Georgie Blue has badlife. but it's gonna get a hell of alot worse.... xx lol pretystranger

Chapter 1

Blue skies, black seas

"So, er, welcome to Mariallo Senturous, Georgie. we hope you like it," i turned my back on Mum, who smiled at me in that pitying adult way. i could almost hear her face fall. Mark put his arms round her waist. Mark is Mum's new husband. And he's also the whole stupid reason that we're in Spain. I open the door of our new house, and flip open my phone. Macie flashes up immediatley. Oh Macie. That's my girlfriend. her sparkling eyes smile at me. I run my fingers over her lips, trying to remember what it's like to kiss her. I can't remember. I send her a text: Macie, i love you. good luck. i send it, and try to forget.


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