I'll Love You Forever and A Day

I'll Love You Forever and A Day

woot woot Twilight story

Chapter 1

Rain Rain Go Away

i sat at the airport waiting to be picked up, but it seemed like he had forgotten. again. i sighed and called my cousin.
"Jacob, Austin forgot." i said. i could hear him sigh. he was frustrated.
"i'll be there as soon as i can" he said.
"thanks Jake" i hung up. Austin was my long-distance boyfriend who was supposed to drive me to La Push. every summer i came to Washington to visit him and my cousin.This summer i was staying permanently, my aunt had kicked me out of her house due to my inability to cooperate with her wishes. i was the misfit in the family, i didn't have black hair and brown eyes, i definitely wasn't tall and i wasn't as tan as everybody else. i took after my mother's side, fair hair, blue-green eyes, short, basically European. i heard a horn honk and i saw Jake waiting in the Rabbit. i grabbed my bags and put them in the trunk and then hopped into the front seat.
"heyy cousin of mine" i smiled. he gave me his warm smile.
"you really need to break up with that good for nothing" he said.
"yeah, i think i might. i mean we've lost all our spark and he forgot me. drop me off at his house, i can run home" i told him. he nodded with a aggravated look on his face. it had actually been a few years since i had been to the reservation, for the past 2 years i had stayed with austin and the two years before that i hadn't even gone to Washington. i hadn't seen the guys since i was 13, which means they've changed a lot. i was a year younger than jake, him being 18 and me being 17. Seth and Leah were my age and i got along best with Paul, even though he was a total hot-head. i was the little sister none of them had.
we pulled into austins driveway and i hopped out.
"be careful BJ" Jake called before i closed my door. i waved at him and then knocked on the door. Austin answered the door in his boxers.
"Heyy austin" i smiled.
"oh god, i totally forgot, i'm so sorry." He apologized. i rolled my eyes.
"it's fine. i just wanted to say i don't think it's gunna work between me and you. especially when there's another girl." i said casually. he gulped and looked behind him nervously.
"how'd you know?" he asked.
"you reek of cheap perfume. but it's okay, maybe we can still be friends. but i have to go, it's about to rain. later Austin" i said. i walked off before he could say anything. i had gotten about a block before it started pouring down rain. i looked up at the sky angrily.
"REALLY?" i yelled. i started running along the side of the road. a car was following me and i felt extremely awkward just running in the pouring rain. it honked at me and i turned around. a silver volvo sat in the road and the two guys sat in the car staring at me. the passenger window rolled down.
"do you want a ride?" the guy i asked. oh lord. i thought.
"uhm, no thanks. i'm doing just fine." i said politely. i was not about to get picked up by two boys.
"Emmett, i can't believe you're making me do this" the driver said.
"c'mon, where could you possibly be going in the pouring rain?" he asked.
"how about a place with a roof" i said sarcastically. he smiled a bright grin and a booming laugh escaped his lips. all of a sudden i wanted to trust hm.
"if it makes you feel any better i'm Emmett Cullen and this is my brother Edward, now we aren't strangers" he said, extending his hand. i shook it firmly.
"fine, i'll get in" i smiled. i opened up the back seat and sat down on the leather interior.
"i'm sorry that i've completely soaked your backseat" i apologized.
"it's okay, where you headed?" Edward asked.
"La Push reservation" i said.
"why there?" Emmett asked turning around. he handed me his jacket as edward turned on the heat. i realized i was shaking like a leaf. i slid the jacket on and cuddled closer to the vent.
"Jacob Black is my cousin, i'm moving in with him. do you know him" i asked
"yeah, we're familiar with most of the la push kids" Edward replied.
"what were you doing in the rain?" Emmett asked.
"oh i was walking home. i just broke up with my boyfriend" i replied. his grin grew a little bigger until edward elbowed him hard in the ribs. he whispered something i didn't quite catch.
"i'm sorry to hear that. but here, we are at the edge of the reservation" Edward said.
"thank you guys so much. i'll see you around" i waved. i jumped out of the car and ran to Jacob's house. i collapsed through the door and saw Billy watching tv.
"hello Brina" he smiled warmly. "where have you been" he asked.
"oh, i got a ride home from Emmett and Edward. i was at austins. where's jake?" i asked looking around.
"he's at Sam's, you should go over there" he said, his smile wavering. i nodded and walked back outside. i ran to Sam and Emily's house and knocked on the door. Emily answered it with a smile.
"c'mon on in Brina, you're just in time for dinner" she said warmly. i smiled and she took the giant jacket i was wearing and hung it up. my light blue Stereo Skyline tank top clung to my body and my hair was dripping. i immediately started shaking as i started walking to the dining room.
"uhm, whos that?" Quil asked nudging Jake. i laughed and looked at jake. he turned and saw me.
"Oh my god, Brina cover up!" he laughed. he wrapped me into a warm hug and i embraced him back. i had never noticed how warm his skin was before. i let go of him and he handed me his jacket.
"wait... that's little flap jack Brina?" Paul asked. i blushed at the reference to my previous flatness.
"oh goodness yoou've grown up haven't ya" Seth laughed.
"how'd you get here?" Jake asked.
"i got a ride with Emmett Cullen and his brother Edward" i replied. the entire room went silent and all the smiles faded.

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