Grenade: Harry/Ginny/Draco

i'm starting new.
sorry if u r upset that i deleted all my other stories.
i need to get more creative and my stories that i had started before just weren't helping.
i hope you like this story just as much as my others.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"You cannot tell Ron what just happened." Ginny told Maddison, as they left Harry in the grass, by the lake.
"Yeah like I even want to talk to him." She said.
"I don't care. You cannot tell anyone, even Draco." Ginny whispered as they passed a group of girls.
"Its not me, you should worry about. Its everyone else who was at the lake...wait did you just use my cousins first name?" She asked suddenly, grasping what Ginny had just said.
"Oh umm. I guess so. Who cares, we have more important issues." Ginny told her pulling her towards the library, the last place she would find her brother.
"Fine, back to you and Harry. What was that about?" She asked Ginny.
"I don't know, he just called me beautiful then kissed me. I didn't even know he liked me like that." Ginny said.
"Well obviously he does." Maddison laughed as they entered the library, they walked to the far back, away from everyone else.
"Really?" Ginny asked sarcastically. They looked around and made sure Ron wasn't there with Hermione. When they didn't see them, they sat down, and started talking about what just had happened.
"So that's all he said, was 'you're beautiful', then he kissed you?" Maddison asked Ginny.
"Yes, that's what he said. I don't get it. Harry never had feelings for me before, I mean I was always like his little sister." She said.
"Well that obviously changed." Maddison told her.
"Again, I say, really?" Ginny said irritated.
"Alright, alright. So when do you think he started liking you like that?" She asked Ginny.
"I don't know, it could've been anytime. I'm not really sure." Ginny said laying her head face down on the table, frustrated. Maddison looked at her a little comfused as to why Ginny was upset by this, she had liked this boy since the day they first met, and now that he kisses her, showing that he likes her, she freaks out?
"Maddi. I just don't know what I should do. I really do still like him, but he's my brother's best friend." Ginny said. Her tone was sounded so sad and depressed that Maddison had placed her hand on her back to comfort her, which was strange for a Slytherin to show any kind of remorse towards anyone other then Slytherins. Ginny didn't make any sign that she was shocked, or really cared that Maddison was comforting her. Maddison was about to say something when she saw a figure move in close beside her.
"What the helI are you doing in here?" She asked turning around to see her cousin. He glared at her.
"I came to tell you Professor McGonagall is looking for you." Draco said. His eyes would flash to Ginny's figure laying on the table. He felt something inside himself when he saw her upset. He couldn't tell what it was though.
"Ugh, fine. Come on Gin." Maddison said. Ginny didn't move.
"Just leave me alone. I need to think." Ginny said still not looking up. Maddison rolled her eyes and left. Draco stood there for a few seconds just looking at her. He was about to leave when he heard a quiet sob.
"Are you crying?" Draco asked, slightly disgusted as her show of emotion. She looked up startled that he was even there. She wiped her eyes and glared at him.
"What are you doing here?" She asked him.
"I was supposed to get Maddison." He said.
-Hadn't she heard me tell Maddi that Professor McGonagall had wanted to see her?-
"Oh." Ginny said turning away and wiping her eyes again.
"What uh...what happened?" He asked her, walking towards her a little. She looked at him in confusion.
"What do you mean?" She asked amazed at what was happening right now. Draco Malfoy was having a conversation with a Weasley and wasn't being mean.
"You were crying. Why?" He asked again sitting down across from her.
"Well...I can't say." She said. He looked at her confused now.
"Did someone hurt you or something?" He asked her, slightly concerned.
-What is wrong with me? Why should I care if someone hurt her, or was mean to her? I don't like her- Draco thought to himself.
"No, its stupid." Ginny said.
"So? It can't be that stupid, if you're crying because of it." He said leaning back in his chair casually, gazing at her beauty.
-Gazing at her beauty? Really?-
"Fine you'll find out anyways. Harry kissed me." She said. Draco's eyes flashed for a second, he looked slightly angry. Ginny watched him more closely now, why would he care if Harry kissed her.
"I can see why you were crying." He said laughing to himself. Ginny glared at him.
"I wasn't crying because he kissed me, I was crying because of how conflicted I am." She said crossing her arms tightly across her chest and leaning back in her chair now, still glaring at him.
"So do you like him?" He asked, after a few moments of silence. This question took Ginny off-guard.
"I think so." She mumbled. He nodded, even though he didn't like that. Why didn't he like that, why did he care so much? His brain began to hurt, just earlier today, she was another Weasley, but now she was more then that, she was Ginny. This beautiful teenage girl, the one all the guys wanted, the one all the girls were slightly jealous of. She was more then a Weasley to him now. She was looking out the window now, ignoring his company.
-What is she thinking about? Potter? Why I'm still here?-
"Do you wanna take a walk?" Draco asked her before he could stop himself. She looked at him curiously and then stood up.
"Why?" She asked.
"It'll give you some time to think, away from people." He said.
"Except you." She shot at him.
"I'm always good company." He smirked. She looked at him, a small smile being fought off her lips. It made him smile more, she looked away from him and back out the window.
"Well?" He asked her. He began walking towards the front of the library.
