Grenade: Harry/Ginny/Draco

i'm starting new.
sorry if u r upset that i deleted all my other stories.
i need to get more creative and my stories that i had started before just weren't helping.
i hope you like this story just as much as my others.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Draco held her tightly to him, the feel of his warm body on hers, which was strange because usually his touch is icy. But this time he was warm and she liked it. Thoughts left her head as she kissed him, it was like nothing in the world could bother her when she was with him, no stress about boyfriends, school, or the evil in the world, nothing was going wrong it was just her and Draco. But suddenly one thought entered her mind, it was Harry. Ginny pulled away from him suddenly and gasped for breath.
"I need to...I have to go." Ginny said running back towards the school, leaving Draco stunned not only that she had just lef thim mid kiss, but that he had kissed her felt great. Draco walked back slowly and away from everyone so no one would think Ginny was with him, he had caught a glimpse of her with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Ron was looking around trying to find him but, he wasn't anywhere near where Ginny had left the Forbidden Forest. Draco sulked back to the Slytherin common room to the dreadfully boring life of his. Ginny on the other hand was throwing excuses left and right at Ron and Hermione. Harry didn't seem to care that she was with another boy.
"Who were you with?" Hermione asked.
"Yeah, why were you with some boy?" Ron asked angrily.
"No one, just a friend, and who said I was with a boy Ron! No one, so shut up!" Ginny said to Hermione, then shouted at Ron. She looked at Harry, he was just watching silently, like he usually did. When Ron got ready for round two, Harry fell back into the grass and stared up into the clear blue sky, trying to ignore them. But Ginny wasn't the one arguing with him, it was Hermione now. Ginny laid beside him.
"What's your issue?" Ginny asked Harry. He looked at her and smiled a little.
"Nothing, why?" He asked her.
"You didn't say anything to me, or try and yell at me. I thought you might've." She said. He looked at Ron and Hermione, they were still shouting at each other, not even looking at Harry and Ginny. Harry took her hand and smiled at her.
"I would never yell at you. Or be mad at you for anything. So you went into the Forbidden Forest with a boy. Its not like I own you or anything, I don't care. I just want you to be happy." He said smiling. His bright green eyes filled with trust for her. Her eyes filled with tears, she had the feeling that she had just betrayed him, even thought they weren't even dating.
"You're an amazing person." She smiled weakily. He chuckled.
"I know." He smiled looking at her, waiting for her reaction. She scoffed and smacked his arm playfully and took her hand back. She crossed her arms, pretending to pout.
"You are so conceited." She said.
"I am not." Harry said sitting up pretending to be insulted.
"You are so." Ginny said sitting up as well.
"Just because I know I'm amazing, doesn't make me conceited." He said.
"Well you could just take it as a compliment and say 'thank you', rather than, 'I know'." She said. He smiled at her and nodded.
"Thank you." He said. Ginny smiled back at him, she looked at Ron and Hermione and they were arguing, she rolled her eyes and laid back in the grass, Harry laid beside her, closer this time. He took her hand, this time not caring if Ron saw. He didn't want to hide it anymore. Ginny looked at him, just looking in his eyes, memorizing every inch of his face. She wanted to kiss him badly right now, but didn't want to imagine what her brother would say. He was already mad at her for going into the forest with Draco, even if he didn't know it was Draco. Harry reached up, with his other hand, and brushed some of Ginny's hair off her face so he could see her better. Ginny blushed under his hand, Harry noticed and with his fingertips he grazed the red stain on her cheek. His fingers trailed to her jaw, where he firmly held her there and kissed her, right in front of everyone again, in front of Hermione, Ron, and little did he know, Draco Malfoy. Everyone seemed to disappear around Ginny, the only person with her was Harry; his lips, his warm gentle touch, his eagerness, and his bright green eyes. This kiss was better then the last kiss. Harry put everything he could in that one kiss and so did Ginny.
