Emo luv

Iris and Kris are perfect for each other! They're not "dating", but Kris is starting to feel like they're more than friends. But a jealous cheerleader, named Lillie, finds a plan to get Iris out of the picture. So Lillie is open to dating Kris. But a lie goes to far for poor Iris. So she has to stop the rumors...But how???

Chapter 1


by: Emini_jem
Iris and Kris walked in the lunchroom, looking for a table.
"Heey, Kris!!!"
Kris looked at Iris.
"Have you seen Zombie Death 4?"
Kris laughed, remembering the violent movie, "yes, I love when the zombies stabbed Joe and Mary's Uncle."
Iris laughed, "that was the best part!"
Iris's eyes fell on an empty table, "I got it, Kris!"
She ran to the table, her silky-black hair bouncing as she ran.
''This is your big chance, Kris'' Kris thought, looking at Iris, ''Ask her. It's the perfect chance...''
Iris patted the seat beside her, indicating for Kris to sit. He did.
"Soooo...." Kris said
Iris giggled "soooooo.....? What's up?"
"I....like your outfit." Kris complimented her. He really did. It was a black tank top with pink letters saying 'Your so cool at being uncool.' and short black skirt, with black and white striped socks.
"Thanks." Iris mumbled.
"...And then she was like 'I can do what I want, so don't bug me'! The nerve!"
Natalie was filing her nails "...wow..." she said, as if she didn't hear her, which, she didn't. And Mya, the dumb blonde, was staring into space.
"Mya....MYA!" Mya looked at Lillie "...No, I hate their food." Lillie looked at her blankly "that isn't what I was talking about."
"She was talking about Ashlee, or Miranda, or was it Felicia?" That was Natalie.
Lillie gritted her teeth.
"...And they were at a restaurant??" That was Mya.
Lillie stared at her friends with fury "...IT WAS GERTRUDE AT CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS!!!"
Mya and Natalie looked at each other "....Ooooohhhhh..." They said in unison.
Lillie slapped her forehead in frustration.
Then her eyes wandered to Kris....
And Iris.
"...THAT FLIRT!" Lillie yelled, stomping her feet.
"...Who? Felicia?" Mya asked.
"No. She meant Iris. She's totally flirting with Kris, whom I think...Lillie likes? Ew."
Lillie looked like she was about to burst " I CANNOT STOP LOVE!"
Mya looked noble for one second "then go up and say 'hi'. Iris would be pissed, because your totally interrupting their convo."
Lillie stared blankly at her friend. "I'll totally do that."
And she walked over to the 'Happy couple'.

"...And so, that's why Zombie Death 2 is soooo much worse than Zombie Death 3." Iris finished.
Kris rolled his eyes and let out a little sigh "Iris."
Iris looked intent "yes, Kris?"
"I need to ask you something important."
"Would you----"
"HEEEEEY!!!!! IS THAT KRIS??!! I JUST NOTICED YOU!!!!" It was Lillie.
"Oh, god." Iris mumbled. Kris sighed. Lillie was the worst faker ever. She planned this, and it pissed Kris to a bursting point....Plus, he was just gonna' ask out the girl of his dreams. He looked at Iris, she grinned.
"Oh. Hello Iris." Lillie said icily.
Iris said nothing.
Lillie coughed "...Anyway, I came to talk to you, Kris........"
''This is torture'' Iris thought ''pure torture. She PLANNED this. And just before Kris wanted to ask me something important.'' She shot a death glare at Lillie.
"...And there was this party....."
Iris sighed,this was going to take awhile.


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