Greek Gods' reactions to Disney Movies

basically what the title says. I was just thinking one day about how PiSSED Hera would be if Disney portrayed her as Hercs mother, because she absolutely hated him. Thus, spawning this idea.

Chapter 1


Zeus: I am not that dumb. I know Hades is out to get me!

Hera: freaks out I am not that..... that..... things! mother. How dare you think that i would act that way!

Aphrodite: Is my waist really that skinny? Looks at her waist, worried No matter, its a great tragic love story if i say so.

Hephaestus: Uh, i dont think i was there........ And why are they all wearing only one colour?

Hermes: Im not a small thing that flies around! Im just like any other god, except busier.....

Ares: Thats me in the red. Right there! Points at screen

Artemis: Megera was a fool for falling for a guy. She should have known that he would have betrayed her.

Hades: Uh, i do NOT think my hair is made of fire. Is it? Looks up No, no it isnt, although i could turn into something thats basically made of fire. grins

Dionysus: Ah, the good old days. When i could actually drink wine. When monsters freely destroyed anything they wanted.

Posiedon: Hmph, well i have no comments. I wasnt important enough to be put in, then i wont be important enough to comment on it.

Athena: Smart girl. Very deceptive. Although the music could be worked on more. Too childish.

Hestia: Its a nice story. It was nice to see that he remembered his adoptive parents, even after he became famous.

Apollo: Nice. Although i wasnt there. And shouldnt that be my sisters Stag he wears when hes getting painted...... Or wait, maybe that was the Nemean Lion. I forget. That Hydra fight was sick!

Ok, if i forgot any, please tell me. Thus concludes the first movie review. And what do you give this one, gods?
All: 2.5/5 stars!
Ok then. I dont think they liked this one too much........ Hehe, lets do something else before they start a riot, whadya think?

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