Grenade: Harry/Ginny/Draco

i'm starting new.
sorry if u r upset that i deleted all my other stories.
i need to get more creative and my stories that i had started before just weren't helping.
i hope you like this story just as much as my others.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

She walked over to them, everyone waiting in anticipation for what she had to say.
"Here." She said dropping the bracelet on the table in front of him. She walked out of the common room, tears being forced back, her head down, she needed to get out of there. Once she was out of the castle, she ran up to the Owlery and sat down.

Her Letter
To whomever finds this,
My name is Ginevra Molly Weasley. I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I am in my fifth year. I've made the most terrible mistake I could ever possibly dream of. I cheated on my boyfriend, the man I've loved since I was eleven, all because I was clouded by lust. And in doing so, I have lost my friends and family.

To Harry James Potter,
I am more sorry then you will ever begin to imagine. I won't give you excuses as to why I cheated on you with Draco. You don't deserve the lies. You've loved me unconditionally, you've been there for me through every terrible turn, and happy moment. I will still always love you, no matter how much you hate me.

To my brothers,
I've betrayed our family by cheating on Harry with Draco. I don't expect you to forgive me and I don't want you to, not until I can learn to forgive myself. I love you all so very much.

To Hermione Jean Granger,
Hermione, you're disappointed in me, and possible more angry then Harry or my brothers. I lied to you about being with Draco, I lied to your best friends, and I lied to myself. I know you of all people may understand what its like, being in love with two people, but giving myself to the wrong one. I love you Mione.

To Maddison,
You are my best friend, and possible happy for what I've done, who can say when it comes to you. I know how ecstatic you would be if I was dating Draco instead of Harry and temptation got a hold of me, so I was with Draco. Maddison I'm not in love with Draco and I never will be, I will never be with him no matter what happens.

To Draco Malfoy,
What happened was a mistake, I will never do that with you again. When I see you in the halls I will pretend you don't exist and I expect you do the same. I hate you for what you've done to my life, for how you came into it and destroyed every happy part of it.