"Fine." She said quietly and walked with him. They didn't talk the entire time they walked through the school, they stayed a few feet apart so no one would think they were walking together.
"Ginny!" A voice shouted behind them. She didn't turn around, it sounded like Hermione. She began walking faster, a small smile on her face.
"Ginny, hold on!" Hermione shouted again. Ginny looked behind her and smiled. They were almost to the entrance, she took Draco's hand and pulled him out, they ran together down to the Forbidden Forest away from everyone.
"What was that about?" Draco said out of breath.
"I didn't want to talk to her." Ginny said leaning against a tree taking slow deep breaths.
"So you run? Why not tell her to leave you alone?" He asked confused.
"Because I'm not a jerk like you Malfoy." She snapped glaring at him. He rolled his eyes at her and walked deeper into the forest.
"Where are you going?" She asked him in a whisper. People were walking in their direction.
"Over here." He said not looking back at her.
"Obviously." She mumbled and walked after him. She glanced back at the school, and then the lake. Hermione, Ron, and Harry were talking together. Hermione had pointed in Ginny's direction but, she didn't know Ginny was there. Harry and Ron looked over and saw nothing but the black shadows of the forest.
"Who was she running with?" Ron asked her, looking harder, trying to catch a glimpse of Ginny's red hair.
"I don't know, they were too far away, it kind of looked like Malfoy though." She said. Harry and Ron looked at her suddenly.
"Malfoy? That's impossible. Ginny hate's Malfoy, why would she go running with him hand in hand into the forest." Harry said, he felt slightly hurt that Ginny was running with a guy hand in hand anywhere. After he had just kissed her and everything. Harry looked at Ron and he looked just as upset as Harry felt, but for different reasons. The Malfoy's and the Weasley's hated each other, since time had began.
"I said it looked like him, not that it was him. I know Ginny hates him. It was probably some other boy." Hermione said looking at the kids in the lake, not really caring about the fact that Harry was angry and depressed right now, because she didn't know what happened, nor did Ron for that matter, and Harry was only slightly happy about that.
"You coming or not?" Draco whispered into Ginny's ear. His cool breath sent shivers down her spine, she turned quickly and glared at him, they were only a few inches apart. She pushed him back slightly.
"Personal space." She said walking past him and deeper into the forest. He followed after her.
"So, what exactly were you conflicted about, since Potter kissed you?" He and her.
"It was mostly because, I used to like him when he didn't like me. But now that he kissed me, it makes me think he does and I don't know if I should like him or not." She said touching each tree as they passed, feeling the rough bark on her fingertips. Draco stopped and looked at her.
"That's what you were thinking about? Since Potter likes you now, you don't know if you should like him?" He asked laughing.
"I'm glad my pain amuses you Malfoy." She snapped turning around and walking away from him.
"Wait. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed, but it was kind of funny." He said stopping in front of her making her stop.
"No it wasn't." She said angrily, moving around him.
"Don't go." He said holding her arm, she pulled her arm away, but his grip was too tight, he fell foward and onto her. They fell on the ground with a thud.
"Okay that hurt." Ginny groaned. She tried pushing him off her but her bracelet was caught on his shirt.
"Wait stop. Don't move, I'm caught." She said tyring to unhook her bracelet. She moved underneath him to get into a better position.
"Stop." He said.
"I have to get my bracelet off." She said moving a little bit more underneath him.
"Please stop." He said, his voice sounded husky. He was by her ear, and the sound of his voice made her shiver. He groaned as she moved some more.
"Really, you need to stop moving." He said. She felt something brush her leg.
"Oh." She said quietly. She looked at him, he wasn't looking at her, his eyes were closed and he was concentrating on something. She giggled at the look on his face. And her movement made him groan again.
"Just let me get up first." He said.
"But I'm still caught." She said. He sighed and moved off of her slightly to take off his shirt. He got up and sat by a tree, concentrating again. Ginny managed to get her bracelet unhooked and handed him his shirt.
"Thanks." He mumbled. Draco sat there slightly mortified at what just had happened, did she really turn him on that much?
"No problem." She said with a smile. She sat beside him and took his hand suddenly in hers. He looked at her curiously.
"You're different." She whispered.
"What do you mean?" He asked her.
"There's something underneath all the anger and bravado. Your true self is there, and its good." She said.
"You're wrong." He whispered.
"No I'm not." She said.
"Oh yeah?" He said looking at her, anger filling his eyes, along with tears. She touched the side of his face.
"You are good Draco. I know it, you may not realize it now, but you are." She said.
"I'm not good. You don't know anything about me." He said standing up.
"Prove to me you're not good." She said standing up as well. He held out his arm and showed her. He proved her wrong, proved to her that he wasn't good, that he would never be good, no matter what. She stared only at his eyes, not once looking at his arm.
"There's your proof." He said.
"I only see the mark of someone who is scared." She said.
"Scared?" He asked angry now.
"Yes, scared. Do you really believe what he's doing is good? Do you think killing all those men, women, and children are better for the world?" She asked him walking over to him, standing only a few inches from him. He looked down at her. He was so angry, but he knew the anger wasn't at her, but himself, his family, and the people who made him what he is today. He suddenly kissed her. Her lips so warm and so full, they tasted amazing. His tongue dancing with hers.

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