Grenade: Harry/Ginny/Draco

i'm starting new.
sorry if u r upset that i deleted all my other stories.
i need to get more creative and my stories that i had started before just weren't helping.
i hope you like this story just as much as my others.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"He did what?" Ginny shouted at the top of her lungs, in the Great Hall. Her best friend Maddison grabbed her and pulled her from the Great Hall and outside to the lake.
"Ginny, don't be so upset. He's a loser and he's not important." Maddison said trying to calm her.
"How can I not be upset when my boyfriend just cheated on me with, ugh, Lavender Brown?" She shouted at her.
"Dean is a freak and no one really likes him." Maddison said.
"I loved him!" Ginny shouted once more, and crying now. Maddison gave her the 'seriously, don't be stupid' look. Ginny sat on the ground and held her knees to her chest.
"I thought I loved him." She whispered now. Maddison sat beside her and looked at her. She wasn't good with feelings, she was more of in your face and not afraid to tell it how it is. But when it came to sad or lovey feelings, she wasn't so good. Even with Ginny and they've been friends for two years now.
"Leave me alone." Ginny said to Ron, pushing past all her classmates, trying to get away from her annoying brother and his two best friends. Michael Corner, a boy she liked, had just turned her down for the Yule Ball.
"Ginny, who cares! He's a stupid git!" Ron shouted after her.
"Ronald." Hermione said angrily smacking his arm.
"Ow. What?" He said, confused. Hermione ran after Ginny hoping to console her, but Ginny didn't want to hear it.
"Leave me alone Hermione. Let me be pathetic alone." Ginny said crying and running down the hall to the grounds. She ran right into a girl, just as she was about to hit the steps leading outside. Ginny fell to the ground, smacking her head on the concrete, making an awful sound, that was copied by the other girl falling and hitting her head as well.
"Oi! Watch it next time Weasley." The girl said. Ginny opened her eyes and looked at the girl. She had shiny black hair with red and purple highlights in it. Her eyes shown ice blue, and she was nicely tanned. Ginny sat up and rubbed the back of her head.
"I didn't mean too." Ginny said angrily. She knew this girl, she was a fourth year just like her, except she wasn't liked because of her relatives at this school. Because she was cousins with Draco Malfoy.
"Whatever." Maddison said quietly. They both stood up and brushed the dirt off their robes.
"Come on Drakey we're going to be late." A voice said behind Ginny. She turned around to the revolting sight of Pansy Parkinson hanging all over Draco Malfoy. Ginny grimaced and looked away. Maddison had the same look on her face, only she had rolled her eyes.
"Why are you standing out here with a Weasley cousin?" Draco asked when he walked by them.
"Mind your own Draco." Maddison snapped. Pansy glared at her and held on more tightly to Draco.
"Come on Drakey." Pansy said pulling him away. When they were out of earshot Ginny made a retching noise, that made Maddison laugh.
"I know what you mean. At least you don't have to live with it everyday." Maddison said smiling still.
"Thank gawd for that." Ginny said smiling, her smile faded and she looked down at her feet.
"So why were you running out here?" Maddison asked.
"Trying to get away from my stupid brother and his friends." Ginny said.
"Oh. Why?" Maddison asked.
"Because, I just got rejected by Michael Corner, to go to the Yule Ball with me, and they happened to see it. They were trying to make me feel better and I didn't want them to." Ginny said in one breath. Maddison stared at her confused.
"So big deal, you got rejected. No skin off your nose right?" Maddison asked.
"Sure. I guess so." Ginny mumbled. She heard more footsteps and chatter coming from the inside of the school. Another class was coming.
"Well I better go." Ginny said turning around.
"Why don't you just ask someone else?" Maddison yelled to her. Ginny stopped and turned around.
"What?" She asked, she was hoping she hadn't heard her right.
"Just ask someone else. What's the worst thing that could happen?" Maddison said.
"I could lose the shred of dignity I have left." Ginny said.
"Oh big deal. So you get rejected again, you'll be fine tomorrow." She said laughing. Ginny looked at her in awe. -Could this girl be serious, did she not really care what happened to her, could it really be that easy to just forget about things like that?-
Ginny looked behind her and saw Ron, Hermione and Harry coming outside with the class.
"Do you really think that?" Ginny asked Maddison.
"Sure." Maddison shrugged.
-I hope she's right- Ginny thought to herself. "Hey Harry, can I talk to you?"
End of Flashback
From that moment on Ginny and Maddison had been insepereable, because Maddison gave Ginny the courage to ask Harry to the Yule Ball, and he had said yes. Maddison had tried once more to give Ginny the courage to get over Dean Thomas.
"Ginny, forget about him, he's a stupid boy. And no boy is really worth crying over. Go out with other people, hang around the people who really do care about you." Maddison told her. Ginny looked up at her in shock.
"Was Maddison Hallaway just being nice to someone?" Ginny asked sarcastically.
"Don't get used to it." Maddison laughed standing up.
"Now come on, its Saturday, and we're gonna go guy hunting." Maddison said holding out her hand for Ginny. Ginny took it and Maddison pulled her up.
