betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

ok so this is based on inuyasha. its an anime show and the main character's name is Tinari. She is half lightning demon half wolf. the story starts out as her hating inuyasha, kagome etc. later on she meets kouga and then her backstabbing brother comes in the picture. an act of betrayal can go a long ways.

Chapter 10

When everything was peacefull

May crawled up on my lap and smiled. "Mommy? How did you and daddy meet?"
I smiled, "May I already told you."
"No not that daddy, and don't lie to me because I know he is my other daddy." She looked at me curiously. I knew which one she ment.
"Do you really want to know? Because I met this one and yours in the same day."
I smiled and Koga looked at me, "You did?" I nodded.
"We were sixteen back then and it all started when days before the wolf exam. I was taking on some skills my mother taught me because I wanted to be a lightning demon back then."


Uggh, theres nothing to eat what so ever. I scanned over the area and saw a wealthy human wandering around my lake. He must be one of those stupid curious men looking for the maiden of the lake. Pig, just like the rest of them. I jumped off my tree and sat by a rock looking as lonely and seductive at the same time.
Sure enough I heard the man coming this way. He was a very handsome one, his black hair tied back and his beautiful blue eyes shinned in the sunlight. I smiled at him and a sick grin came across his face. "Are you lost traveler?"
His smile went away and he walked towards me, "Sort of." He sat by me and I could smell the ignorance he had. I'm not even sure if he was worth killing. "Are you the maiden of the Crystal lake?"
I smiled at him, "Why, yes I am."
"You must be very lonely," he got closer to me.
"I am," I looked down and started fake crying.
He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. "It's ok, I'll keep you company." He started rubbing my butt.
That triggered the hunger, "How very kind of you, but do you know more to my story?"
He looked at me and shook his head, "Sorry I....." he paused then his face became full of fear.
I grinned, "Everyman never leaves this place for a good reason." I leaned over to him and kissed him. Then I put my mouth by his ears, "I eat them." He opened his mouth to scream but I used my claws and sliced his head completely off his body. I licked my claws clean and sensed that somebody was watching. I couldn't sense a human so I didn't think much of it.
"Tinari! Hey!" Choji was running with a pale look on his face.
"Oh hi! What's up?"
He looked at the body and smiled. "So I see you got your first human, I think you would be great as a lightning demon."
I hugged him, "You really think so?"
He nodded, "Of course I do! I would be more of a support than anybody!" I smiled, I have the best brother in the world.
"I can't wait to tell mother!" His smile went away, "What's wrong?"
"Thats what I came to tell you, she was murdered...."
My legs gave out and I fell to the ground. Every nerve in my body became active and I felt this sudden wave of pain. My hands started trembling and tears rolled down my cheeks. "H-how could this happen? Why did it happen?" I looked into Choji's eyes and saw pain in them.
"I-I don't know. She was found dead by the river near the mountains not to far from here.
"Now what am I going to do? I don't have enough training to become a full fledge lightning demon. And father doesn't approve of what I'm doing so I can't go to him."
"You know father loves you, and obviously he likes lightning demons because we wouldn't be here." He smiled.
"But have you forgotten? He drove mother out after he was attacked by a lightning demon and forced us to train as a wolf demon." I glared at him.
He opened his mouth then closed it. He picked up the dead body. "Are you going to eat this?"
"Not hungry now..." I sighed.
"Well I'll give this to Yumi, I'm sure she'll be happy to eat it." I smiled. Yumi always made me feel better. She's been my pet wolf since we were little. Her brown fur and tan belly with those gorgeous blue eyes always seemed to make things better.
"Thanks Choji."
He nodded, "Yep. And don't forget the young wolf pack exam is tonight." He ran off.
I hate the exams. They always happen once every six months for almost adult wolf demons such as myself. Its to see if you're fit to stay in the pack and if you fail it, you'll get banished. I heard a crack from a branch near by. ''Spies.'' They must here to kill me. I looked at the tree and saw a dark figure hiding. The rage boiled down into my hands and I made a lightning ball and shot it at the tree. The man fell and I ran up to him and pinned my spear to his throat. "Who are you and why are you spying on me?"
He looked suprised, almost afriad. His hair was tied back and he has red eyes. "M-my name is Hiten."
I narrowed my eyes, "A thunder brother? Bummer, I was hoping for a meal."
He chuckled, "Same here, but now I realize you're a demon." There was an awkward pause of silence. "So um, what's your name?"
"Tinari, it's just Tinari." I lowered the spear. "Why would you come to a place where rumors have said men never leave here?
"I-I followed you're scent. It's very—" he paused, "Intoxicating." I smiled and helped him up. "Thank you, and its just I've never seen a female lightning demon. The last capable woman that could give birth died."
"Half," I winced; my mother died recently died.
He raised an eyebrow, "Half? You're not half human are you?"
I smiled, "No my friend. I'm a demon mix. But when I complete my task of earning my right to be a lightning demon, I'll be a full fledge lightning demon."
"Good goal," He stepped closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "What would you say if I can help you get there?"
I grinned, "Sounds fun." He leaned in for a kiss.
"Tinari! Tinari!" ''Damn it.''
"Who's that?" Hiten asked,
"One of my fixes my father set me up on," I groaned and looked over in his direction. He was close. "Get under water!" I didn't give him a chance to reconsider when I shoved him underwater.
Koga came in through the brushes a few minutes later. His broad chest and muscles shinned though like everything else. He had this boyish charm that I was sort of attracted to. "Hey who were you talking to?"
"My meal," I licked my fingers.
He didn't looked convinced but he shrugged. "Anyways I just came to give you some moral support for the exams tonight."
I groaned, "I don't want to do the exams though, and did my father send you to persway me to you're liking?"
"What? No! I came on my own." he paused, "And I know you don't want to, but we have to to stay in the pack."
I sighed, "I know, but still."
"Still, and I know you hate it when your tries to set you up, but you need to know that he's just trying to protect you. You're a lighting wolf demon. You have lightning blood in you and you're the last lightning female that's eligible to give birth."
A bambo stick bobbed on the water, Hiten was listening. "But you know my intentions. I don't want to be a wolf demon!" I crossed my arms.
He sat next to me, "If something goes wrong with you're lightning exam you'll have something to come back to—" He sounded hurt. "there's nothing wrong with being a wolf demon."
"Koga, it's not you. It's my father and all this bull he's been trying to force us to do."
He looked at me and smiled, "If something does go wrong for any of us we'll find each other right?"
I smiled, "Right." I cut my palm, and then cut his. Blood started poring from our palms and then I put them together, "Through thick and thin, from this day forward, when we are in any trouble we will know and come to each others side to help."
He smiled, "I'll see you tonight," He ran off and Hiten came up from underwater. I'm not excited for tonight. TBC

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