Caroline (my sequel of Coraline)

Yay, i just love my new hair! Short, unmanageable, brunette streaked with blue. Like a Coraline/Wybie child. That is what gave me the idea!
interested in mechanics, magic, espionage
gets along more with her father than mother
has basically no friends besides the old black cat and its kitten

Chapter 1


I pouted in the back while we drove down the winding road that seemed to lead to nowhere. Exactly where we're going. I heard my mom and dad whispering in the front, thinking i had my music on so i couldnt hear. "I wish i didnt have to go back to this place. It has so many bad memories." "We could move somewhere else. I-" "No, we cant afford to live in the city anymore. Besides, someone has to take care of this place." "Yeah, and you kind of destroyed the way to......" "To what?" They looked at me, astonished- Well dad looked at me, mom was driving.
"Nothing, dear." "But mom-" "But nothing. Its nothing you need to know about." I sat back and crossed my arms. The cat and her kitten, Felix climbed onto my lap. "Hey guys, whats up?" They meowed as i petted them. I sighed. "Can we go back?" "No, we cant afford it." "But i miss my friends." "You'll make new ones." "How? You're homeschooling me." "You'll make them around the neighborhood." "No one goes out anymore mom." "I can lend you the motorcycle-" "Wybourn!" My mom smiled a little, then went back to being serious. "She is not taking the motorcycle."
"We were on motorcycles when we were eleven, i think its only fair that she takes it now. Besides, i've been teaching her since she was young." Mom sighed in frustration. "Fine." I squealed and she swerved a little. "Dont do that. We might get killed!" "Ok." I sat back and grinned.
We eventually got there, to an old house. I pulled my suitcase out of the trunk and heaved it onto the front porch. "This place is a dump." Mom opened the door, ignoring me and we packed our stuff into the house. "Go pick out a room Caroline." "Kay mom." I ran up the stairs, heaving my suitcase all the way.
I walked into the first room and it overlooked the forest in front of the house. I stuffed my clothes in the closet and headed back downstars.
"So, wheres the motorcycle?" "Right here." Dad pulled a small one out of the garage. "Sweet! Just my size. Thanks! Im going to take it for a test run." I jumped on and rode away, the cats jumped on right before i flew off.
After an hour or so of exploring the place, i went back and stashed the motorcycle in the garage and started heading in. Then i saw the door fly open and i hid behind the corner. "You know what? Yes, i do think so!" "Its not my fault im trying to look after OUR daughter!" "Shes having fun. Is that not enough for you?" "I have to know that shes safe too. This place, this is not safe! Its far from safe!" "Well, what were we going to to do? Just ignore my grandmothers death?" "We could have just come for a little while and-" "Oh, and may i remind you that we cant afford to live anywhere else." Mom glared at dad for a while, then stormed inside.
I came from around the corner. "Dad?" "Honey? Are you done?" His voice quavered, he looked on the edge of bursting into tears. I ran over and hugged him. "Its ok, daddy." I always said that after i heard them fight. Nowadays, it seems to be a lot. "Lets go inside. We should get your room unpacked." I nodded and we walked inside. Mom was angrily unpacking and we headed upstairs. "You and mom arent going to divorce, right?" "Divorce? No, honey, no, no, no...... What gave you that idea?"
"Well," We started unpacking my boxes of things. "You always fight. Its scary at night, when im trying to go to sleep." "No, we're just........ playing around. Nothing you should be worrying about, Cary." I nodded, not totally believing him. Adults never told you the whole truth. After we'd unpacked almost everything, mom called us down for dinner. No one spoke the whole time and after i was finished i dumped my plate in the sink and walked over to them. "Im going to go for another ride. Ok?" "Sure sweetie." "Cool. Bye." I headed out to the garage and took the motorcycle out of the it. I looked back at the house and heard them fighting again.
I sniffed and jumped on the bike, riding away froom the angry screams. Then i hit something and went tumbling off. "Ow, that hurt." I checked to make sure i wasnt bleeding and crawled over to the bike. I saw that it had toppled over a doll. I picked it up and looked at it. "That- that kinda looks like........ me." It just stared at me with button eyes and i shook my head. "This fighting is getting to my head." I stuffed it in my pocket and got back on the bike. I rode around and finally went back to the house after riding around the houses a few times.
"Hey, mom. Hey dad. Look i found this-" "Where were you?" "Riding the motorcycle, like i said i was." "Do you know what time it is? We were worried sick about you!" "Im sorry, but-" "Go to your room, missy." "But-" "No buts. Go." I looked at dad and he shrugged wearily and i stomped up the stairs. I flung my jacket off and the doll fell out of the pocket. "I dont supposed you could do anything about my parents?" It just stared at me again. "Yeah, i thought so." I sat on the bed and looked around at the boxes around me. "I wish my parents didnt fight."
Then i put on my pjs and crawled into bed. "Yeah right, like that'll ever happen."


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