lock in __ with boy [EMO BOY] (girls only) [PART18]

Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while but ENJOY!

Chapter 1


by: Alfpwsn
Nick: Can I ask you something?
Me: Shoot. Takes a drink of her pepsi
Nick: How did you learn to fight?
Me: Clears Throat Well if you must know, I was a professional street fighter. It was a while back.
Nick: How long ago exactly? and Why?
Me: Well it's a long story but the summary is I did it to release anger. I think it was a year ago.
Nick: Oh Ok.
Me: What? confused
Nick: Um...Nothing just...what was your nickname?
Me: Rainbow. Why?
Nick: did you fight someone named 'The AlleyCat'?
Me: Um...Yea I think so why?
Nick: Excuse me I need a moment.
He got up and rushed off to the bathroom. What did I do wrong? I sat there confused. A few minutes later I saw Nick come back and sit down. After a moment of silence it hit me!
Me: Do you know 'The AlleyCat'?
Nick: Yea. I knew her. She was my sister.
Me: Was? confused What happened to her?
Nick: Looks up at Adrianna You did.
Me: Shocked What do you mean? How? Why?
Nick: Do you remember what happened that day?
Me: Before or After the fight?
Nick: Before then During.
Me: Well...that day I had gotten into a fight with my boyfriend and my bestfriend was mad at me...I was pretty upset. I was more sad than mad at first but my sadness alway eventually turns into anger. Then I remember the fight but the only damage I did to her was I broke 2 of her ribs.
Nick: Well, her real name was Ali. and she smoked menthol cigarettes and menthols' are made with fiber glass which cuts the lungs and makes them bleed. So she had already coughed up alot of blood and her broken ribs cut her lungs more. and she died from blood lose.
My jaw dropped and I started to cry. I got up and hugged him.
Me: I am SO sorry! I had no idea! Um, I have to go do something.
Nick: Let me come with you!
Me: you probally don't want to but ok.
~~~at street fights~~~
I ran up to Big Mike my old manager.
Mike: HEYYYY! Wats up girlie?
Me: Punches him Why did you tell me that 'The AlleyCat' was ok?! she is dead!
Mike: Get out of here with your f(aggot) friend!
Me: I'll do what the f(uck) I want! Punches him agai And Nick is NOT a f(aggot)! kicks him in the side
Mike: Why do you care if she is dead?! You hated her!
Me: Because she suffered. Because of me. Because of my anger. Because of everything I kept bottled up. Who I hurt in the matches I feel sorry for cause I have fuel and they are my release. Now it's your turn to suffer. Just like she did. I hope you don't smoke menthols'. Kicks repeatedly in side til she hears a crack
Nick pulled me off Mike thankfully. By this time I was in tears. Nick pulled me into his chest. I sobbed and he picked me up bridal style and carries me out to the car. He sets me on the hood.
Me: Our meetings are always so violent.
Nick: It's ok. I actually think it's kinda hot.
Me: Blushes
Nick: Leans in and kisses her
This is sweet. This is Bliss. This is Love. This is Heaven. His lips on mine. His warm, soft, sweet lips on mine. Moving as one. I tangle my finger in his hair. His hand rest on the sides of my face. I pull away only for air though. I look into his blue eyes. Both our chests heaving up and down.
Nick: Come on. Let's go back to our dorms.
Me: Ok. still flustered


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