"Thanks Maddi." Ginny said. She shrugged and they walk back into the castle together. People stared at Ginny, either from her outburst this morning, or because they knew what Dean had done to her. They walked together to the Gryffindor table and sat down, no one looked at Maddison anymore, since she'd been sitting their almost every day since Ginny and her had become best friends. Ginny looked down the table and saw Dean and Lavender snogging.
"PDA!" Maddison shouted at them. They broke apart and turned red. Dean stared at Ginny, apology written all over his face. Ginny just rolled her eyes and began eating, she was glad to have Maddison there with her, to give her strength.
"If they start snogging again, I'll go over their and rip her hair out and rip off his d-" Maddison began.
"Maddi!" Ginny laughed.
"What? You can't tell me, you don't want to either." She said shrugging her shoulders. Ginny just rolled her eyes.
"You can't spell Maddison without Mad." A voice said behind them. Ginny looked up to see Draco Malfoy, with smirk on his face.
"I'll take that as a compliment." Maddison said taking a bite of toast.
"You would." Draco smiled. Ginny didn't know whether to say hi to him or not. He was the enemy of her family and friends. But she had always found His messy blonde hair, his icey blue/gray eyes, and his smile. Plus he had a nice body, she had seen him swimming one day last year, all the girls had swooned over him as he walked out of the lake glistening. But Ginny had pretended not care, because Harry was helping her study for her DADA final.
"Take a picture Weasley, it'll last longer." Draco had said breaking Ginny out of her daze. She blinked a few times and glared at him.
"In your dreams Malfoy." Ginny snapped.
"Touchy. But I can't blame you for wanting me. All the girls do." He said smiling seductively at her.
"Except me." Maddison said breaking into the conversation. Draco rolled his eyes at her.
"I'd hope not. But I came to ask you if you had another...umm...potion on hand." He mumbled to her, his eyes looking at Ginny and then back at Maddison.
"You look fine." Maddison said looking at him more closely.
"Not for me! For Blaise!" He said angrily. Ginny sat there confused, looking back and forth between the cousins.
"There's one in my side drawer in my room. I'll get it for you later." She answered him turning back to her food.
"I need it now." He demanded.
"No Draco. Let me finish eating first!" Maddison snapped at him.
"Fine." Draco said turning away. Ginny saw Harry and Ron enter the Great Hall, just as Draco had turned to walk away. They all three stopped and glared at each other for a second, then started walking again, not looking at the each other, as if they weren't there. Ron and Harry sat down next to Ginny.
"Why was he over here?" Ron asked.
"He wanted to talk to Maddison." Ginny answered.
"And I ask again, why does she have to sit with us?" Ron asked.
"Cause she's my friend you jerk." Ginny said angrily.
"Ginny calm down, its okay." Maddison said glaring at Ron. Harry remained quiet through the whole thing he was looking at something down the table from them.
"Hey Gin, what's going on with you and Dean?" Harry asked not looking at her, but still staring down the table. Ron had looked to where he was looking and spit out his pumkin juice that he was drinking.
"That git! I'll kill him." Ron shouted standing up and reaching for his wand.
"No you will not!" Ginny said to him.
"You're just going to let him get away with it?" Harry asked upset now too.
"No, I'm going to get even." Ginny said.
"Oh boy. I'm rubbing way too much of myself off onto you." Maddison said. Ginny laughed and finished her food. She and Maddison headed to the Slytherin common room, to get the potion for Draco.
"Wait here." Maddison said.
"Fine, but hurry up. This place gives me the creeps." Ginny said waiting outside the common room. Maddison rolled her eyes and ran into the common room. Ginny stood there praying that no Slytherin would catch her there, by herself.
"What are you doing down here Weasley?" A cold voice snapped. Ginny looked over and Draco Malfoy stood there.
"Waiting for Maddison." Ginny glared.
"I don't need you blood-traitor filth down here." He said coldly.
"I don't really care what you need Malfoy." Ginny said trying to ignore him now.
"Drakey, are you coming or not?" The voice of Pansy Parkinson called from down hall.
"Go without me." He called back to her. When he faced Ginny again he was watching her curiously. He hadn't been alone with her before. With no distractions around he finally could see her. Her slim body, her red flaming hair curled past her shoulders, her full features. Her milk chocolate eyes, her full pink lips. He watched her as she waited impatiently for Maddison.
"Will you stop staring at me!" Ginny shouted at him.
"I'm not staring!" Draco snapped back at her.
"Then what do you call what your doing right now?" Ginny asked walking over to him.
"I glanced at you." He said looking down into her beautiful brown eyes. -What? Draco get a grip. She's a Weasley. You can't have those kinds of thoughts-
"Yeah right." Ginny said. She'd never been this close to him. She could feel the heat from his body, the smell of him. It was distracting. -No Ginny!-
Draco watched her look at him up and down and found satisfaction in that. She liked looking at him, almost as much as he liked looking at her now.
"What are you smirking at?" She asked him.
