My Book Of Poems!

My Book Of Poems!

Here are some poems I have written every now and then! I have copyright on them so there is absolutely NO plagiarism! Enjoy! :3

Chapter 1

The Storm Of Life And Death

by: Sk8erGrl
Thunder booms through the sky
as the liquid relief drips down her arm
she drifts away from the rest of the world
as she listens to the sounds of the storm
Lightning flashes through her window
as the crimson pool grows
her arm begins to tremble; she releases the knife
as her eyes begin to close

She knows what she must do
knows what must be done
the memories come flooding back
attacking her all at once
"Your useless, your pathetic!"
the words ring in her head
words from her loved ones
who seem to detest her instead

She cries those tears of blood,
thinking what they say is the truth
There can't be a point to living
if there is no one who truly loves you
The knife in her heart is twisted
when they spit those acidic words
but it will soon be over
she will be released from this world

She will fade away
be erased from existence
Memories of her will soon disappear
the tears will dry off their faces
Rain will pound on the windows
thunder will crash through the sky
and she will leave silently
leave with no goodbye

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