Fire & Ice (A Death Eater/Bloodtraitor LOVE Story)

Warning: This one might have some spoilers from the seventh book. I'll probably change some things but if you haven't read it yet and don't want to find out stuff, BEWARE!

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Chapter 2

~The Chase~

"There are many houses preparing for him to arrive," I report to Snape. "We don't know which one will be the actual safehouse, but once he's there we won't be able to touch him. Not until the Ministry has fallen anyways. I'm almost certain that the house he'll be moved to is the Weasley's."
"I agree," Draco butts in. "Those blood traitors support him more than anyone else in the Order."
My mother's heavily lidded eyes narrow as her gaze rests on Snape. "But don't you know where they're taking him? I thought you were supposed to be well informed?"
Snape merely glares at her, saying nothing.

"Be prepared for tonight," Draco tells me as another meeting comes to an end.
I scowl at him. "You're the one who should be prepared. You can't even kill a defenseless old man."

All of the Dark Lord's supporters mount their brooms and rise into the air. I wait impatiently for the signal. I pull my wand out, 11 inches, walnut with a unicorn tail core and slightly springy, and flick it restlessly. I'm ready. More than ready. Tonight everything would change. The Datk Lord would fly through the sky and Potter would fall, once and for all.
Finally the signal goes off and we fly towards Little Whinging. Once there, the Death Eaters hover over the location of Harry Potter's house.
I feel my heartbeat quicken with anticipation as I look around at all my fellow Death Eaters. Potter and his escort won't stand a chance.
Suddenly, a large group rises up into the center of us. I recognize a few. Remus Lupin, Rubeus Hagrid, Kingsley Shacklebolt. And with each of them is Harry Potter.
Yes, there is more than one Potter.
Everyone seems momentarily stunned by this until Yaxley yells, "They've used Polyjuice!"
Of course. This simple explanation seems to put everyone into motion, everyone begins following a pair.
And who should I follow? Hagrid and his Potter? They'd never trust the half-breed brute with the REAL Potter. Or maybe that's what they want me to think...
My mind made up, I speed towards the large motorbike carrying Hagrid and one of the Harry Potters. A few other Death Eaters join in the chase. The motorcycle rolled over, trying to avoid our curses.
I aim at Hagrid's back and shout, "Avada Kedavra!"
The green light is blocked by Potter's owl, who falls onto the floor of it's cage. So the owl will go first, that's fine with me.
"What's that noise?!" I yell. A loud dragon-like roar is coming from the bike.
"Watch out!" someone yells as flames shoot out from the bike and it speeds away.
I urge my broom to go faster, trying to close the distance between us and the motorcycle. Stan Shunpike, one of our Imperiused recruits, flies past me with his wand raised. His hood blows back and I see his and Harry's eyes meet.
"Expelliarmus!" the Harry shouts.
And that's when I know we've got the real Potter. Only he would be stupid enough to try not to harm a Death Eater trying to kill him.
"It's him!" I yell. "It's the real one!"
We all fall back, allowing the motorcycle to speed away. It's up to Lord Voldemort and a few select others now.
And I have no doubts about who will emerge the victor.

My left forearm burns and I glance around, confused. That was too quick. What's happened? I decide to go ahead and follow orders. My fellow Death Eaters and I all apparate, hoping to hear good news when we arrive at our destination.
We are outside of Malfoy Manor. All of us glance around uncertainly before resting our eyes on Lord Voldemort, who is at the front of the group.
He walks through the gate and we all follow, raising our arms in the salute that is required to pass through.
No one breaks the silence. I imagined that the downfall of the-boy-who-lived to be a celebration. But right now I feel like I'm attending a funeral.
It is my mother who finally pierces the silence. "My Lord?"
He shakes his head and we all look around. I know that everyone is calculating an escape route, because the Dark Lord is unpredictable when he is angry, and people will be blamed for this. Maybe even me.
When the Dark Lord speaks it is in a cool, controlled tone, "I have need of you Bellatrix."
My mother nods and follows him into the mansion. I watch as the dark doorway seems to swallow them, and then they are gone.
Everyone starts talking at once, boasting about how they did in the battle, discussing who will be punished for yet another mistake concerning Potter.
I feel someone squeezing my hand and glance over to my right, where Malfoy is standing. "You did a good job Thysia," he tells me, his eyes bright from excitement. "I hope we catch Potter soon, I just want to get this over with."
"I didn't do well!" I yell. "He got away, didn't he?"
"But it wasn't your fault," Makfoy says slowly. He squeezes my hand again.
Normally I would push him away, hex him or make a rude remark about him. But today, completely occupied with my failures, I allow Malfoy to continue holding my hand.

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