"Oi!" Was the only word they heard before jumping apart. Ginny didn't dare look at her brother knowing it was him, but she still did. She peeked at him, and his face was deep purple, the one that her mum would get when she yelled at Fred and George. His hands clenched into fists, heat practically rolling off of him, he stood over Harry and Ginny. They looked around at everyone and they had stopped what they were doing to watch what Ron would do.
"Ron, don't." Hermione whispered looking at everyone watching. She pulled on his arm, but he remained still. Ginny stood up when Harry stood up. No one said anything, they all waited for Ron to say something, or do something. Ron finally opened his mouth to say something, when a loud piercing scream rang through the grounds. Everyone looked around and saw that someone had pushed a first year into the lake. That scream seemed to unthaw everyone and they slowly went back to what they were doing ignoring Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny.
"Fine." Ron said in a thick voice.
"Fine?" Ginny asked. He looked at her and nodded stiffly. He turned around and stalked off in the other direction, Hermione close on his heals.
"Fine." Ginny breathed, smiling a little.
"Fine." Harry said turning her to look at him. He kissed her again, his hands holding her tightly, at her waist, to him. Her arms around his neck, she felt like she was holding on for dear life. When they pulled apart they were smiling. Ginny felt her face turn red again and looked down. Harry didn't want her to feel embarrassed for turning red, he loved how it blended with her cream skin, making her even more beautiful.
"Ginny, I-" Harry began.
"Ginevra Weasley!" A shrill angry voice shouted from the school. Ginny cringed at it and glanced over at he best friend, Maddison, stomping towards them, her face red in anger.
"Hey Maddi." Ginny said in a small voice.
"What the bloody helI do you think you're doing?" She screamed gesturing towards Harry.
"Well Harry and I...are ermm..." She couldn't seem to find the words that made sense.
"I'm with Ginny now." Harry said wrapping his arms around her waist. Ginny turned red again and looked at Maddison.
"I see that. Ginny can I speak to you in private?" Maddison asked, pulling her away, not even waiting for her response.
"What?" Ginny asked irritated.
"Harry freaking Potter!" Maddison said. (hehe that was an AVPS reference)
"You said go out with other people." Ginny said crossing her arms.
"I meant normal people, not people who have the tendency of getting someone killed every year they're hear." Maddison said. Ginny felt her body heat up in anger.
"That's not his fault Maddison. You know that." Ginny said.
"Whatever. Ginny I just don't want you getting hurt by him, if he really is the one who has to kill You-Know-Who, then he just might leave you to do that. Please Ginny just tell me you're going to think about it, before doing anything extreme." Maddison said, her eyes pleading. This was sight Ginny wasn't used to seeing. Ginny's eyes went wide and she nodded.
"Alright. I promise." She said holding up her pinky. Maddison rolled her eyes and took her pinky in hers, they tapped their wands to their pinkies sending red and purple sparks to fly in circles around their hands and then disappear. It was their way of making a promise. If they broke a promise a shock of electricity would shoot through their body.
"Come on." Ginny said taking Maddison's hand and walking over to Harry.
"What was that about?" Harry asked confused.
"Maddison being paranoid." Ginny laughed.
"I so am not." Maddison said glaring at Ginny. They sat in the grass again, Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny as she leaned against him. Maddison looked at them in envy, when she met Ginny's eyes she looked away onto a group of first years swimming.
"You need to find someone." Ginny said.
"Easy for you to say, you have guys drooling all over the place just for a chance with you." Maddison mumbled.
"Are you kidding Maddi, you're so beautiful, any guy would jump at a chance with you." Ginny said.
"Yeah right." Maddison said.
"Don't you think she's beautiful?" She asked Harry. His eyes went a little wide and he looked unsure if he should answer.
"Its okay." She laughed. He looked at Maddison and then back at Ginny and nodded, still not saying anything.
"See even Harry thinks you're beautiful." Ginny said to her.
"Big deal." Maddison said, she glanced at Ginny who was holding in her laughter, Harry glared at her. Ginny let herself loose of Harry and moved over to Maddison.
