a hp and percy jackson love story

a hp and percy jackson love story

k this is my love story mamadoharryron is doin the next part umm if you have a idea for a better title please let me know

Chapter 1

camp halfblood?

"Camp halfblood?" i said "harry have you ever heard of camp halfblood?" "yes ron i have its supposed to be a fairy tale though""well tell us" actually its a book miones probally read it""o you mean the percy jackson series harry" ya mione"k well you know posiedon zeus athena they all had kids and there kids are demi gods and this is where they live beecause monsters are after them""thanks mione but its supposed to be..."come on lets go in" i shouted "wait ron the borders are magically protec..." "how did you do that""what do you mean i ran across" "but its not supposed to let you pass ts magically protected" "well i did fell a weird tingle as i passed that pine tree with the gold stuff n it""o the golden fleece"" huh?" the golden fleece ron" "?" "o wow how do you not know about the golden fleece" "you know i dont read" "ya but its was a major part of our greek and roman mythology class last year" "come on mione "shouted harry who had crossed the border while we were arguing " i dont know harry" "its perfectly safe mione" "well ok" not 30 seconds after we crossed the border we were attacked by teenagers in greek armor with weird swords made of bronze which just pased right thru us but we whipped out our wands nd went beast mode on them and killed them..well not literally were not deatheaters we tied and woke them up to talk then a centaur ran...well galloped up and asked us our names "ron ron weasley" "harry potter" "and whois thi beautiful woman" thats my girlfrie- i mean hermione granger but every calls her mione" "ron weasley were you about to call me your girlfriend" "well mione ya ""how many times do i have to say this its never going to happen i love you like a brother" "ok mione im sorry" anyway apperantly the centaurs name is chiron and he took us on a tour suddenly mione started running and jumped into a guys arms "percy omg wat are you doing here are you a demi god" "mione omg wat are you doing here and yes im posiedons son" "thats so cool and before you ask no im not a demi god im a witch" "no way thats so cool what can you do" "well i can make water come outta my wand" "big deal i can summon it straight from the ground" "ok well i can make fire no way prove it" so she did the fire charm "no way be you i can put it out" "how much" "200 us dollars" "your so on " so of course he couldnt "thatll be $200 please" "wow mione ur alot meaner than u used to be " "well you have to be with a enemy like draco malfoy" "tell me about him" well hes about 6'0 platinum blonde hair gray eyes like zeus but hes a stuck up pompous jacka$$ so basically hes a smexy a$$wipe" "talking about me granger" "malfoy!" "thts right granger so you think im smexy heh" "well i mean come on" "its ok granger ur pretty smexy your self" "o well then" " wat are you doin here malfoy" harry said "why i want to help kill old voldy of course" " really malfoy" " k he killed my parents nd im pissed so i wanna help kill him seems like we have something in common potty" " yay i have something in common with a slytherin now my lifes completeyou wanna know sumthin malfoy i daont believe you" "o well potter you dont have to do you really think im smexy granger" "call me mione evrybody does and yes do ou relly think im smexy" "call me draco and yes i do" "ok ackward "i said "lets go exploring wait where chiron" "he left ages ago weasel" "whatever malfoy" later that night they had a bonfire which is apperantly a nightly thing harry met a really cute girl earlier and her name is tarnem she was pretty but all darkness and shadows with midnight black hair down to her waist dark chocolate eyes and a natural tan she was sweet and nice but but i like my woman... just like that girl short about 5'3 longblonde hair ice blue eyes like a siberian huskies "hi wats your name blondie" -giggle- wow even her giggle was cute "wats it to you ginger" ooohh snappy just the way i like them "if i tell u my name will you tell me yours" "sure ginger" "ron ron weasley" "well nice to meet you ron weasley im........" k mamadoharryron your turn o wat did yall think yay nay good bad im writing this 4 u so i wanna know what u think feedback is luved

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