Fire & Ice (A Death Eater/Bloodtraitor LOVE Story)

Warning: This one might have some spoilers from the seventh book. I'll probably change some things but if you haven't read it yet and don't want to find out stuff, BEWARE!

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Chapter 3

~Two Wizards~

"Lestrange! Malfoy!" Avery calls out.
"Yes?" I say, walking up. Draco follows close behind.
"Mad-Eye Moody was killed," Avery informs us.
I nod, not sure why he's talking about this with us. It was a good thing of course, but how does it concern me or Malfoy?
"Retrieve the body," he orders us.
"What do we need with a body?" Malfoy grumbles.
I don't answer and walk quickly away from him. Why are we always grouped together? Apart from age and blood status what do we share? Our betrothal? Is that why?
My father and a few others accompany us. The group apparates to the general area where the great auror fell. We search everywhere, up and down streets, on top of houses and in alleyways.
I'm about to move on to a different part of the area we've apparated to when I hear voices. I duck behind a dumpster and wait for whatever muggles are passing to leave.
"Terrible loss," one mutters to the other. This voice is familiar and I crane my neck around the trashcan to see.
There are two men glancing around the abandoned streets I've just searched. I recognize the one that spoke as Remus Lupin, my old Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. A filthy werewolf that should have been exterminated long ago. Why would the Order risk having some animal like that with them?
I don't recognize the other man until he walks under a street light and I see his mangy red hair and fang earring. A Weasley. Of course.
Knowing they probably have useful information I hope they come closer. And finally they do, unaware that I'm so close, lurking in the shadows.
"....can't allow him the chance to," Lupin was saying.
I pull my wand out and position it right. Two words and Remus Lupin the mutt would cease to exist. But that was unnecessary. Especially since then the Weasley would go back to the Order and they'd move Potter, make it even harder to reach him. So I restrain myself.
"But there's no doubt he'll leave at first chance," the Weasley says. "Mum'll try to keep him locked up." I see their eyes probe the dark alley where I'm crouching and I pull myself further back.
"Any sign of Mad-Eye?" Lupin whispers. The street light casts their long shadows towards me as they move closer to it. Weasley shakes his head and says something I can't hear.
So they're keeping Potter with that blood traitor family of filthy redheads are they? Just like I thought they would.
As soon as the two wizards are out of sight I hurry away and dissapparate. The Dark Lord will want to know.

Once everyone is back at the manor I head straight to the meeting room. I haven't told anyone what I overheard, they'd just tell Lord Voldemort and get the glory themselves.
My Lord is sitting in his usual spot, talking to Avery. I wait respectfully before he waves me over, a bored expression masking his face.
"My Lord," I say, bowing, "he is at the Weasley's" I tell him everything I heard and try to supress a grin. I've given the Dark Lord exactly what he wants.
His mouth curls into a smile once I'm done talking. "Fetch Snape," he commands. "We have a lot of work to do."

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