Love and Magic: A Dangerous Combination

Just an idea me and my friend had.
(Fith year minus the crazines)
A very potter musical reference!

Chapter 3 is now what would have been chapter 4

Chapter 1

Alyssa Doesnt want to be an American Idiot

I sat down alone in the train. People thought I was emo or depressed all the time. When I hear them "whispering" behind my back it takes all of my will to resist the urge to laugh at them. Five months ago if someone called me depressed they were crazy. I just avoided people since my parent’s death. I was a pureblood and I had to live with my aunt in Brittan. There was this girl with blonde hair sitting across from me, suddenly she looked up. "I’m Artemis Fowl who are you?" She talked so suddenly that I fell out of the seat. "Um, I’m Alyssa Starr, and I’m a transfer student from America."
"Interesting, I’m a transfer student from Ireland. Do you know who Harry Potter is?"
"Let me see Harry Potter, what was it about him in that newspaper? Oh, I know! He is a wizard singer and released a new song The Boy who lived!"
"No Aly."
"It’s Alyssa."
"Whatever you say Aly. Harry Potter survived a killing curse when he was two. He defeated You-Know-Who when he was a baby."
"Who is You-Know-Who?"
"You seriously don’t know him? He was the most evil, powerful, dark wizard of all time. They called him," She looked around then whispered "Voldemort."
"DON’T SAY HIS NAME OUT LOUD! You really don’t know a lot of things do you?"
"Hey, I’m just not up to date with European wizard news. I haven’t even seen a British muggle paper until yesterday!"
"Well, if you are transferred then you will have to know about sorting. There are four houses. Gryffindor is the house where the bravest and kindest go. Ravenclaw is the house for the cleverest, and Hufflepuff is the house for the people who are different from the rest of the houses."
"But you said there were four houses."
"My God you’re such an idiot." I looked towards the new voice. A guy with longish light blond hair was standing in the doorway. There were two other guys behind him. "I’m mean you haven’t heard of Hogwarts or You-Know-Who. You must be a stupid Muggleborn. I smirked at him. "Actually I am a pureblood, but I don’t think that is very important. And no I don’t know about Hogwarts or this You-Know-Who Voldemort person, but that is simply because I don’t bother to read European newspapers seeing as I attended an American school all of my life. I only came here because my last living relative is my British aunt so if you’ll excuse me for not studying your culture when my parents died five months ago," I said with a perfect British accent. "If it’s that important for me to learn this I would be happy to learn everything from you, following you doing whatever you asked me to do." Blondie started to smirk "Yes I will start doing that as soon as I go tell the talking lion headmaster of Pigfarts, the other wizard school on Mars that I shall not be attending next year." Blondie started to look angry "Are you mocking Draco Malfoy?"
"I don’t know, do you know him." That was the last straw for him. He angrily shouted "Crabbe! Goyle! Let’s get away from this idiot." Then he left. Artemis stared at me, and then laughed. "Who knew that the American idiot Aly Starr would be able to embarrass the stuck up Draco Malfoy in less than five minutes! You have a talent." I smiled "Yes, I take pride in my sarcasm and ability to annoy people." We laughed until we had to change into our robes. Then when the train stopped we went with a huge man who was yelling “First Years,” even though I think we would be fifth years. We got in some boats going towards the castle. They were extremely slow. If we kept going at this pace, I wouldn’t start school until April.

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