I'll Love You Forever and A Day

I'll Love You Forever and A Day

woot woot Twilight story

Chapter 3

An unexpected date.

I woke up around 730 and looked in the mirror. I wasn't looking to great with the damp air of Washington getting to my hair. I took a shower and dried my hair and was shocked to see it had dried wavy. I Straightened the platinum blonde waves down to ensure my tougher look. The waves made me look to sweet and southern while the straightened hair made me look more edgy due to the many layers. In Philidelphia I had never had a problem with damp air so it never waved too much. I put on a lilac eye shadow and the normal mascara and bottem liner. I put on a pair of shorts and a long sleeved v neck. I but on a pair of boots and did a little turn in front of my mirror. I looked good with the black shirt and boots and then the white shorts. My last step was brushing my teeth and putting on a neutral lip color. Before I forgot I put on the necklace my mother had given me. I grabbed the envelope that my parents had left me for my first car. It had $40,000 in it, enough to pay off any pretty nice car. I looked at the clock and it read 859. I quietly walked out of my room and listened to the soft snores coming from Billys room and Jakes room. I snuck out of the house and then pulled out my phone from my purse.
"Emmett, how soon can you be at the border" I asked when I noticed he had picked up.
"Good morning to you to Brina. I hope you slept well." he joked.
"Emmett, seriously I just got out of the house and I'm walking towards the border now." I said.
"road? I can be there in 10minutes top" he said.
"okay I'll see you then. Bye" I said hanging up.
~Emmetts pov~
"bye" I said into the dead line. I got off the couch and walked to the garage casually.
"Emmett.. Where do you think your going" Edward asked from the top of the steps. Busted.
"going to go pick up Brina. I'm going car shopping with her and maybe I'll get her lunch." I answered. There was no use hiding anything from a mind reader.
"Jacob isn't gunna like that. And neither is Paul" Rosalie said coming out of Eds room in one of his shirts. I cringed thinking about how she used to wear my shirts and hold me. Edward glared at me knowing exactly what I was thinking.
"who cares, not like it's against the treaty or anything" I said.
"you're cremation" Rose shrugged. I chuckled a little at the joke along with Ed. I then continued to walk towards the garage.
"Emmett, be careful, don't eat this one" Edward called. I winced. Yes I realized the last couple of humans I'd encountered in our last city I'd ended up killing but I still had control issues, especially after Rose left me for my brother. Sure they were intended to be together but Ed didn't want her then and she wasn't too into him either. I got into my jeep and floored it towards the reservation. When I got there Brina was waiting patiently leaning against a tree. I smiled and pushed the passenger door open for her. She hopped in with a serious face and closed her door, or slammed it. My grin faded into a small, confused frown.
"you're late" she said emotionlessly.
"I'm sorry, I was having family issues. Edward and Rosalie teamed up against me and that took 5 minutes or so" I stuttered. She then started snickering and a beautiful smile spread across her face.
"Em, I'm kidding. I was only waiting for like 2 minutes" she smiled.
"Em.." I trailed. That's what Rose used to call me.
"oh you don't mind do you?" she asked. I smiled and started turning around.
"not at all." I said, that was the truth, the way Brina said it sounded like music.
"So tell me a little about yourself" she said.
"I was born in 1915 in Tennessee by the name Emmett Dale McCarty. Mauled by a bear and changed in 1935. I'm technically 20 but in reality I'm 96. My favorite food is grizzly and I love fighting." I said.
"wow you're old." she breathed. I laughed and she was a little startled by my booming laugh.
"your turn" I said.
"I was born July 17, 1993 in Michigan. My names Brina Gale Black. I've moved around a lot. I'm 17 my favorite food is mashed potatoes. I love music. My parents died when I was 6 and so I moved in with my aunt and have been coming to la push pretty much every summer since" She said.
"sorry about your parents" I said. She smiled.
"it's okay. It was so long ago I honestly don't remeber much about them only that my dad was Billys brother and my mom was an orphan. I get my looks from my mothers side" She said.
"good thing too, I'm sure you'd be pretty looking like a mutt but it'd go against my instincts to approach you if you did" I laughed.
"and it doesn't when I'm related to Jake and all of them think of me as a little sister?" she questioned.
"surprisingly that bothers me less" I chuckled. I pulled into the car dealership.
~Brinas pov~
we pulled into the car dealership and I had to admit I was liking Emmett more with every word he spoke.
"so what are you looking for?" he asked.
"something fast that rides well" I said. He snickered a bit but I didn't realize why.
"convertible? Sports car?" he asked. I thought.
"both." I smiles. He took my hand and led me to a selection of nice looking convertibles. I pointed to a Pontiac solstice.
"good choice my dear. That beaut rides fantastic and can reach speeds up to 150 mph" a salesman said swooping in out of nowhere.
"just what I like to hear. How much" I asked.
"37,987 with tax" he said. "unless you need to split payments"
" nah I can pay that. How about a test ride" I asked hopefully.
"sure thing doll. Whose this nice man with you?" the man asked. He looked to be in his twenties, not much older than Emmett.
"I'm her friend." Emmett answered for himself.
"you wanna come along" I asked.
"yeah I think that'd be best" he said. The salesman looked a little disheartened. I giggled quietly and followed him to the back where a crimson solstice waited.
After about 30 minutes of driving around we came back and for another 30 minutes I signed forms and paid him.
"so you can either walk off with it now or we can have it taken to your house before the end of the day." the salesman said.
"that'd be a lot easier. My adress is on one of the forms" I smiled.
"sure thing doll hope you enjoy the car" he smiled.
"thanks I'm sure I will. Thanks for the help" I waved and then followed Emmett to his jeep.
