Why can't everything go back to the way it was?

Chapter 1


All the things wrong in QuibbloLand:
First, Charlie turns into some player/jock. Dude, I miss the old math nerd that you were!
Second, Love is a struggle. If it's real love, It'll work out.
Third, My twin never gets on anymore!! (BunnyBoo21) For a while, I seriously thought she was DEAD. =/
Fourth, Oh My GOD. If you donnt seriously dont love someone, DONT GO OUT WITH THEM. UGGH.
Fifth, No one is NICE anymore. Everyone used to give each other little compliments and happy faces whenever they could. Now there's so much drama, I can't believe it. Seriously, let the jealousy rest! Set fights and cheating aside! Becoming friends is the best thing, Besides, who wants to spend their teenage years fighting over the internet? I dont.

I guess the only good thing is that I got Stone. Ah, Stone. Stone, Stone, Stone. I love you so much :) So much.


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