I'll Love You Forever and A Day

I'll Love You Forever and A Day

woot woot Twilight story

Chapter 9

the birthday begins

I felt something slowly lower itself onto my bed. I rolled over and bumped something cold. I opened my eyes and there was just enough moonlight to see a bright white smile.
"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Brina, happy birthday to you" Emmett sang quietly. 
"What time is it" I grumbled.
"12 in the morning" He smiled. "I told you I'd come early." He winked. I stuck out my tongue and cuddled into his chest. 
"you better pray none of the wolves have the same idea you did" I mumbled. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back softly. 

"AHHHHH WHAT THE HELL" someone yelled, waking me from my sleep. I shot up and looked around. Emmett was leaning back in the rollie chair that went along with my small desk.
"You're the one who said he could come over early" I said. 
"I didn't think he'd sneak in through your window THIS early, it's 9 am!" Jake exclaimed. I rubbed my eyes and smiled.
"Oh well, keep him entertained while I shower. It'll be about an hour till I'm ready to start the day." I walked into my bathroom and closed the door. I then turned around and opened the door again."and boys, play nice!" Emmett chuckled and Jake scowled like I had ruined his brilliant plan. I closed the door again and turned on the water. A nice hot shower to prepare me for what should be a kickass birthday. 

I stepped out of the bathroom after finishing my makeup and hair. Emmett wasn't in my room and I couldn't hear anybody in the house. This worried me. I walked into the living room and confirmed the house was abandoned. I walked outside and didn't see a single person anywhere. "maybe they're at Emilys" I thought, listening to my stomach growl. She was sure to have breakfast for everyone. I started walking towards her house when I heard snickering from the woods. The laugh reminded me of Seth so I figured that's who it was. The entire pack then emerged, Emmett was no where in sight. 
"where's my boyfriend" I demanded. 
"he's... Occupied" Sam said. I looked at him  skeptically and then continued walking towards Emily. Jared stepped infront of me, blocking my path. My stomach grumbled loudly and I muttered profanities under my breath. 
"wow cuz, watch your language" Jake laughed. I stick up my middle finger and tried pushing past Jared. I failed, miserably. The wolves sniffed the air and then exchanged glances. 
"I guess it's alright to go eat now" Sam said. I gave him a weird look and followed Jared as he started walking. The pack ran ahead of me, they could obviously smell the food. Jared swiftly picked me up and ran to the house. I smelt the food as soon as we were outside the house. Jared set me down and opened the door food me. The pack was laughing loudly. I looked in the kitchen and saw Emmett in an apron with flour on his cheek and shirt. I suppressed my giggle and walked over to him. He rolled his eyes. 
"go ahead and laugh" he said, welcoming into his arms. 
"I think it looks good. A man who can cook is a turn on" I smiled. 
"Paul can cook" Jake said. I rolled my eyes this time and looked at them.
"if I'm not mistaken I did say 'man', not boy" I emphasized. Paul scoffed and looked away, shielding the pain he hid in his eyes. Emmett held onto my waist a little tighter as Sam and Jake glared at me. He was ready to defend me from anything. 
"so let's eat" Emily said breaking the tension. We all agreed and Emmett set the apron on the counter before sitting next to me. 
"it looks delicious" I said kissing Emmetts cheek. 
"it really does" Sam said, copying me and kissing Emily. 
"so Emmett what time did you really get here last night" Jake asked. I looked up from my plate to see Emmett with a slight smirk on his face. 
"the second the clock turned twelve" he said. Every one except me stopped eating and looked at us. I only ate faster. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Paul had bent his fork in half. I coughed as I swallowed an incompletely chewed bite of food. Emmett turned to me with lightening speed. 
"12 in the morning... You were in her bedroom at 12 in the morning" Jared managed to break the silence. 
"yeah. No big deal, it's not like we were hav-" I slapped my hand over his mouth. He glanced down at me. 
"please don't joke like that with them" I said. He shrugged and kissed my hand. 
"alright. I didn't realize they were that sensitive." he said. I exhaled and shook my head. He took my hand in his and Held it under the table, leaving me to eat with my right hand. the wolves remained silent and Paul was shaking. I squeezed Emmetts hand and slightly turned my head to Paul. Emmetts body shook with a silent laugh. 
"the food is pretty good leech" Quil said. Emmetts entire body went rigid. 
"you sound surprised mutt" he hissed. 
"What Quil means is he didn't think you'd be a good cook considering you're a parasite and feed of the living and what not" Embry said. Emmett clenched the edge of the table as if he was going to flip it. 
"can you guys knock it off. Can't you see you're upsetting Brina? Don't ruin her birthday" Jared said. I hadn't realized how hard I was gripping my fork. My knuckles were as white as Emmett. I released the grip on my fork and got up from the table, my hair shielding my face. I walked away, pulling my hand out of Emmetts as I trudged to the door. It was completely silent as I walked to the door. It opened and closed and then I heard the harsh words being exchanged inside. I then began to run toward my house. I slammed the door to my room and noticed Emmett was already waiting. 
"did I say something to upset you? If I did I'm really sorry" he apologized. His eyes were full of regret and his face was painted with worry. 