"you hungry?" he asked as we buckled.
"not really" I lied. Sure enough my stomach gave me away, you didn't need vampire hearing to hear it growling.
"well if you don't want to eat with me I'm sure that sales guy would love to take you out. I can turn around if you want." he said sincerely. I laughed and touched his arm.
"no that won't be necessary. I'd love to eat with you" I laughed. He smiled and pulled into a small Italian place. We were greeted by a waitress who was obviously very interested in Emmett. I guess it was my turn to endure it since he endure the sales guy. We got our seats in a two seaater booth by the window.
"hi, I'm Lindsey. what can I get you" she asked directing The question at Emmett.
"I'm not having anything but I'm sure my date would enjoy something" he said, emphasizing "date". Lindsey entire face fell and she turned her attention to me reluctantly.
"what can I get you?" she asked.
"I'll have a coke and the stuffed shells with marinara" I said closing the menu.
"of course. I'll be back with your drink. Are you sure you dont want anything" lindsey asked Emmett. I nearly bursted out laughing at the inuendo.
"actually there is something, I'd like for you to leave me and my date now" he said pleasantly. She turned and stormed off very embarassed. I laughed and hit emmetts arm lightly.
"what?" he chuckled. I dint answer him because my phone was ringing.
"hello?" I answered.
"Brina, where the hell are you?" Jake half yelled.
"I'm at lunch. I got my car and it should be delivered home soon." I answered.
"who with, and don't lie because I know it's no one from the pack." he said. Emmett gestured for the phone and I hesitantly handed it to him.
"hey Jacob, don't worry. Brina is safe with me. She'll be home shortly after she eats so no worries." Emmett said calmly.
"listen leech if even one hair on her head is missing I will kill you myself. If you touch her in any way" Jake snarled loudly.
"already have, but now I know not to. Guess this date is pretty much mute now" Emmett said. He was serious about this date thing.
"WHAT?! Wait till I get a hold of you you damn leech" Jake yelled.
"of course Jacob. Well her food is here. Bye bye" Emmett said hanging up. He handed the phone back to me with a broad smile.
"so a date huh. I like the sound of that. But it's gunna be difficult considering our families" I said after Lindsey delivered my food and drink.
"that's considering I want a second date" he said slyly.
"I think it's more a matter if I say yes to the second date" I said. I took a bite of the stuffed shell.
"well how about movies Saturday night. Jake can come to supervise, i don't like the idea but I'm sure he will" he offered. I swallowed my second bite and took a sip of coke.
"fine, but only because I like being with you" I said. I then froze. Did I really say that outloud?
"you're really cute when you blush." he chuckled. I ate the rest of my food in silence. After he paid and we got in the car he looked at me concerned
"sorry for embarassing you. I don't like it when your not talking it makes me feel like I've done something wrong, and besides your voice makes things easier for me" he said.
"what do you mean?" I asked.
"your blood smells really good to me but the more you talk and the more I get to know you I don't want to hurt you. It makes you more special and unique, not like that waitress. He would do anything to get with me and that's the kind of girl I find it harder to control my urge around but with you and your voice it makes you more human and amazing and I don't want to take away your life" he said. His answer scared me but at the same time in a vampire way was totally sweet.
"that's really great Emmett. Let's not tell Jake that one" I winked. He laughed and nodded in agreement.
"well here we are and there they are waiting" Emmett mumbled a few minutes later.
"still not gunna touch me?" I asked. We both walked to the front of the jeep and Paul, Sam, Jacob, and Jared all glared at Emmett. Jacobs hand was outstretched and he was ready to grab me.
"I think it's best I don't. I'll call you though" he smiled, ignoring the glares.
"Brina come on" Jake said anxiously. I smiled and took a step closer to Emmett and motioned for him to bend down a little. He leaned forward and I got in my tip toes and kissed his cheek.
"bye Emmett" I smiled and walked to Jake.
"bye brina. Nice seeing the rest of you" he beamed. Paul was shaking like mad and Jake had a firm grip on my arm. Jared was shaking his head and Sam glared at me. I winced in pain as Jake pulled me towards the woods.
"and you were worried he'd hurt me? Lighten up Jake" I said hitting his arm. He let go and put a hand on my back and lead me to a circle of the rest of the pack.
"Brina you can't date that leech" Paul yelled first.
"I think your biased since you imprinted and all" I said crossing my arms.
"Brina he could snap any minute and kill you" Jake yelled.
"So could anyone of you!" i yelled back.
"but that's less likely" Jared said.
"looking at Emily I'm going to have to disagree" I jabbed. Sam growled. "Emmett doesn't growl at me."
"he hasn't gotten the chance yet. And you could be lying" Quil pointed out.
"you guys aren't my parents so you can't tell me who I can't date. I really like him." I said sternly.
"we are just looking out for what is best for you" Sam said.
"you're not my parents! And your not me there fore you don't know what's best for me." I yelled. They were silent.
"Brina you barely know the guy" Embry said.
"that's why it's nothing serious yet. Saturday we are going to the movies and Emmett suggested that Jake comes along to supervise, I don't like it but if it means you'll be less angry that I see him and if it proves he's not that bad I'm game" I said.
"fine. There you go. Jake can you agree with that?" Sam asked.
"yeah fine." Jake said. I hugged him tightly.
"thank you thank you thank you!" I squealed. He managed a tiny smile and then picked me up.
"let's go home and see that car" he said. As we walked off I heard an ear splitting howl come from a grey wolf. Paul. I couldn't help but pity him, I was breaking his heart with every mention of Emmett. He was going to deal I wasn't gunna ever fall for him.

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