You can't choose family. A Hogwarts tale.

This story is pretty self explanatory. It's short to start with but I have to get it to the part where it works better for a story. I hope you enjoy it and like it I guess. I really don't ask for much, I'm not going to say "three comments or no next chapter" But I'm always super excited, like I start bunching on my desk chair excited, when I see I have a new comment for anything.

Chapter 2

Year 2

Authors note: The first couple year are going to go fast. They need to, to get to more interesting things.

Aunt Cissy tried to train the Muggle lovingness(Is that a word?) out of me all summer. While Draco got to have fun, well his idea of fun, I was forced to sit and listen to Aunt Cissy talk about how bad Muggles, Muggle borns and blood traitors were. Half bloods weren’t as bad but it was a good idea to stay away from them. When I went to get my school books with Draco and Uncle Lucius we bumped into Hermione, Harry, Ron and the rest of he Weasley’s. Uncle Lucius dropped a book into the youngest Weasley’s cauldron. Weird. I had heard him talking about something about having to get rid of his master’s old stuff.

Now finally I was on the train to Hogwarts. It’s hard to tell what’s worst. Home and have my Aunt bug me non-stop or Hogwarts where I’m alone and no one talks to me. I know I should stop complaining but it’s hard when it’s one of the only things I can think about.

The year started to go by pretty much the same. I was good in all my classes, I had tons of time to study and I read books by the lake. Then kids started to be petrified. It had gotten really scary and everyone thought that it was Harry doing the petrifying because he could speak parsletoung(sp?) and that was something Salazar Slytherin could do. I think it through every night if I could be him. Tonight I decide that it can’t be him.

I wake up and head down stairs. I find Harry sitting on the Common room couch alone. He’s staring into the fire.
“Harry, I know coming from me. Well I know this means nothing because you probably don’t trust me and I know you don’t like me but I don’t believe that you could possibly be the one to open the Chamber of Secret’s. Not because I know who would or who is. Don’t give me that look. But because you don’t seem like that kind of person. Bye Harry.” He gave me a why are you talking to me look and I started to walk out.
“Lulu, wait.” Harry got off the couch and came up to me.
“What Harry.”
“It means a lot that someone believes me other than my friends. So thanks.” Harry’s looking into my eyes.
“I’m just telling you the truth, Bye.” I walk out and head to breakfast.
I haven’t talked to Harry since or anyone but sometimes Harry would catch my eye and give a small smile.

“Excuse me, but can I go to the bathroom Prof. Flitwick?” I ask in the middle of class. It’s getting close to the end of the year and now even Hermione Granger is pertrfied.
“Sure Miss. Lestrange.” I walk past the closest girls bath room and head to Moaning Myrtles. No one ever goes in there.
The weird thing about her bathroom is that there’s a snake insignia on one of the sinks.
“Why hello murder.” That was always Myrtles greeting.
“Hello little Miss deadly annoying.” Ok so it’s not a good comeback but what ever.
“You know I died in this very bathroom.” She told me this every time I came in here.
“I do know this Myrtle.”
“But do you know how I died. I got out of the bathroom stall and looked up and saw big yellow eyes and I died.”
“That’s great Myrtle.”
“You know. You’re one of the only people who come in here. Harry Potter used to come here with his friends but he stopped.”
“Ok Myrtle. But I have to go now.” I leave and go back to class.

That night Ginny Weasley was taken into the Chamber. I have to tell Harry and Ron what Myrtle told me. Even if they already know more. It could be important.
“Harry! Ron!” I find them in a hallway and tell them what I know.
“Myrtle said that?” Ron asks me.
“Ya and I know you may not believe but ask her yourself if you want.” They do. I run after them and Harry pieces everything together. They seem to forget that I’m a Lestrange for the moment and I run with them to Prof. Lockhart’s room.
They grab Lockhart and bring him to the chamber. Lockhart tries to erase our memories but it back fires for some reason and hits him instead which causes a blast and blocks Harry off from me, Ron and Lockhart by a pile of rocks.
“Harry! Are you alright!” I call.
“Ya I’m fine! I’ll look for Ginny. You two keep Lockhart from doing anymore damage and try to clear a path for me and Ginny when we’re coming back out!”
Me and Ron made a whole in the rocks which Lockhart them fell though.
“Dang it! Ron can you help me lift Lockhart.”
“Sure Lulu.” We grab him out of the small whole and then Harry and Ginny come up.
I feel really awkward now. Harry, Ron and Ginny are all hugging and Lockhart has no idea what’s happening. After we fly out I go one way and the others go to find Dumbledore or Prof. McGonagall, I can’t remember. I bet things go back to normal. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up and Harry and Ron will pretend this didn’t happen.

I wake up and well today’s the day we’re going home. Harry and Ron didn’t completely ignore me but they didn’t talk to me. On the train I’m looking for an empty compartment when I pass Harry.
“Hey Lulu. Wanna come sit with Ron, Hermione and me?”
“Thanks Harry.” I follow Harry and sit with him and the others. There’s kind of an awkward silence but what ever. I have someone to sit with.

The train pulls into the station and I get off. By the end of the ride we’d started to laugh and actually have fun talking.
“Lulu, come on! We need to go!” Draco grabs my hand as I walk out of the compartment. Time for another summer with the Family.

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