betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

ok so this is based on inuyasha. its an anime show and the main character's name is Tinari. She is half lightning demon half wolf. the story starts out as her hating inuyasha, kagome etc. later on she meets kouga and then her backstabbing brother comes in the picture. an act of betrayal can go a long ways.

Chapter 2


"Will you quit your whining?" I asked as I pulled a tooth out of his arm.
He yelped. "Well maybe I would quit whining if you would quit pulling so hard." he mumbled.
"You're such a baby." He glared at me. I looked at his arm seeing another tooth in it. "Now this will only hurt for a second." I wrapped both hands around the tooth and yanked it out.
He yelped in pain. "Damn it woman!" He glared at me and I giggled. He's so cute when he's angry. "You think this is funny?"
I grabbed his arm and started wrapping it up in cloth. "A little, but you really need to control your temper. If I hadn't pulled these out, your arm would feel much worse." I sighed. "I have a name you know."
"Well I know that, so how strong are you Tinari?" He still was a little upset but he started relaxing too.
I made him lay down on his bed and I got up. "I'm not going to show you till tomorrow, you need your rest." He smiled. "Good night Koga." I walked to the other side of the cave and laid down.
He chuckled and sat up. "You heard her men, to sleep. It's been a long day and we had some what of a victory." They nodded. He got up and walked over to me. "I hope you don't mind." He laid next to me and I shrugged.
"I don't care." He smiled.

Kagome prov

"Kaede, what can you tell us about Tinari?" Shippo asked.
She looked at us with wide eyes. "You met a lightning wolf twin?"
"Twin!? I didn't know she had a twin!" Inuyasha asked with a mouth full of food.
Miroku went into a deep thought and Sango was very interested in the lightning wolf twins. "What's so important or shocking that we met her?" I asked curiously.
Kaede smiled. "Well Tinari is very powerful, and very kind. Her mother was a well known lighting demon. Not like the thunder brothers though, much more powerful than that." She started.
"I know her mom! My dad was friends with her." Shippo added.
"Her father on the other hand is just like her twin brother. He was alpha of the northern pack and the most feared wolf demon in the land." Kaede continued. "He ran that pack with an iron fist. The only difference though is that he had a caring heart. Unlike her brother who has no heart at all." Sango added.
"I still don't get why it's so important. She was dating a thunder brother!" Inuyasha sounded irritated.
Kaede got a scroll out. "It is said that their mother was killed by Naraku when she refused to hand over the twins."
Miroku nodded. "I've heard about this. It's sad really, her father was killed in battle a year ago."
Sango went pale. "What's wrong Sango?" I asked.
"It's not that important." She sighed.
"Inuyasha, what Tinari has with her brother is the same thing you have with Sesshomaru. The only difference is that these twins fight for respect, loyalty, and blood. If you've met Tinari you'll be needed down her future. She brings good luck to all she heals." Kaede sighed. "But in your case, she will be very helpful to you later on." I sighed. It must stink to be her.
Inuyasha snorted. "Well she doesn't like me as you can see. I killed her mate, and sliced a whole in her back."
"It doesn't matter, if she hasn't killed you yet you're fine. But be warned, if she is in her full state of power in vengeance it will not be good for anyone she is fighting." Kaede scolded Inuyasha.

Normal prov

I got up early and went hunting. I saw a farm of pigs and decided to take the majority of them. I lured them back to the cave and started to cook them. I fed most their guts to the wolves and the other animales around me. The smell must have gotten to the rest of the pack because fifteen minuets after I was done they surrounded me. "Morning." I smiled.
Koga walked strait up to me. "What is this?" He was curious.
"Breakfast what else?" I started handing out large pieces to the others. They can fight for it for all I care. I gave Kouga half of what I made for myself. "Eat up silly head." I smiled. He shrugged and started eating.
"Now tell me something I don't know. Your brother and father have told lots about you." He finished eating.
I grinned and jumped into the trees. "I'm sure they have, but they never tell you how I hunt, or fight for that matter." I called through the trees. They started looking around for me. "I use my speed to trick my pray." I jumped around and then sat at the top of the waterfall. I threw a rock at Koga. They looked up shocked. "If you can't keep up your most likely going to get hurt." I disappeared into thin air and then tripped Kouga.
He chuckled. "Not bad." I disappeared again.
"Use your instincts fool!" I called from the trees. "If you're not paying attention around me, or my brother you'll be dead in a second." I pinned him to the ground.
He stared at me with wide eyes. It was awkward though because everyone was staring. I smiled and kissed his forehead. He chuckled. "I'm beginning to like you." He pushed me off.
"Tinari!" I went pale and turned around. A man with green eyes and long black hair stared at me impatiently. Sadly this man is my twin. "You broke curfew, ran away, and disobeyed me by dating that horrid thunder brother." Choji yanked me off the ground by my hair. I whimpered.
"At least he had a heart." I hissed and glared at him. I tried getting out of his grasp
"Now there's no need to hurt her." Koga started.
"Shut up Kouga." He glared. "Now you're coming home now whether you like it or not!"
I glared at him. "No. You can't make me!" He jabbed me in the stomach with his hand and I passed out. Now the only thing that was good was my hearing.
"Thank you for keeping her safe for a while. I shall talk to you later." Choji told Koga and carried me in his arms. I couldn't see Kouga's face, but I'm quite sure he was confused and hurt. I felt the wind move through my hair. Great. Now I'm returning home with a jerk.

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