Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 21

:) i know its short!

Chapter 1

Cause Baby Your A Firework!

by: AmyRyan
Later that day we went back to the hotel to get ready for the fireworks. Ben
texted me all day saying he was sorry and how he wanted to watch the fire
works with me, but i ignored it all day. The fire works were taking place on the
beach and there were so many people there. We got out the car and of course
there was people taking pictures, girls screaming, and people asking for
autographs. I got pushed and shoved out the away, same with Pattie and got
knocked down a couple of times. We ended up leaving the beach since it was to
crazy and went back to the hotel. Pattie, Alison, Carrin, Scooter and everyone
from the team went onto the balcony to drink and watch the fire works from

Justin:AY MA.

Pattie:What justin?

Justin:Can me and amanda go to the gift store. we wanna get some stuff, just
shop around since we can’t go to the beach.

Pattie:Alright justin, be careful. Should kenny come with you?

Justin:Mom, no were fine. if i’m in trouble i’ll one of you guys.

Pattie:Alright kiddo, i trust you. Be careful!

Justin:I will i will.

We walked out the room and went onto the elevator, and luckily no one was on

Justin hit the button to take you to the top of the hotel.

Amanda:What are you doing? I thought we were going to the gift shop.

Justin:Psh, gift shop? There is nothing good in there, thought i’d take you to see

Amanda:But we can’t go to the beach? We’ll die.

Justin:laughs Nah, we’ll watch it where no one else will go.

He ended up taking me to the very top of the hotel, like the roof of it. The view
was AMAZING and it just felt so nice to be up there with Justin. We cuddled on
the ground waiting for the fireworks to come on. No interruptions, no screaming
girls, no cameras, just me and Justin. He held me in his arms the whole time
and we just talked.

Justin:So, is it safe to call you my girlfriend again?

Amanda:I’m thinkin it is.

Justin:kisses Amanda please, can we not lose each other again.

Amanda:Of course not, but we have to make things work. When we fight i
promise i wont go running off again.

Justin:Please dont, laughs but i hope to never fight with you again. And you
have to understand that from now on things aren’t gonna be easy. Were gonna
have to leave each other one day, people are gonna find out about this, some of
my fans wont be very happy or nice to you, basically this is gonna change. Are
you willing to change some things for me?

Amanda:I’m willing to change anything for you, i know what celebritys go through and i’m willing to fight through that with you. It wont be easy but i will, because i love you.

Justin:I love you to Amanda kisses her

Fireworks went off and they were so beautiful, i think i was making out with
Justin half the time. But when we weren’t i was so happy to be in the Bahamas.
We ended up staying on the roof four hours, just talking. It felt good to actually
talk to him about everything, i felt more and more comfortable around Justin the
more we talked. His phone starting buzzing like crazy and it felt out his pocket
and almost broke.


Pattie:Justin, you okay?

Justin:Yeah, were fine.

Pattie:Ok, i want you back soon though okay?

Justin:Yes mommm.

We walked down to the pool to put our feet in and just talk. I opened the door to
see Ben and his friends there with a bunch of other girls. He turned around as
soon as i opened the door like he was expecting me or something.

Ben:Amanda, this isn't what it looks like.

Amanda:Oh, i dont care Ben. It’s over anyways.


Amanda:How about no…

Ben:Wait, what…what are you doing here with Bieber?! Sup man.

Amanda:Because he’s my boyfriend.

Justin:Sup bro.


Amanda:I dont have time to sit here and explain this all to you. We dated before
and basically, you were gods gift to me. He gave me you to bring me back to
Justin and that’s what my heart really wants.

Ben:C’mon now, what?

Before he had time to talk, we walked out the hotel pool. We didn’t talk to we
got on the elevator and back to Ben’s hotel in silence.

Amanda:I’m gonna get my stuff, wanna come in or just wait for me.

Justin:I’ll come in and help you.

Amanda:Alright, lets hurry. i dont feel like facing his parents, enough drama for
the night.

We walked in quickly and got all my stuff up, checked if we missed anything
and left. The big group of guys walked off the elevator and walked down the hall
me and Justin were walking down.

Ben:C’mon Amanda? Are you serious right now, your taking your stuff.

Justin:Let her b, she’s coming with me and that’s final.

Ben:pushes Justin Listen pretty boy, i’m talking to Amanda not you so hop off.

Amanda:You hop off you little biiit ch, push him again and see what happens. I’m done with you and your $ hit. I put up with you for to long and i’m done.
Goodbye. Lets go Justin.

Justin and I walked away holding hands and laughing about how much of a
douu uche he was. I was tired, annoyed and a little worried about Ben. But i
made the right choice, i know i did. As Justin went into the bathroom i ended up
falling asleep on his bed. Later that night i opened my eyes to feel Justin’s body
against mine sleeping with his arms around my waist. Everything was back to
normal, and i was not going to let go. Ever.


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