Poetry by Anthony Wilson (Thats me!)

Hey, recently i have discovered that many people have uploaded their poetry on here..so i would like to show some of mine i wrote over the last few years.. Enjoy. Note* some of there poems are depressing and some are uplifting. I will upload more soon

Chapter 1

Dark Times

Lost- by Anthony Wilson

I lost everything, but i am not the only one
The only thing that can save me, is the morning sun
I feel lost, when i know my way
Sometimes so lost i couldn't even say..
Which ways home, I don't know for sure
I haven't enough guidance, I need more
From dawn until dusk, I wander around
Looking for the way out of bound
I follow the light, I'm sure its the way
I can see the exit, as plain as day
I trudge on, until the very end
But somehow, I end up in the same place again..

Dark -Anthony Wilson

In the darkness i roam, for there i must stay
Til' the day I die, here i remain
The light will blind thee, from what lie at stake
Walk the path of darkness, I do partake

The door is open, the entrance in view
Follow the darkness, it will consume you
The exit is to your left, or maybe to the right
Try with all your might, the exit is out of sight

Try to escape your fate, run away you may
Night by night you crave, day by day you hate
My portrait is a shadow, and what do you see
Things aren't always what they seem to be.


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