Ginevra Molly Weasley
End of Letter

Ginny rolled her letter and tied it with a scarlet ribbon. She sat on the ground crying, the letter gripped tightly in her hand. She heard footsteps and jerked her head up. Harry walked in, Hedwig on his arm and a letter on her leg. She backed away from him, dropping the letter in the process. She spun around and ran out the door, back to the castle.
"Take this to Remus." He whispered to her, she looked at him knowingly and flew away. Harry was about to leave when he noticed a letter on the ground, it was wrapped in a scarlet ribbon, Ginny's ribbon. He picked it up and unrolled it. He read the letter about three times before tears started to fall onto the paper. He crunched the letter tightly and ran back to the common room.
"Don't you ever speak to me again!" Ron shouted at Ginny, storming off. Ginny stood terrified in her spot, her eyes shot back and forth for a face that would still love her. Harry walked over to her and handed her her letter. Her eyes grew wide.
"Did you...did you read it?" She asked, not meeting his eyes.
"Yes." He said looking down on her.
"Oh." She said. She took her letter and walked away from him. What did she expect, he was alone up there, she had dropped the letter, of course he found and read it. But what did he think of it. Did he forgive her, or did he hate her even more? What was he thinking? She couldn't go ask him, he probably would shout at her like Ron did. She climbed up the stairs to her dormitory and climbed into her bed, she curled up in a ball, drew the curtains back and cried.
Two Weeks Later
Ginny woke up, refreshed and ready for the day. The letter had been stolen from Ginny a few nights after she had made it, she had planned to destroy it but never got around to it. None of her friends were talking to her, no Gryffindor would look at her, and if they said anything to her at all, they were insults and curses. Luckily no one hexed her, they must still have thought that even though none of her brothers were speaking to her, they would still protect her if she were in danger. Or they figured that she didn't deserve even a muttered hex. Her mother had written her that she more disappointed in Ginny then she has ever been in someone. Ginny didn't write back, she didn't even bother to care at this point anymore. School was whinding down and she didn't know what to do about going off to live with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Maddison, and Draco. Yes, that plan was still intact, and as each day grew closer to it, the more Ginny thought of pitching herself off the Astronomy Tower. She couldn't bare living so closely with Harry and Draco. It was bad enough going to school with both of them. He and Maddison had obviously found the letter and read it, because neither of them were speaking to her at the moment. She climbed out of bed and quickly got ready. She grabbed her school things and ran out the door and to the Great Hall, to eat before anyone could see her. She rushed down the steps and came to a crashing halt when someone stood in her way.
"Oh helI." She said before landing on top of him. Her books thrown in different directions, her bag thrown off with them. She gripped his shoulders before they hit the ground.
"You okay?" He asked chuckling. Her heart skipped a few beats, she nearly cried as soon as she heard his laugh and seeing his smile. She stood up before she did anything to ruin the moment.
"I'm fine." She mumbled blushing and grabbing her things.
"Now there is something I haven't been able to get you to do in a very long time." He said standing up and straightening his robes. Ginny just nodded and gripped her things tightly in her hand. She walked around him, looking down.
"Gin wait!" He said calling her. She didn't stop she kept walking.
"How are we going to live together for an entire summer if you won't even talk to me now?" He shouted as he reached the portrait.
"What?!" She shouted turning around and glaring at him. She threw her books down, the sound echoed through the empty halls.
"I'm not sure I want to repeat to be honest." He said closing the portrait and stepping towards her.
"I was ignoring you?! ME?! You all have ignored me for two straight weeks, my brothers won't speak to me, neither will my parents, Maddi has stopped talking to me as well. And you dare to tell me I'VE BEEN IGNORING YOU!" Ginny shouted at him. Harry scratched the back of his neck, he was a lot closer then he originally was, he was only a foot away from her now.
"Yes. You're ignoring me." He said smirking.
"You insufferable, know-it-all, arse!" Ginny said pushing him backwards. He just moved towards her even closer again.
"That's a new one. No one has ever called me insufferable." He smirked once more.
"Ugh, you're so annoying." Ginny said throwing her arms in the air, frustrated. Before her arms fell back down, he grabbed her quickly and kissed her. Her arms fell onto his shoulders. His arms snaked around her waste. She didn't know what to do, she still loved Harry of course, but she never expected him in a million years to kiss her again, especially like this, she froze for a few seconds and he pulled away.
"Come on Ginny, I know you can do better than that." He whispered in her ear. Her heart raced even fast, she was putty in his hands, she gripped him tightly to her and kissed him. They stood like that for a few minutes, that is until they saw a flash of light and a laugh. They both jumped apart to see Collin Creevey had taken a liking to taking pictures of Harry again, but this time, it was of he and Ginny kissing, and she couldn't have that.
"Collin give me the picture." Ginny said walking towards him.
"No, I don't think I will." He said, running down the hall.
"Collin don't make me hex you!" Ginny said shouting, she looked at Harry and then back to Collin.
"Aren't you even going to try and stop him?" She asked him.
"Why should I? He just took a picture of us kissing. Its not like anybody hadn't expected that to happen again." He said kissing her cheek and walking off.
"Wait, what's that supposed to mean?" She asked picking up her things and running after him.
"What do you think it means?" He asked her laughing lightly.
"Don't play games with me Harry, I've been through helI and back these last few weeks, I don't need this." She said. Harry's expression grew dark, Ginny slapped her hand over her mouth and stepped away from him. His eyes grew sad and he hugged her.
"I'm confused." Ginny said.
"Ginny, I'm not mad at you. I never really was, I love you too much to ever be mad at you. Sure I was upset that you did that with Malfoy, but after reading your letter and seeing what you had to say, to everyone. I forgave you that second. I only waited a few weeks to finally talk to you, because Hermione thought I should give you some space for now." He said pushing his hand through his hair.
"Smart girl, that Hermione." Ginny mumbled.
"Of course she is." Harry laughed. He took Ginny's hand in his and gripped it tightly.
"So what does this mean for us?" She asked him.
"I said it earlier Ginny, I still love you, and what ever that means to you, is fine with me." He said.
"Even being with me again?" She asked him warily. He looked at her and smiled, his bright green eyes dancing.
"Especially that, and all the perks that come with it." He said kissing her once more. Ginny's heart soared from her chest and to heaven. She couldn't believe it. Harry James Potter was kissing her again. She smiled through the kiss and hugged him to her. He picked her up and spun her around. He set her down and pulled away, hugging her still.
"I've missed you." He said.
"Oi! What's going on here?" George shouted, from down the hall. Fred and Ron were behind him, Hermione behind Ron, smiling but making sure the boys didn't see it.
"What's it look like?" Harry asked smiling. They all moved closer.
"It looks like you're snogging my baby sister, right in front of me. I don't appreciate that Potter." Fred said, on the outside he was glaring at both of them, but for a moment a flash of humor shown in his eyes. They'd forgiven her. Ginny ran over to him and hugged him tightly. Fred picked her up and hugged her tightly back. When he set her down, George wrapped his arms around her waste from behind and spun her around in a circle. Ginny giggled and when he set her down she hugged him. Ron didn't say anything he just stared at Ginny, Hermione was smiling and even hugged Ginny.
"Come on Ron, she's suffered enough." Fred said clapping him on the back.
"Go on Ron." Hermione whispered to him. His face turned to a frown and Ginny's face fell. He walked over to her and leaned down so he was eye to eye with her.
"Did you mean it?" He asked her.
"Mean what?" Ginny asked pouting.
"Your letter." Ron said. Ginny looked into his eyes and nodded. Ron looked at her for a moment, before the corners of his mouth turned up and he grabbed her into a tight bear hug.
"You hurt my best friend and I'll kill you." Maddison shouted at him.
"What is this a family reunion?" Malfoy said glaring at all the Weasley's.
"Draco shut up." Maddi said rolling her eyes.
"Maddi?" Ginny said slowly.
"The one and only baby. Miss me?" Maddi asked her. Ginny nodded, tears running down her face, she and Maddi hugged longer than she hugged any of her brothers, Harry, and Hermione combined.
"If you two don't stop, there won't be any breakfast left." Ron said groaning. She and Ginny let go and glared at Ron.
"Well too bad Ronald, because we have to go see Dumbledore about this summer. Look's like breakfast is going to have to wait." Maddi said.
"What's going on this summer?" Fred asked the group.
"Don't you remember, they're all going to live with each other, because of old Lizard Lips." George said.
"Survival of the fittest, and I'm not talking about you and Voldy, Harry." Fred said grinning evily at the potential victims of a wizarding duel. Fred was right, it would be survival of the fittest. Harry would no doubt fight with Draco during the time together, and someone wouldn't come out alive.
"Great! Now I get to miss breakfast!" Ron nearly shouted stomping off to Dumbledore's office. Ginny and Maddi held hands, as well as Harry, and set off after Ron. Hermione calmly walked behind them, and Draco behind her.

