You can't choose family. A Hogwarts tale.

This story is pretty self explanatory. It's short to start with but I have to get it to the part where it works better for a story. I hope you enjoy it and like it I guess. I really don't ask for much, I'm not going to say "three comments or no next chapter" But I'm always super excited, like I start bunching on my desk chair excited, when I see I have a new comment for anything.

Chapter 1

First year at a glimpse

"Lulu wake up!" I hear Draco yelling from his room. "We're getting our Hogwarts supplies!"
"Urgh!" I look at the clock. "Draco! It's 7:30 in the morning can't it wait until a reasonable hour!"
"Lulu! You had better be dressed and ready to go in 10 minutes! I'll get Dobby to make you something for the trip!" Aunt Cissy calls from downstairs.
I get dressed and run down the hall way. I met Draco by the stairs and we push an shove each other all the way down them.
"Now you two. Is that really necessary?" Uncle Lucius was smiling at us.
"Of course it is Uncle. It's tradition. We have to see who wins the race down the stairs." I look at him like he's being ridiculous.
"It's true hunny, they've been doing that since god knows when." Aunt Cissy says.
"Mum, Dad can we go to Diagon Alley now?" Draco asks in his best whiny voice.
"Of course Draco but it will only be me and Lulu who come but let's go side along apperation."
"But that always make me sick Aunt Cissy. Can't we go by Flu Powder?" I complain.
"Lulu, side along apperation is easier. Now come on? Are you ready? Ok let's go." and with that we go to buy our stuff.

We bought everything then headed to Madame Malkins. I got fitted right away.
"Oh! I love my robes!" I squeal when I see them finished.
"Lulu, they look like robes. Nothing special." Draco laughs.
I stick my tongue out at him then get take my robes off and wait for Draco to be fitted. A little while in a black hair boy enters. Him and Draco have a conversation, well really Draco talks and the black haired boy listens.
"I know he's terribly annoying but if you pretend to listen he usually stops bugging you. I'm Lulu by the way." I reach my hand out to shake his.
"I'm Ha..." he started but Draco was done with hid fitting so we left right away.

The days before I got to go to Hogwarts seemed to go by way to slow but eventually it was the day. We boarded the train and sat down. Draco was soon joined by Crabbe and Goyle.
"Bye Draco, I'll see you when were sorted." I can't stand Crabbe and Goyle.
"Ok bye Lulu."
I wander the train until I find two red haired boys and a black haired boy sitting down in one compartment. They look friendly enough so I open the door. "Hey do you guys mind if I sit here?" I ask.
"Nope, No problem. I'm Fred and this is George Weasley." one red haired boy points to the next.
"And I'm Lee Jordan. You are?"
"Lulu. I'm a first year." I've learned never to give my last name. It scares people off.
"Well Lulu we're all 3rd years and can therefore help you out." I talk with them for the rest of the ride. I know my Uncle and Aunt would be very disappointed that the first friends I make are blood traitors. Heck my Mum and Dad would probably kill me!

During the sorting everyone’s last and first names are called out. I'd made friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley before the sorting and the second Prof. McGonagall called out "Abbot, Hannah." I knew my friend ship with them was going to be short lasted.
"Lestrange, Lulu." I walk up to the hat. In the end of some debating it puts me in Gryffindor. That had to be one good point about me. Right? Draco looks disgusted but I'm happy. I'm not my parents or my Aunt and Uncle. I sit down and look up at the first years yet to be sorted. Some are looking at me in fury and others are completely dumbfounded as to why no one seems to like me suddenly. Fred, Lee and George are refusing to look me in the eye as are the other Gryffindors. Harry and Ron sit next to me for lack of space means they have to. Ron seems to be trying to get as far a away from me as possible and Ron must of told Harry something about my family so he tries to ignore me as well.

