I'll Love You Forever and A Day

I'll Love You Forever and A Day

woot woot Twilight story

Chapter 2

it's my life

I looked at all of them questioningly.
"we don't get along with the cullens." Sam said. I nodded.
"why not the two I meet seem like great people" I said, defending the two boys.
"she doesn't know?" Paul hissed. Everybody shushed him.
"know what" I asked said with a laugh.
"Sam should we tell her, she's family" Jake asked sam.
"yeah you can" he said looking at Paul.
"we're werewolves" Seth said. i took a step backwards.
"you mean like giant wolf things that eat people and not remember it the next morning?" i asked. Jake took a step towards me with his hands out.
"no, more like we turn into giant wolves and protect people from vampires" Jake said.
"it's been a part of all our families for centuries, let Sam tell you the story." quil said. i turned to sam and he took a deep breath. he told the stories of our ancestors and the wolf spirit and how the women sacrificed herself to the cold one to protect her people.
"wait, so vampires?" i asked, really overwhelmed by everything.
"the cullens are vampires. they aren't aloud on our land and we aren't aloud on their land. they aren't aloud to feast on humans or change anyone" Paul said.
"so thats why they stopped at the edge of the reservation and why they didn't eat me" i mused.
"yeah exactly. so now you know" Embry said.
"wait just a minute.... you said it runs in the family does that mean i'm gunna be like you guys and change into a giant fur ball" i asked, i really hoped not.
"no, most likely not. Leah is the only female werewolf that we know of. and for future reference, don't call us fur balls" Seth said
"so if you don't change on full moons when do you change" i asked.
"when ever we want or when we get really really mad. so we shake, that's our warning" Paul said.
"oh so is that why ya'll were kinda shaking when i said i got a ride" i asked. he nodded. i looked out the window. darn, there goes that plan to get to know the cullen boy, Emmett better.
"why does it smell like vampire in the house." Sam asked sniffing the air. i looked away sheepishly, Emmett's jacket was in the front hall.
"Brina...?" Jake questioned.
"so i was really really cod when i got in edward's car so emmett handed me his jacket and i forgot to give it back." i answered. i looked out the window and saw the sun poking out.
"Jake call Edward so they can get the jacket back" Sam said. Jake nodded and walked into the kitchen.
"Brina, go home and change into something dry, none of us want you getting sick" Emily said.
"okay, will do" i went home with Emmett's jacket, to ensure they wouldn't leave me behind. when i got home i put on zebra skinny jeans and my cookie monster sweatshirt. i slid on a pair of vans and made sure my necklace was still on. i touched up my make up and then walked to the living room
Jake and Paul were waiting for me.
"i'm going to" i said firmly.
"no you're not. jake tell her she isnt going" Paul said
"it isn't safe" Jake said.
"if i didnt get eaten in a closed car with them i'm not going to get eaten when i have you and jake protecting me" i spit
"fine short stuff, let's go" Paul growled. i walked out the door and was picked up.
"put me down put me down put me down" i yelled. we'll get there faster if we run. hold on tight" Jake ordered. he placed me on a grey wolves back and my eyes grew wide. i gripped the fur tightly and saw jake transform into a giant russet wolf. my jaw dropped and i felt a lurch as we started running. i closed my eyes and buried my head into the warm fur. we came to a stop about 5 minutes later and i could see the rest of the guys plus leah standing there waiting. i jumped off pal's back and landed on shakey legs.
"it's a thrill, isn't it" Jared laughed. i nodded and a couple seconds later Paul and Jake emerged from behind some trees with shorts on. i looked at a group of really pale people emerging from the woods. i recognized two of the boys as Emmett and Edward.
Emmett gave me a broad smile and i smiled back and waved slightly. Paul growled and pulled my hand down. Emmett smirked and walked forward a little bit. i pulled away from Paul and half skipped over to Emmett. everyone tensed up as a passed tree. i looked back and saw the pack leaning towards me anxiously.
"you passed the border that's why they're on edge, the think i'm going to eat you" Emmett chuckled. Paul growled a little louder and began shaking. i turned around and looked past emmett waving at edward who had a blonde on his arm. he smiled and waved a little.
"hi, i'm brina" i said, introducing myself to the rest of the cullens. a blonde man who was standing with a beautiful auburn haired women smiled.
"i'm carlise and this is my wife Esme" he smiled.
"very nice to meet you dear" she smiled genuinely.
"I'm alice! and this is my boyfriend Jasper" a short pixie-like girl exclaimed.
"i'm rosalie" the blonde next to edward said with an unexcited tone.
"nice to meet you all" i smiled.
"can we hurry this up" Paul barked. i turned and glared at him.
"oh be quiet Paul," i yelled. emmett chuckled.
"sounds like someone imprinted, so being friends with you just got that much harder" emmett laughed. i gave him a questioning look.
"it's okay i like a challenge" he said. Paul was growling a lot by now.
"you imprinted on my baby cousin" Jake yelled. his yelling startled me Emmett noticed.
"what's imprinting?" i asked him. he gave me a shocked looked.
"you don't know about them and us?" he asked.
"no i do, i guess they didn't tell me everything." i replied.
"maybe you should go now and talk that over with them. here's my number, just give me a call whenever" he smiled. i smiled back and gave him a tight hug. his cold arms wrapped around my waist and he picked me up gently and placed me about three steps back.
"i'll talk to you later Brina" he smiled taking his jacket. in a flash the cullens were gone.
"so guys what's imprinting and why is jake mad about it" i asked.
"it's basically just love at first sight, undying love kind of thing" Jared said.
"ew... paul. no. unimprint right now. you can't love me" i squealed.
"it's a permanent thing" Paul muttered.
'but that's not okay with me. i dont even like you that way" i continued. he seemed hurt by this and he phased, no longer angry, just hurt. he ran off into the woods.
"just give it time flap jack" jared said ruffling my hair. i pushed his hand off my head and punched his arm. he pretended to be hurt but then wrapped his arms around me andpicked me up over his shoulder. i pounded on his back laughing.
"put me down" i laughed. he did as i was told and placed me on my butt."ow! Jareddddd" i whined.
"oh c'mon maybe 4 years ago that woulda hurt but you've got enough padding it shouldn't" he laughed. i pouted and looked around only jake, sam, and Seth remained.
"Jake seth, go home with brina. Jared we need to talk" sam ordered. i hopped on to seth's back and gave jared on last smile before taking off.
when i got home Jake sat me down on th couch.
"okay here's the deal, Jared only sees you as a little sister like most of the guys. so please give paul a chance, he's a good guy, just has some anger issues" Jake said.
"Jake, paul is like an older brother to me, always has been even when we were really young and i still lived here with my parents. there's no way i can like him. and who brought jared into this?" i asked.
"we can all tell you like him" jake said. i shook my head.
"whatever Jake. it's my life, i'll do what i want" i said walking to my room. i grabbed my cell and walked out to the beach. i walked down the beach, towards the cullen's land and stopped on a huge rock looking over the ocean. i called the number emmett gave me and hoped for a reply.
"Hey Brina," Emmett said. i smiled at the sound of his voice.
"heyy, i need to go shopping for a car and i was wondering if you'd take me" i said.
"yeah sure thing but it's getting late and i don't wanna worry jake so how about take you tomorrow?" he questioned.
"sounds good. how about 10 o clock" i said.
"sure thing i'll see you then"
"later Emmett" i said hanging up. his name tasted like chocolate on my tongue, weird but true. Jake was going to kill me if i fell for a vampire, the entire pack would kill me. but it's my life, what could they do?

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