betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

ok so this is based on inuyasha. its an anime show and the main character's name is Tinari. She is half lightning demon half wolf. the story starts out as her hating inuyasha, kagome etc. later on she meets kouga and then her backstabbing brother comes in the picture. an act of betrayal can go a long ways.

Chapter 3

My brother

I was filled with my brother's scent. Uggh how it reeked! I woke up to the same giant cave filled with blood all over the wall. "The lone wolf is awake!" A voiced teased. I looked to my left seeing my friend Lee smiling. He had a scar on his left eye. Black hair and the most gorgeous smile in the world!
"Don't try to be nice to her, Choji said that once she woke up we had to go strait to him with her." Neji hissed.
He yanked me off the ground and dragged me outside. "Hey what's going on?" I stuggled to get out, but he is really strong!
"Tinari!" Choji yelled. Neji dropped me at his knees and I was too scared to look at him. Choji started walking around me as the others were gathering around. He kicked my stomach and I just winced at the pain. "Now as you all know, the lone wolf has returned," He started. "And some of you have been sneaking out as well. In order for that to NEVER happen again I'm going to make a strick rule." He walked away from me. "Rule number one: If you leave the cave you must tell me and be back by sundown. That is the only new rule, the rules my father made are to be followed as well. If you break any of these rules, you will have train for a week from dawn till dusk. No resting, no meal breaks, no bathroom breaks. After training is done you will go out and hunt for the whole pack. This shall be only for a week." I heard his voice start pointing more towards me.
"But sir-"
"Don't but sir me!" He smacked somebody. "Do I make my rules very clear?" I got up slowly.
"Yes Choji, sir!" The pack replied horrified.
He made his way back to me and forced me to look at him. "Do I make my self clear sister?"
"Yes. Sir." I hissed back. He punched my gut and sent me flying into a tree. I whimpered softly.
"Get up woman!" He shouted. He started walking towards me full of rage, for once in my life I'm scared.

Koga prov

"Koga are you really going to let who ever that was take her away? Forever?" One of them asked.
I stared into the forest where Tinari was taken from me. What am I feeling? "I-I don't know. I mean she's only been with us for like a day." My heart thudded and my mind was thinking of her. Her beautiful eyes, her independent attitude, her personality. It's one of a kind and I all ready miss her.
"Koga, the Northern pack isn't far from here. It's only a few miles north." I whirled around seeing a mutt. He wasn't alone, there was a little girl and a demon with him.
"Who are you? And how do you know that?" I was curious.
"Lord Sesshomaru, I'm scared." The little girl whimpered. She hid behind the mutt demon that strangely looked a little like Inuyasha.
The little green demon stared at me. "Why, your the demon pack that went through little Rin's village aren't you?"
I shrugged. "Probably. Now tell me how you know that girl, and where the north pack lives." I demanded.
"That wolf girl, Tinari, she used to help us through the area. She's quite the person." The mutt said. "And I can tell she's been here because her scent is very strong, and so is her brother's."
The little girl grabbed something from her bag. "She gave me this." She held up a necklace. "She told me this was from one of her best friends."
"Just follow her scent and you'll be there in no time." Jaken said.
I nodded. "Thank you. I guess." I ran and followed her scent. It smelled like roses, and something even more beautiful.
A few hours later I found the cave and saw the pack outside of it. The leader was walking around and Tinari was on the ground in pain. I hid behind a rock. "..... No resting, no meal breaks, no bathroom breaks. After training is done you will go out and hunt for the whole pack. This shall be for a week." I heard his voice start pointing more towards Tinari and I peaked over the rock.
"But sir-"
"Don't but sir me!" He smacked somebody. "Do I make my rules very clear?" She got up slowly.
"Yes Choji, sir!" The pack replied horrified.
He made his way back to her and forced her to look at him. "Do I make my self clear sister?"
"Yes. Sir." She hissed back. He punched her gut and sent her flying into a tree. She whimpered softly and she started growling softly.
"Get up woman!" He started walking towards her.

Normal prov

I got up slowly and glared at him. "Neji! Lee! Take her to her room. Make sure she gets out of those awful clothes." He stared at me. Neji gripped my arm and practically dragged me to my room.
"Now hurry up." Lee whimpered. I looked at him and he had a mark across his face.
"He hit you!?"
I got closer to him, but Neji tossed me my clothes. "Dressed. Now!" I glared at him. He's not the same as he used to be. His hair got longer, he's more buffer but he has many scars. I sighed and got dressed while they were staring at me.
When I was done I looked at them. "What are you looking at?" I walked out of my room. When I got outside everyone was staring at me. "What?" All I was wearing was my armored shirt that showed my chest a little more than usual, and a short skirt.
Choji started getting mad at all the guys staring. Then he hit them all in the back of the head. "Quit staring at her! A-and get back to training!" I sighed.
"You don't have to do that, I like them staring." I walked to him.
He blushed. "Well I don't. Neji! Lee! Watch her while she's hunting." He growled. I started running leaving them behind. I caught a glimpse of something brown but didn't think much of it.
"Tinari! Wait up!" Lee called. I sighed and sat in a tree.
"You're too slow!" I looked at the stars.
Somebody knocked me out of the tree and pinned me down. I couldn't see his face because of the shadows. I felt the person's soft lip touch my forehead. "I got ya!" He moved his head into the moonlight and I smiled.
"Koga!" I pushed him off of me and hugged him. "What are you doing here?"
He blushed. "Well, I-I wanted to see you again. And I want you to come back with me." He pulled me closer to him.
"That's not happening!" Neji said pulling me out of his arms. "She hasn't finished her punishment."
Lee snatched me away from him. "Why are you so mean to her? You're starting to turn into Choji." He gave me to Kouga.
"Well she needs to toughen up. She needs to become a real wolf demon instead of a weak link." He replied.
"She is strong!" Lee growled. I backed away slowly.
Koga tapped my shoulder. "C'mon, I know a place were you can get food for the others." He grabbed my hand and took me to an open field full of sheep and pigs.
"Oh thank you Koga!" I hugged him.
He hugged me back, but tighter. "Anything for a fellow wolf." He kissed my forehead.
I smiled and started rounding them up with lightning. "Do remember I am half wolf." He chuckled and lured them to the forrest. Lee helped me the rest of the way back to the forest because Koga didn't want Choji to find out he was there.
When I got there the pigs and sheep were tired and they all collapsed after the guys scared the living daylights out of them. "Woman, cooked the animals!" Choji commanded.
I put my hands on my hips, "You are a lightning demon as well Choji, cook them yourself!"
Everyone stared at me in horror as Choji walked closer to me. "Excuse me?"
I stood my ground and glared at him. "I said, cook them yourself."
He smacked me and I yelped. "Don't you ever tell me what to do! And don't you ever give me any sass young lady!"
He rose his hand to hit me again and I closed my eyes fearing the worse. "Don't hit her!" I looked and saw that Koga held his hand in the air and putting me behind his back.
"How did you get here?" Choji looked scared.
"I followed your scents." He brought me closer to his side. "I've come to request that I may watch Tinari during this time, you may train her but I want to be with her." I started trembling.
Choji glared at him. "Fine. Now to bed little sister, you will be woken at the crack of dawn." I nodded and ran into my room and cried.
A few minuets later Koga came in and wrapped his arms around me. "Shh, shh, everything is going to be ok, you'll see."
I looked at him and smiled. "Do you really think so?"
He nodded. "I know so." I fell asleep in his arms.

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