This is a mythical story that Aeros and I are going to be writing together. =] Hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1

Introduction part one

I have two characters that I will be writing from their point of view.
Sasha- mortal, long, curly light brown hair, bright brown eyes, tall, lean and slim, small nose, bottom lip is thicker than upper lip, muscular, 16 years old, home-schooled, only child, loves to swim and run...
Her style is pretty casual, but she hates wearing dresses, loves to wear her sneakers, always wears a necklace that says 'Believe' she doesnt wear alot of make-up, usually just mascara and lip gloss...
Personality; smart, athletic, confident, secretive, great liar, open-minded, isnt easily scared, wants to become an athlete or writer when she's older, and is great with animals..

Nessie- Purple dragon, large wings, large ocean blue eyes, stands 8 feet tall but has the power to shrink and transform into any animal, has been alive for thousands of years, is searching for her owner or 'rider' , sharp teeth, doesnt need to eat but needs to drink water..
Personality; smart, mysterious,fierce, loyal, is extremely strong..
This just a preview of the story...
Walking slowly along the river bank by my house, I take in the scenery around me. The birds are flying high and singing, the fish in the river are jumping happily down-stream and everything seems normal and up-beat. Even I have a spring in my step. But it wont last for long. Because like people say, 'the fun is in the mystery'. Once you figure it out, all hell breaks loose. At least, for me, it will.

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