Raindrops in the snow

Sophie and Tom are eloping to Gretna Green... but she doesn't know his dark secret. lol prettystranger

Chapter 1


Sophie. Sophie Meyer. i love her. we are more different than she will ever know, and i'd like to keep it that way. we're not.... not quite the same species. i'm a vampire. but i love a human. she's eloping with me. i don't know why. and yet when she kisses my neck slowly, pulsing along it, i know why. because there will never be anyone else. on the honeymoon, i'm going to change her. and no one can stop me.

"Sophie, are you ready?" i asked quietly. she nodded. god i hated it when she did that. i opened the car door and pushed her in. she hardly spoke. by the time we were up the drive her parents were screaming after her. we didn't care. by five o'clock the next morning, we were in gretna green.

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