Kiss Kiss Fall in love (Ouran HSHC with a american twist) 4

Omg I have bad writers block.

Chapter 1

The plan

The twins had given me 2,000 yen (20 dollars for us americans) to carry a bunch of drinks to the hosts. Stuff like coffe and soda. It would be a real pain if it spilt on anything. It would take hours to get out of a carpet. I dont think I would have done this if it wasnt for the extra money. Why the heck did the need all of this anyway? I thought those stuck up rich kids drank tea. When I opened the door after the roses were out of my face The twins were standing alone in front of a beautiful painting. "Here are your drinks guys."

(Tamaki Time)
"When she trips over this rope the drinks will fall on the exspensive painting, and she will have to join the host club. And I can make sure that he wont seduce my dear Haruhi!"
"Tamaki, if you keep talking Alex is going to hear you."
"Sorry Mommy."

As I was walking towards the twins, something pulled across my ankles and I started to fall downward onto the painting. I quickly stepped over whatever it was and stopped the drinks from spilling. The twins jaws were hanging open. "Good thing these drinks didnt spill on anything. Now come on guys pay up." They handed over the money like I had just beaten them in a bet. "What is with you two? Why do you need all these drinks?"
"Oh no reason."
"whatever." I stared to leave the room, then stopped. "By the way, you need to clean up around here. I almost broke my ankle, and the director of my show wouldnt like that to much."

(Tamaki Time) (Mini Chapter:Epic Fail)
"Why didnt work? The plan was foolproof! WHY MAMA? WHY?"
"Because Tamaki, Alex is very agile. And if it had worked we would have been sued."
"SO YOU KNEW IT WASNT GOING TO WORK? WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SOMETHING BEFORE THEN?" Kyoya smiled. "Because Tamaki," He looked up evily. "I have a better plan."

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