"Who is it Maddi?" Ginny whispered in her ear.
"No one." Maddison said.
"Tell me." Ginny said.
"No." Maddi said pushing her away. Ginny glared at her and tackled her, she got Maddison pinned in seconds, but Maddi was a little stronger then her. She rolled over and pinned Ginny down.
"Ugh...just tell me." Ginny said struggling.
"Let it alone Ginny." Maddison said.
"I hate to ruin your fun, but you're attracting unwanted attention." Harry said looking down at them laughing slightly. Maddison looked behind her and a lot of boys were staring at them, their jaws open, and their eyes wide. Ginny sat up slightly and started laughing at them. Maddison let Ginny up and they brushed themselves off. They walked back to the castle still arguing.
"Tell me."
"Tell me!"
"Tell me now! Or I'll tell Blaise you have to hotts for him." Ginny threatened. Maddison turned red and glowered at her.
"You don't even know where he is." She said through her teeth.
"He's always with Malfoy, won't be too hard to find him." Ginny smiled putting her hands on her hips.
"Don't Ginny." Maddi said glaring at her. They stood there Ginny smiling, Maddi glaring.
"Why do you need another? I just got one from Maddi for you Blaise." Draco's voice said. Maddi and Ginny turned to his voice and saw him walking with a group of his friends from the Great Hall. Ginny froze seeing Draco, her stomach did little flips. She tried her best not to show it on her face, but Maddi seemed to have more trouble. She saw her cousin and his friends walking out of the Great Hall, Draco was agruing with Blaise, his best friend, about another Hangover Potion.
"Well this one is just in case." Blaise smirked, a few people behind him chuckled. Pansy Parkinson giggled maddly, gripping Draco's hand. Maddison felt sick at the sight of her.
"There she is, just ask her yourself." Draco said pointing to Maddison. His eyes flashed to Ginny's and they lit up slightly. The group of Slytherins walked over to them. Pansy glared at Ginny, along with a few of her friends. Some of the Slytherin guys glared at Harry.
"Hey Maddi. Can I have another Hangover Potion?" Blaise asked in a low voice. Maddison seemed frozen for a second. Ginny nudged her and she jumped.
"Oh umm...yeah I'll make one later today for you." She said, her cheeks a light pink. She looked at him and he smiled at her, making her cheeks more red.
"Thanks." He said. He and Draco began walking off, Draco took one last look at Ginny before officially leaving her.
"Ohmigawd! You like Blaise!" Ginny nearly yelled.
"Shhh!" Maddison said looking around, Ginny ignored that and smiled.
"I was right! Oh this absolutley great!" Ginny laughed.
"Potter! Quidditch practice in five minutes remember!" Seamus Finnigan shouted from down the hall. Harry nodded and kissed Ginny goodbye. Ginny swayed a little on her feet and smiled.
"Earth to Ginny. Come back Ginny." Maddisons aid waving her hand in front of her face. Ginny just giggled quietly.
"Ugh. Come on." Maddison said pulling on her hand. She dragged her into the Great Hall and to the Gryffindor table. She sat Ginny down and waited for her to come back down to Earth. She got tired of waiting after a few minutes.
"Flipendo." She muttered pointing her wand a Ginny. Ginny fell backwards onto the ground.
"Ow." Ginny said rubbing her head.
"Welcome back." Maddison said taking a sip of her pumpkin juice.
"What happened?" Ginny said looking around confused.
"Harry kissed you and you were lost on Cloud Nine." Maddison said. Ginny laughed and sat back down on the bench.
"Did I miss anything?" Ginny asked reaching for an apple.
"Yeah, Harry defeated You-Know-Who. Ron and Hermione got married, and Dean died." Maddison said calmly.
"Wait Ron and Hermione got married!" Ginny laughed pretending to be shocked.
"I know right! Who would've known?" Maddison laughed.
"Anyone, but themselves." Ginny said.
