Kiss Kiss Fall in love (Ouran HSHC with a american twist) 4

Omg I have bad writers block.

Chapter 2

The Shadow king's plan

Two days after the twins paid me for the drinks, and I almost broke my ankle, the director wanted me to shoot a episode of foreigner in love with a famous actress. So I was getting prepared in my apartment. When I a "getting prepared" I mean oredering takeout and watching Fruits Basket. It was my new obsession. The doorbell rang. "Come in! Your money is on the table. Set the food down and leave." I heard footsteps coming closer. I got up and paused my show. "Ugh, why dont people ever listen?" I turned towards the doorway, and screamed. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"
"Well, that's no way to talk to your old friend."
"Im not here to annoy you. Im here to make you a deal." I paused,"Tell me about this deal."
Renge was one of the worst fangirls on the first day. She was convinced that I loved her. She must have gotten over that. "So my handsome, sweet, prince,"
Or not. "Just joking, I have gotten over you. Anyway I have an offer for you. You join the host club and, DONT INTERRUPT ME!, we will make sure you get to America each summer. So do we have a deal?"
"Of course not! NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE RENGE!" As she left I thought I heard her say, "Kyoya, time for pan B."

(Mini Chapter:Discovery)

When I got to school some girls dragged me to the host club room, and locked the door. I waited and waited untill the lights went out. "What the crap?" Then a screen came down and a projector started playing. On the screen were pictures of a brunette in dresses, and swimsuits. "Look at this beautiful girl." I jumped when I heard Kyoya's voice. "How did you get those pictures of me?" I couldnt believe he found out. One thing I knew for sure was he gave me the creeps. How did he find out I was a girl?

bum, bum, bum
Okay yes i know its boring if Alex is a girl, because everyone does that. Its just Im not good at writing from guys point of view, or gay guys. And I cant think of changing a certain special guest into a she. So did you know from the start like Kyoya and his ninja skills, Or was this a shocker. Dont hate me. Oh and the pic if you can see it is Alex before she got her hair cut and dyed. Do you hate, do youlove it? let me know share this with your friends please! bye bye!

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