? SO WHAT? He has long hair.Dummy......I woulda slapped him.My friend Keirstin says the same thing as I tell her.We were ranting about the new guy in gym today.And when I get in the car to go home,I smile,thinking about how I just saw one of the hottest guys I have ever seen in my life.And that night,I think I have a dream about him.I THINK.


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