Full Color Fairies

Hey okay so to be sure this is all the fairies!
seahorsecatsquizes=Red fairy, RJVD=Blue fairy, Potato_Sensie_Parody=White fairy, Manic Rocks=Green fairy, Whitechocolatemonkey=Purple fairy, and Friends_Forever is yellow fairy!!!! Hope ya'll like it!

Chapter 1

The Attack Of The SniggleBops!

Orange Fairy's POV

It was a pretty normal day. My friends and I where hanging out at the market. We all worked different shifts but we preffered to stay together and talk while one of us did the shift. It was Misty's turn on the shift. Misty was a purple fairy with purple everything! Even skin! My red colored friend was named Flame...well, you can figure THAT out! But just to let you know she can make a volcano blow up in a matter of seconds! Then there was the blue fairy, Rain. She had the best looking wings with their little swirls, while she could also make the best wave. But the yellow fairy, Sunny, was the best flyer. She could fly higher than you could ever imagine, while making fifty plants grow taller than ever! The white fairy was named Ice. She could make the wind turn you into the world's largest icecube! The green one was named Rock. She made most of the mountains that you see today! Me? Well im the orange fairy and my name is Light. As you can tell i control all the light. But thats not so big as what had happened today.

As Purple checked out cans of fairy dust or wing polishers, we heard the alarming sound of the "alarm bell" ringing in the distance. The sound didnt echo into our ears twice before we ran up to the attic and got our protective gear on.

When we got to the top of the stairs we quickly dialed the combination to our combat lockers and got our clothes out.
I slipped on a chest protector and did my solute.
Flame put on a war helmet and put her hand to her forehead as i did.
Rain proceeded with her blue boots and soluted as well.
Ice slipped on her shin protectors and did the same as all of us.
Rock got on some green shoulder pads and copied us with the solute.
Misty put on her good luck braclet that always worked and did a solute.
Sunny put on her yellow knights helmet and did the same.

We all marched at once to the battle feild and listened to the general as he barked out orders.
"Atteeentionnn!" He barked.
We all did the solute once more and shouted "Sir Yes SIR!"
"Enemies approaching! 100 meters away and counting! Remember to use your elements Element fairies!"

Well, that was me and my friends. There used to be many of us, but the Snigglebops killed most of our race. We are the only element fairies in exsistence now.

About five minutes later we saw the little, big dots of the soldiers that where the Snigglbops. They where feirce, and destroyed everything in their path! After a long time, we where nose to nose, giving burning glares to eachother that could melt the earth if it where real.

The clang of the bell...
And the battle began!

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