"it wasn't you Em. It's just the guys aren't even trying to get along with you. That's the only thing I really asked for and they can't even do it." I said. He opened his arms and I walked into the inviting gesture. He hugged me tightly, almost instantly cheering me up. Just being close to him made me happier. 
"now let's go sit on the beach or something." he said. I laughed. He knew nothing about the beach life. 
"we can go for a walk" I said as I began slipping of my shoes and socks as well as rolling up the bottom of my jeans. . He mimicked my actions and we walked out of the house hand in hand, ignoring Billys scrutinizing looks. 
"ahh this feels..." Emmett was at a loss of words. 
"amazing? Yeah it is great." I smiled. It wasn't sunny outside but it was definitely not going to rain. It wasn't too warm but the ocean water remained lukewarm as it crashed over the sand, dampening our feet. 
"so where have you lived?" I asked, curious about his past. 
"Italy, Alaska, Chicago, Russia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine, and France" he said. 
"Parle-tu français?" I asked him if he spoke French. 
"un peu de français" not much he answered. "mon petite amie est tres jolie!" (my girlfriend is very pretty)
"how cute. What languages do you speak fluently?" I asked. 
"Italian and Russian. I was never a language guy. Never a learner either. I'm the sports kid, always occupying my time with hunting or fighting. Manly stuff, ya know?" he asked rhetorically. I nodded. 
"sounds like me" I smiled. He and I had a lot in common, something I was fond of. We had our differences though, which I was also glad of. 
"what sports have you played" I asked. 
"all of them" he smiled. Of course. 
"even cheerleading" I asked, a test of his true sportyness. 
"hell no. That's not even a sport. Anything that is scored or judged like that isn't a sport." he said. 
"so figure skating, gymnastics, dancing, diving?" I asked. He shook his head. 
"they're athletic but I, personally, would not consider them a sport" he answered simply, trying not to offend me. 
"Finally!! Someone who understands" I exclaimed. 
"want to go cliff diving? I heard that is a big thing down here" he said gazing up at the cliff we were approaching. There was a long pause before I said anything. 
"sure the current is pretty strong at the bottom though. I barely made it last time" I thought back to when the pack didn't even bother to help me. 
"what do you mean" he asked as he scooped me onto his back. 
"they let me fight my way out instead of helping me." I said. Emmetts grip tightened on my legs. 
"we would have helped you if you didn't come up" Jared said walking up to us. 
"wasn't your judgement to make mutt" Emmett growled as he walked up the cliff. I squeezed his neck and Emmett exhaled deeply. His muscles relaxed slightly. "we'll jump together so I know you're safe" He said calmly. 
"sounds good to me. What do you want Jared" I asked. 
"I'm supervising. And I'm the only one not being a complete douchebag right now. Seth will meet us down at the beach." what he said was true. Surprisingly Jared was being the only one cool. 
"Emmett you're gunna ruin your clothes" I commented looking at his designer clothes. He shrugged. 
"easily replaceable. And these are old anyway" he said. We finally reached the top an Emmett grinned as he looked over the edge. Jared jumped first, without warning. Emmetts grin grew wider as he watched Jared plummet to the ocean water beneath us. He let me slide off of his back but then held out his hand immediately. I took it and he kissed my forehead. 
"I won't let anything happen to you, promise." he whispered. I nodded, he was making more nervous. We ran together and jumped off at my full speed. His grip around my hand was tight but somehow was broken at the impact of the water. As I was torn away from Emmett and could feel the current slamming against my body. I was stuck underwater and needed to breath. I opened my eyes slightly and could see honey colored orbs swimming towards me. I reached towards Emmetts shadowy figure and was pulled tightly to his stone body. He swam to the surface and was unmoved by the waves crashing down on us. His only concern was keeping me next to him and to steady my erratic breathing. I was still gasping for air despite being above water for at least a minute. He rolled onto his back and held me on top of him tightly with both arms. As he kicked us to surface I could feel my lungs loosen up. 
"you okay" he asked. 
"I forgot to breath before hitting the water. Just coughed the wind knocked out of me" I said. He kissed my forehead again. 
"to think, if I were a mutt you'd still be fighting against the current for oxygen" he mused aloud. I snickered and I suddenly felt my feet on the mushy sand. My legs trembled so Emmett kept his arms around my waist. Jared and Seth were talking in hushed tones about whatever and it seemed to get Emmett agitated. He walked over to them. 
"I'll be back. I'm going to go change and grab your present. And before you say anything, of course I had to get you something." he looked at me, predicting what I was about to say.  I gave him a half smile as I watched him run off. 
"ew" Jared scoffed. 
"I know right" Seth laughed. 
"what?" I asked looking at them. 
"nothing" Jared said with finality
"what he means is you've got that sick puppy love look on your face" Seth clarified as Jared walked ahead of us. I laughed happily. "I think it's nice you've got someone, leech or werewolf."
"what if it was a human?" I asked. 
"that's when I would have an issue. You can't live in our world and date someone... normal" he sneered. I punched his arm lightly and walked into my house. I waved at Billy and carefully made my way to my room. I got out of my wet sandy clothes and threw them into my bathtub to prevent the sand from getting everywhere.

