Elementary Drama

This is a story that I wrote in my notebook when I was in fourth grade. Tell me what you think of it! (And, when I wrote this, me and my friends were completely hung on Twilight, and we played it at recess and stuff, so that's why there are Twilight characters' names. Click the link: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Chenziebelle to ask me about the experience!)

Chapter 1

Getting the Day Started

School is ending tomorrow, and I am not too happy about it. We--by we I mean Nessie, Alice, Rose, Esme, and I--are going to middle school. Only three of us will be attending the same middle school. Alice, Rose, and Nessie will all be going to Wrille. Esme is gone off to Crote, and me off to Mafe. The only contact we will have is e-mail and phone. And Esme and Nessie really avoid calling. I would call them, but I don't have their numbers.
But by now, it was seven-thirty, meaning I had fifteen minutes to get ready. I decided to wear my khaki skort and bright orange shirt with the big buttons. I'll wear the green shoes, too. Now that'll sure make me stand out, I thought. I quickly put on my clothes.
I decided to call Alice for a ride to school. She and her mom always picked up Rose, Esme, and Nessie, so I don't see why she couldn't pick me up as well.
When I called, her mom, Jessica, picked up.
"Hello, Bella! What can I do for you this lovely morning?" she asked.
I didn't answer. Instead I said,"Is Alice there?"
"Why, yes, indeed she is. Oh, Alice, honey! Phone!"
Alice was on the other end of the line in a heartbeat.
"Hello?" Alice said. "Who is it? If it's Esme, I already said I'd be picking you up last today."
Then, I heard her mom whisper, "It's Bella, honey."
"Oh," she replied to her mom. "Hi, Bella. What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong...exactly. I just need a ride."
"Oh, sure. I have to pick you up first, though, because you live on my block."
"'Kay." I said. But then I added, "How long will you be?"
"I don't know. Maybe five...six minutes?" Alex responded.
"See ya then."
"Bye," and then she was gone.
All I had to do was eat, brush my teeth and hair, and make my bed.
First, I made my bed. I just threw my blanket over the whole bed, so it looked as though I had made any sort of effort, which I did not. Secondly, I did my hair. In other words, put it into a hair tie and into a bandanna. Then, I shoved half a bagel with cream cheese on it in my mouth. I put my toothbrush under running water, stuck it in my mouth for ten seconds. I gave up and got a glass of milk and a strawberry flavored breath mint. I went to wait on the porch.
"La de-da de-da," I hummed. Then I remembered that I forgot my backpack. As soon as I thought that, who do I have pulling up my driveway? Alice and her mom!
"What are you doing?" Alice yelled out her window.
"I'll be back! Wait, I'm on the way!" I yelled in response and darted back into the house.
It was on the couch, the easiest place to find it.
"Bye, Mom!" I shouted. I ran outside and skipped to their car.
"Hello, Alice," I said as I opened the car door and jumped in the seat next to her. In their minivan, it seats seven people. Alice was sitting all the way in the back row, so I sat next to her, in the middle.
"Hey," she replied.
"Next person to pick up is..." I started.
"Nessie!" Alice finished.
"Girls, girls. Settle down. There are going to be five of you today, instead of the usual four." Her mom explained.
"Whatever," Alice sang. "We are here! We are at Nessie's house! We are here! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Uh-huh, today's party time forever!" Alice can be a singer at times. Many different times.
"Alice! Calm down! This is not a zoo, honey. Look at Bella's such wonderful behavior."
"Shut up, Mom," Alice spat through her teeth. I expected her to get angry. But she did not. "We're at Nessie's!" she then pulled out her cell phone and dialed Nessie's number. Nessie answered on the fifth ring. Alice put it on speaker.
"What up?" Nessie answered.
"Hello," I started to sing our little group 'hello' song.
"Hey," Alice caught on. We couldn't finish because we didn't have everyone here yet. When we're together we always sing it. "We're here! You ready?"
"Yep. Who's we?--oh, right, you got Bella today. I'm coming."


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