Fire & Ice (A Death Eater/Bloodtraitor LOVE Story)

Warning: This one might have some spoilers from the seventh book. I'll probably change some things but if you haven't read it yet and don't want to find out stuff, BEWARE!

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Romance to come. Pinky promise.

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Chapter 1

~I Always Knew You Were Weak~

Thysia Lestrange is the daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus. She lived with Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy (who aren't related to the Lestranges at all in my story, just friends) ever since her parents were captured. Thysia is a true Slytherin, a cunning ambitious Pureblood who is just as devoted to the Dark Lord as her parents. The only non-Slytgerin trait about her is her loathing of Draco Malfoy. But the one thing she hates more than mudbloods? More than Gryffindors? More than Draco? Bloodtraitors.

"The prodigal son returns," I say lazily as Draco follows Snape into the room. I had left the school ages ago, ever since my mother got out of prison. She prefers I'm homeschooled.
The only thing I regret about that is not being there when Dumbledore was killed just a few minutes ago. IF he was killed at all that is.
I drape myself over the chaise I've been lounging on and wait for the news I know will cone.
"You're back," Voldemort glides into the room and I bow my head as he passes. My mother follows him, her eyes darting from Draco to Snape, and then back to our master. I know she's anticipating Draco's humiliation, a chance to prove I should have been chosen for the job.
"Is it done?" Voldemort's cold voice pierces the air. Draco glances nervously at him before directing his gaze down.
The Dark Lord already knows what happened, who struck the fatal blow and when, he just wants to hear them say it. Admit that they failed him.
Snape looks straight into Lord Voldemort's eyes and says, "I did it my lord."
Voldemort throws his head back and laughs. "Very good Severus. Very good." he turns to Draco. "I am most disappointed. And yet..." he gives a nod, "yes, and yet the Dark Lord is merciful. I will not kill you. Yet."
Draco still looks horrified and I smile. Voldemort motions for Snape and my mom to follow and they exit the room, Snape talking in hushed tones.
Draco pushes my feet off of the small couch and sits beside me, his head in his hands. I know he's hoping I'll show some sympathy, but I'm not planning on doing that.
"You're a complete failureMalfoy," I tell him. He looks at me and smiles.
"Well I'm not dead yet," he tells me.
"I can't believe you couldn't do it," I taunt. "No, actually I can. You've always been weak."
Draco stands and jabs his finger at me, "You have no right..."
I interrupt him, "Yes I do. You're a disgrace for not killing that mudblood lover."
"You've got no right calling your future husband that," Draco says through clenched teeth. "I could make your life Hell."
"It already will be once I'm married to you," I spit back.
My parents and his have had our marriage planned ever since we were three years old. I don't think Draco cares, but I do. Of course my parents don't care what I want, so I have no say in the matter. But I suppose that's how most pureblood marriages are, with us marrying to uphold family honor and to create more purebloods. I know for a fact that that's the only reason my parents had me. Which I'm okay wiyth. If it pleases the Dark Lord it pleases me.
"I hope he disposes of you Malfoy," I say with a sneer that rivals his own.
"He won't, he can't afford to spill pure blood."
"Who are you to say what he will or won't do?!" I challenge him. He must see the fire in my eyes becauseafter a feeble glare at me he leaves.
"Thysia!" my mom calls from the meeting room.
"Yes mother?" I ask, entering the quiet room.
She smiles, "The Dark Lord wishes to speak with you."
I grin back at her, my eyes wide. Finally, a chance to prove I'm worthy! My mother nods to the end of the room where Lor Voldemort sits, his snake draped over the chair..
I stride across the room, kneel in front of him, and then stand. Ready for orders. Gathering courage, I look him in the eye.
"You wish to speak to me, my lord?"
He nods, one finger stroking his snake's head. "Yes Thysia Lestrange. It is time for me to put you to use."
My heart leaps. Finally! "I will do whatever my lord wants!" I exclaim.
"Good. Very good," he says. "I want you to watch Harry Potter closely until they move him. Find out his closest friends, where he will be going and how. I want no mistakes. Take the Malfoy boy and a few others to assist you."
"Yes my lord. We will begin right away."
I'm halfway out the door when Voldemort's voice stops me. "Make no mistake."

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