"True right you are." Maddison said.
"Only if the last one were true." Ginny joked.
"Only if." Maddison agreed.
"Oh Dean!" A shrill voice said, followed by a peal of laughter, enough to shatter glass.
"Speak of the Devil and he shall come." Maddison mumbled looking down the table at Dean and Lavender. Ginny gripped her apple and crushed it in her hand.
"Whoa! Thats some major anger." Maddison said helping Ginny clean it up.
"Damn, I didn't mean to do that, I was actaully hoping her head would do that." Ginny said.
"I thought you were going to get even, not help clean up brain off the Great Hall?" Maddison asked.
"What brain?" Ginny laughed.
"Very true." Maddison laughed with her.
"Hey Gin!" Hermione called from down the hall. She was being followed by Harry and Ron in their quidditch robes.
"What happened to practice?" Ginny asked them. Harry sat beside her. Ron and Hermione sat across from them.
"Ravenclaws apparently reserved the pitch." Harry grumbled. Ron glared at the table, Ginny couldn't tell if he was stil mad at her and Harry, or that he couldn't practice today.
"Ron who cares. You can just reserve it for tomorrow." Ginny said. His eyes kind of lit up at that.
"But what about the Hogsmeade trip tomorrow." Hermione whined. Ginny had forgotten about Harry and her's date.
"Oh yeah." She said looking at Harry. He looked bummed now though.
"Well there are other Hogsmeade trips. We can go with each other Hermione." Ginny said. Harry looked at her in minor shock.
"Really?" He whispered.
"Yeah." Ginny shrugged. Harry smiled and kissed her cheek. Ron suddenly became very interested in his lunch. Hermione smiled at him and shook her head. Her eyes caught something down the table and she looked at Ginny.
"Gin." She said getting her attention. She nodded towards Dean and Lavender. Ginny just rolled her eyes and shook her head.
"Do you want to leave?" Maddison asked her.
"I already crushed my apple, I think I'm okay now." Ginny smiled at her. Maddison laughed and went back to eating.
"You crushed your apple?" Hermione asked in shock.
"I was thinking of Lavender's brainless head." Ginny smiled. Harry and Ron chuckled into their food. Hermione shook her head slightly disappointed.
"Hey Ginny." Lavender's voice said behind Ginny. Maddison stiffened and her hand clenched her wand. Hermione glared at Lavender. Ron and Harry glared at Dean. Ginny took a deep breath and smiled.
"Hi Lavender, how are you?" Ginny asked still smiling. Lavneder knew she was putting on a show and smirked at her.
"Oh I'm absolutley wonderful." She smiled, hugging Dean closer to her.
"That's great." Ginny smiled.
"I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for what happened." Lavender smiled.
"I'm sure you are." Ginny said.
"Too bad he down-graded." Maddison mumbled.
"What was that?" Lavender glared. Maddison looked at her and stood up, standing inches from her. Lavender obviously forgot that she wasn't part of Gryffindor house.
"I said it was to bad that he down-graded." Maddison said, ice in her voice. Lavender hid slightly behind Dean. Maddison just laughed and sat back down.
"Ginny I really am sorry." Dean said to her, his voice sounded like he really was.
"Its fine Dean really, I've moved on." Ginny said. He looked at her confused.
"Who?" He asked her. She tried to smile, but it turned into a smirk and she looked at Harry. Dean's eyes went wide and anger flashed in his eyes. He moved towards Harry, but Maddison stood in front of him. Ginny stood up and pushed Dean back, while Lavender pulled on his arm.
"Leave it Dean." She said to him, still pulling him away from them. Harry stood beside Ginny putting his arm around her waist watching them leave the Great Hall. Ginny turned to Maddison.
"How was that for revenge!" She laughed.
"I'm so proud of you." Maddison said pretended to wipe tears from her eyes. They all started laughing.
"Don't say I never defended you Potter." Maddison said to Harry.
"Yeah whatever." Harry smiled and rolled his eyes.

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