 I changed into my zebra bikini and threw on some shorts. 
Emmett knocked on my window and then jumped in as I was reaching for a purple cut off with "omg" written on it in zebra print. Emmett was wearing all black including black swim trunks and a tight black long sleeve shirt. His muscles were accented by the tight fabric just as my flat, pierced stomach was shown by my cut off. He smiled and closed the distance between us with two long strides. His arm snaked around my waist and pulled me to his rock hard body. Right as our lips touched there was a knock on my door. 
"lunch is ready at Emilys" Jacob called through the door. 
"thanks Jakey" I called back, eager to get my lips back to Emmetts. Once I heard his footsteps begin to retreat I turned my attention back to Emmett. 
"you better be there in two minutes" Jacob said from the window, causing me to jump. Emmett chuckled and began to left me up, but I wrapped my legs around his waist to prevent him from pulling me to his back. 
"two minutes is nothing in vampire speed. We have a little time" I whispered, leaning down to his lips. He kissed me, but not as passionately as I would have liked. I would have to take it though, considering I wouldn't get much alone time with him later. He pulled away all too soon and swiftly switched me to his back.
"you're no fun" I pouted. He chuckled again.  
"I've got 30 seconds to get to Emilys because of your urge" he said jokingly. 
"it's your fault for coming in my window looking that good" I said. I was only able to talk because he jogging at a light pace. 
"blame genetics and being a vampire. " he shrugged. I laughed and he set me down on Emilys porch. The door opened as Emmett took my hand. A wave of aroma hit me and sent my senses on an adventure. There was sweet and salty smells. 
"Emily thought since you're having like grilled food you should get a lavish meal for your lunch" Sam said. I ran into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around Emilys waist tightly. 
"everything smells amazing Emily. I already love it. You're the best in the entire world" I raved. She smiled and kissed the top of my hard. 
"you should thank your cousin too. He told me what you liked" I looked at Jacob and gave him a small smile. He grinned. 
"steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, caramelized pecans" he listed some of the delicious smells. "you know my appetite so well" I joked. 
Once again Emmett sat next to me during the tense meal. This time there was more conversation amongst the pack but Emmett was left out. 
"you've got to be kidding me! Packers have so got the super bowl this year" Embry said to Quil. 
"Patriots all the way" Quil countered. Emmett and I exchanged a glance, remaining silent. 
"you're both wrong, Ravens got it clenched" Paul said. I choked on a bite of steak as Emmett swallowed his laugh. Everyone turned to us and I could see Jake and Jared smiling. They knew if I got started on football it would all be over. 
"hold up guys don't you think the Seahawks have a chance?" Seth asked, pulling for our home team. 
"before anybody else says another lame team let me just say it will be Steelers all the way. Face the facts, Their wide receivers are on fire and their defense is number one. They can't be beat" I interjected.
"big Ben is lucky to still be in the league! He's broken in almost every way possible there is no way he can make it to the superbowl!" Paul said. 
"uhm last superbowl he played with a broken foot and his nose was broken during the game. He still managed to play pretty dam good." I argued. 
"the Packers just got lucky" Emmett said. I smiled and pushed my plate to the side, finally done eating. 
"wrong. That was skill." Embry said. 
"Embry just give up now" Jared said. 
"you know you won't win" Jake added. Embry knew it was true and scowled down at his food. I smiled at this easily won battle. I stretched out and looked at Emmett. 
"yeah I'm ready too" he said as if reading my mind. 
"ready for what?" Paul asked. 
"to go down to the beach. He's gunna set some stuff up" I said, pushing out my chair. We were walking to the door when I felt a warm hand as well as a cold hand grab my arms. 
"wait" they said in unison, sniffing the air. 

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