Draco's Thoughts: Living, in a house with these people, I might have to kill myself before the insanity gets to me. If I hadn't said anything to Dumbledore then Maddi and I wouldn't be in this situation. Maddi was my only safe haven, she was there for me when Ginny left me alone in the Room of Requirement, bleeding and half conscious. She had found me when I didn't show up for dinner, she patched me up and helped me to the common room. She told me about Ginny and Potter's break up. It wasn't a shock to me considering I was the reason they broke up. I was thrilled that now I could finally have Ginny, all of her, and just for me. Maddison was furious with me though when she found out I was the reason. She began punching me and hitting me as hard as she could. When she finally stopped, I asked her through cracked ribs and labored breathing, why she had attacked me. Her answer threw me off guard, she had been the one to want Ginny and I to be together. Her words rang through my ears still.
"You're not good enough for her." She had said with an icy tone. I had lowered my head in defeat, she was right. I wasn't good enough for Ginny, look at my family, the lot of them are all stuck up pure-bloods. I came from a family of hate and defiance, whereas Ginny came from love and loyalty. I could never be with Ginny and expect anyone to accept us. She deserved to be with someone who can give as much love as she can, and unfortunately I knew that was Potter. I begged Maddison to stay away from Ginny until the time was right, I didn't want Maddison asking questions or hearing what Ginny had to say about me.

"Drake, come on already!" Maddison said as she climbed the spiral staircase. I looked down and saw Draco, in deep thought, just standing at the bottom. He looked up and met my eyes, there as deep sadness, and regret there. I looked away and began climbing some more. Once we reached the door, Harry was the first to walk through.
"Professor?" Harry said peering around tall stacks of books.
"Whoa." I breathed. I'd only been in Dumbledore's office once and I don't recall it being filled with this many books. I gently touch one of the books and the tower began to shake.
"I didn't do it!" Maddison and I shouted together. The books began to fall and tumble towards us. I cringed and covered my head, trying to prevent and lasting damage. But the books never touched me. I looked up and they were floating, I beamed at Harry thinking it was him who had stopped the books, but his eyes were glued to a very familiar man.
"Ginny." The man said in a sigh. He smiled at me which made me realize that there was no real harm done.
"What are you doing here?" Harry asked him. The man's face had grown into what looked to be exhaustion.
"I've come to show you your new home." He said limping slightly towards Harry. He clapped him on the back and looked at the rest of us.
"Well come on then, everyone hold hands we need to get going." He said. Everyone formed a circle and held tightly, Maddison hed one of my hands, and the other was held by Draco. Harry glared at him, but Draco didn't glare back or smirk. He looked uncomfortable, almost like he'd rather switch spots with Harry. It stung that Draco didn't even want to be near me. Even though I hated him and told him to pretty much never come near me again, I still thought he'd like me in some way, but apparently I was wrong.
"Ready?" The tired man said. Everyone nodded.
"Good, I've lifted the charm so you can apparate out of the school and back just this once." Dumbledore said stepping into view, from behind some books.
"Are you coming with us sir?" Harry asked him.
"Not this time Harry." Dumbledore smiled. Then I had the feeling of being sucked into a vacuum and Dumbledore's office was gone, it was replaced by a forest and night sky.

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