When Things Change (Sequal)

When Things Change (Sequal)

It all started in "If I Could Turn Back Time" when Soleanna found out Sophie had broken the curse for Oliver. She was raging with jealousy and anger because now she was alone as a wolf. The curse would haunt her for all her days. Then, she realized something when she watched Oliver and Sophie. They were truly in love and Soleanna yearned for the same thing.

Written by: xXxluvhimxXx and Writer101

(BTW: Did you guys want us to write the oldest's story too?)

Chapter 1

Anywhere But Here

~ Wednesday ~

I glanced at myself in the mirror in disgust. The arrogance I'd held onto for so long was finally releasing. My beauty, that I'd once thought a gift, was my curse.

Arrogance , I thought suddenly, had been the real curse, not the wolf that consumed me.

I looked back at myself in the mirror. My eyes were shifting with my emotions as they always had. Thankfully they were no longer gray; the color of arrogance. Instead, they were black. Meaning, depression.

Yet again, this didn't help me.

Sophie and Oliver, my brother and his girl, were very much in love and someone like me was never going to find that.

I picked myself up from the floor and headed out the door.

The sun burned my eyes, but I didn't say anything. Guilt rushed thorugh me at what I'd tried to do to Sophie. I wondered if Oliver would ever forgive me. Hell, I wondered if Sophie would forgive me.

Magic flashed across my vision and I remembered what she'd said when she'd bestowed the curse.

"The curse will be broken when and only when things change..."

I ran my fingers through my brown hair as I headed for the bus station. I was going somewhere far, far away. No one was going to be able to find me. I held back my tears as I sat down on the cold metal bench.

I shoved my hands into my pockets just as the bus slid up to the stop. I handed the bus driver my ticket, doing my best not to meet anyone's eyes.

I sat down in the furthest seat from the front and placed my backpack in the seat beside me.

I closed my eyes and remembered both of my siblings: Oliver and Mikhail. I smiled to myself as I thought about Oliver. He had gotten the only normal name in the family because my father insisted he name the youngest. After all, my mother had gotten the chance to name Mikhail and I.

He never said so, but I was sure he didn't approve of our names.

"Excuse me?" a voice asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

I glanced up into the face of an elderly woman.

"Can I sit here, deary? Every other seat is taken."

I smiled, kindly and moved my bag.

I stared out the window for a total of two minutes, remembering everything I could. My parents were long gone now. They had never gotten a curse and they'd died before they could see me as the monster I am today.

Secretly, I believed my mother hated me. In all honesty, I wouldn't blame her. Long ago, I'd been a snot-nose, spoiled brat.

I sighed heavily and looked out across at the lights fading from the sky; the perfect oranges and pinks blending to form a magical hue.

The victorian homes stretched out among the town and most everyone I saw walked with a smile as if they were happy to be living.

I looked down at my hands.

"Where are you going, my dear?" the elderly woman asked.

I turned with a small smile that I wasn't sure reached my eyes.

"Anywhere but here."

The woman smiled.

"I'm Mary- Lynn. Nice to meet you."

She stuck out her hand and I shook it firmly, the way my mother had taught me to. I'd been doing my best to remember all she'd said, but some of her words just wouldn't come back.

It brought a sharp sting to enter my eyes.

"Soleanna, Nice to meet you too."

She smiled knowingly.

"Are you running away from problems, sweetheart?"

I didn't respond for a moment. Surprise locked my lips together.

"It's alright," she said; patting my arm, "You don't have to answer that."

With that she turned away just as the bus moved forward.

I wanted to say I had a good reason to run away from my problems. I wanted to say I couldnt' run away from my problems... They followed me like a ghost. NO, what I truly wanted to say was that I was sorry. Sorry for all I'd done to my family and sorry for all the pain I'd caused.

My beauty was my curse... I had never been in love before because no one though they were "worthy".

I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

If anything... I wasn't worthy.

I closed my eyes and leaned against the window. I was going to go somewhere far, far away. I would be alone.

I couldn't hurt anybody if I was alone.

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