After the feast Draco catches up to me.
“How can you be in Gryffindor!” He spits at me.
“It’s not like I can tell that hat where to put me Draco!”
“But you’ve never wanted to be in Slytherin and now you’re in the house that we despise!”
“No Draco. You, Aunt Cissy, Uncle Lucius and the rest of the family hate this house. I don’t mind it. I just know that Slytherin isn’t the house for me. Just because you believe Muggle-borns are slime doesn’t mean I do!”
“But we were both raised by the same people. We were both raised to value our blood status! We were both raised the right way!”
“No we weren’t Draco! The right way would to be raised to respect everyone. To love everyone. Not the way we were raised.”
“Maybe you’re just defective! I don’t want to ever talk to you again.” Draco yells and I storm off into my dorm after that. None of the girls seem to like me and the one person I though would maybe put aside me being in Gryffindor and still talk sometimes just told me that they never want to talk to me again.

5 months go by and I still don’t have any friends. It’s not like it’s my fault my parents were evil. I didn’t tell them to do everything they did but I guess I inherited the hate. Even the Slytherins hate me but for different reasons. They hate me because I’m a pure-blood Muggle lover. I still don’t see how that’s a bad thing. In class when ever we were assigned parents I used to think that maybe this person would see who I really was and like me. Maybe this one. It never happened. They all avoided me and made it clear they didn’t want to work with me. The worst was in Potions when I was paired up with Neville. He’s already terrified to be in the same room as Snape and when Snape said we were to be paired together he fainted, Just dropped to the floor. I guess he has a reason. My parents did torture his to insanity.

The last day comes. I’ve done really well in school. Mostly because no one would talk to me. I thought maybe Draco would but no such luck. I board the train and find an empty compartment. I start on the homework we were assigned for the summer. Some people open the door but when they see me they walk right out. I wish I was in Slytherin, at least then Draco might talk to me. At least then someone might talk to me. The train stops and I’m already done my homework. When I get off I find my Aunt and Uncle and walk towards them. Draco seems to have told them all about my being in Gryffindor. They don’t talk to me the whole way home. When I’m safely in my room I lock the door. I go straight to my closet and start putting away my clothes. Then I move on to my desk. I put my quills on it, my ink, my textbooks and my already finished homework. Then I hear a knock on the door. I reach over and unlock it.
“Come in.” I shout. Draco steps in.
“You’re already unpacked? How? I used Dobby and we only have one house elf.”
“Well, unlike you I can actually lift an ink bottle. I don’t need Dobby to do everything for me.”
“You know, those Gryffindor’s have done terrible things to you. You care about Dobby, you like Muggle borns.”
“Incase you haven’t noticed I don’t really have any friends there. It’s not like people talk to the daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange.”
“The Slytherins would have if you hadn’t been such a idiot and decided that blood doesn’t matter.”
“But Draco it doesn’t!”
“Yes it does and you had better learn that soon.” He stomps out and slams the door.
I fall into my bed and cry. The first time I’ve talked to someone in nearly a year and it’s a fight.
“Dobby come.” I whisper knowing that he’ll hear. Pouf!
“Dobby has come like miss has asked.”
“Thanks Dobby. I just need someone to talk to. You know I haven’t had a proper conversation in a little while.”
“Dobby is sad to hear that miss but Dobby has to clean the house or masters will be very angry,” Dobby starts to play with his wrist nervously.
“Dobby stop that! And call me Lulu. I’m one of your masters to. We’ll tell the others that you have been cleaning my room. Ok?” I’ve always wanted to set him free but I enjoy talking to him and my Uncle would kill me if I did. And when I say kill me I mean actually like kill me. He’s killed before.
Me and Dobby talk until I hear the shrill voice of Aunt Cissy calling my down to supper.

Supper here is an occasion. Well all mean times are. You must dress in some of your finest if you wish to eat, A stupid rule but one I will follow. I get dressed quickly and put my hair into a bun as I race down the stairs. On my way to the dining room I see Dobby slamming his ears into the oven. That happens quite a lot.
“Draco tells us that you’re in Gryffindor Lulu.” Uncle Lucius says.
“Yes I am.”
“Do you enjoy it there?”
“Not really.” I give him as little information as possible.
“No one talks to her and she’s a Muggle lover.” Draco tells his father matter of factly. I swear one day I’ll kill him. Aunt Cissy spits out her tea,
“No, no, no! That can’t do! Soon you’ll be turning into your aunt Andromeda and marrying a Mud-blood!”
They fuss all though dinner. When I’m done the meal Dobby prepared I go straight to my room. From now on, I’m eating in here.

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