"You think I'm sexy." He said. Ginny's eyes widened. -Did I say that outloud? No, impossible.-
"You're dreaming." She said cooly.
"I don't dream about you." Draco said smiling. -Yet.-
"I'm sure." Ginny said. The wall behind her began moving, and that meant someone was leaving the Slytherin common room.
"Sorry Gin. Milicent was telling me something..." Maddison's voice trailed off. She saw Draco and Ginny standing so closely. Ginny turned around quickly, throwing her flowery scent through the hall. It filled Draco's head, as his scent had filled hers.
"Not a problem." Ginny said faking a smile. Maddison looked from her cousin to her best friend curiously.
"Here Drake." Maddison said not being able to stop looking at them both a little confused. She handed him a small tube of pink glowing potion.
"Huh..oh..thanks." He said taking it out of her hand slowly. He put it in his robe and continued to gaze at Ginny.
"Well come on Gin. Lets go guy hunting." Maddison smiled. She had changed into shorts and a green lowcut shirt, with a black shirt underneath.
"Sure, let me go and change first. I don't want to be in uniform." Ginny said. They walked past Draco, Ginny's hand had brushed his, sending a shock through her entire body. She gasped and looked at him, he had felt it to because his hand had twitched and he grabbed it as if it hurt him. Maddison didn't seem to notice. She and Ginny walked to the Gryffindor common room in silence. When Ginny had changed into shorts and a cream colored spaghetti strap shirt she and Maddison headed back down to the lake. People were swimming and enjoying the sun. They sat down near a tree but still in the sun, they scanned the area's. Ginny sat in the grass closing her eyes and feeling the sun on her face. Just then two arms wrapped around her and a kiss was planted on her cheek. She jumped and looked up to see Harry Potter.
"What are you doing?" She asked. She looked around but Ron and Hermione weren't anywhere to be seen.
"I don't know, I just thought I'd see how you were doing." He said casually sitting beside her. Maddison pretended not to listen.
"And you thought giving me a hug and a kiss was the way to go?" She asked. He shrugged.
"Yeah, I guess so." He said. He had finally looked at her and smiled. Her heart pounded in her chest. She thought all her feelings for him had disappeared, since she was dating other guys. She'd only thought of him as a brother, but being near him like this, watching the sun play with is hair, his smile, his bright green eyes, it was all coming back and very strong too.
"So what do you say?" He asked her.
"About what?" She asked dazed.
"Did you want to come to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?" He asked her.
"Oh...umm...just us two?" She asked him.
"Sure. I mean, it doesn't have to be just us two if you don't want it to be-" But Ginny cut him off.
"I'd love to go with just you." She smiled. He smiled again, her heart pounding even harder now.
"Great." He said. He looked at her for a few more minutes till she finally had to look away and remember how to breathe. She looked into the lake at those who were swimming and her stomach did a little flip. There walking towards her was a glistening, sexy, Draco Malfoy.
-This day couldn't possibly get worse for me- She thought to herself. He sat beside Maddison to tell her something. All the while he would look at Ginny, and his eyes would flash with passion. She had never seen anything like that in his eyes before, and she liked it.
"Fine Draco. Now leave us alone." Maddison said. Ginny looked at him and smiled, making Draco return a smile as well. Harry luckily didn't seem to notice, but Maddison did. Harry's thoughts were so preoccupied with Ginny that he probably wouldn't notice if Voldemort were standing right in front of him. He thought of her beautiful red hair, the way her touch felt against his, her flowery smell that sent his head spinning and his heart pounding. Her beautiful milk chocolate eyes that, if he could, he would gaze into forever. Her amazing smile that could light up a room. He looked at her and she was twirling a piece of her hair with her fingers. Just that little thing made him anxious. He wanted to kiss her so badly, he had for a long time now, but never did because of Ron. But Harry was past caring what Ron would say about them dating, because he as too upset over Dean, to care. He was already sitting so close to her that her flowery smell wrapped around his body. He was just going to do it. He didn't care who was watching, or who would care that he kissed her. He wanted to so badly it hurt. He took the hand that she was twirling her hair with and she looked at him, becoming lost in her eyes again.
"What?" She asked smiling a little.
"You're beautiful." The words had come out of his mouth before he could stop them, but now that they were out he didn't care. He liked being able to tell her that, because she was, and no one could deny that. She had turned a light pink and looked down embarrassed. He tilted her chin back up and kissed her. It wasn't a very long kiss, but it was long enough for people to start notice.
"Ohmigawd." Was all Ginny heard Maddison say. But that's how Ginny felt, she didn't know Harry liked her like that, sure they were going to go to Hogsmeade together tomorrow, but she had figured just as friends. But the kiss had changed everything. She couldn't believe this was happening, she was kissing the boy she had had a crush on since she was ten, after seeing him that day on Platform 9 & 3/4. When she pulled away, no one made a sound. Everyone was staring, their jaws dropped, envy and awe in their eyes.
"Wow." Harry said smiling a little.
"Wow." Ginny breathed.
"Holy shitte." Maddison said.

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