Love and Magic: A Dangerous Combination

Just an idea me and my friend had.
(Fith year minus the crazines)
A very potter musical reference!

Chapter 3 is now what would have been chapter 4

Chapter 2

Clones (sorry i havent updated this)

Artemis kept talking about Hogwarts and rules and I just tuned her out for a couple of minutes. We walked into what she called the "great hall", which I thought sounded cheesy. And this hat sang a song and this old man started telling everyone in the room that we were transfer students from Ireland and America, then an old lady started calling out people's names. When they called Artemis, the old woman put the hat on her head and it instantly shouted "Slytherin!" After a couple thousand names were called, the woman finally called me up.
She put the hat on my head and it started to talk. I didn't freak out like some other kids did. "Interesting, appears to be a Slytherin but has the heart of a GRYFFINDOR!"When he shouted the last part I slowly took off the hat. I ran over to the table of cheering kids. "I really liked that hat," I said to myself.
I looked to my right randomly. There was a kid with shaggy hair and glasses next to me. He looked familiar. "Hey aren't Harry Potter, the British pop star?" He smiled at me. "No, I can't sing. But yes, I am Harry Potter."
"Wait a minute! Harry Potter the Boy who. . . now what did Artemis say again? Oh yeah! Didn’t you defeat that Moldy Wart guy?"
He started to laugh. A red head kid came over while Harry started to roll on the floor laughing. "Harry, what's so bloody funny?"
"Ron, she called him MOLDY WART! AHAHAHAHHA!" Ron started to laugh too.
I shrugged. If they crack up at small stuff like this, they should spend five minutes with my friends, I thought. When I stood up to go find the dorms, two guys that looked exactly alike put their arms around me. "Hello there," the one on my right said. "So you’re the American. I'm Fred," The other one said. "And I'm George. Care to try our complementary candy?"
I jut stared at them. "Let's see, what kind of 'candy' do you have? And, what will it do to someone if, for instance, it would happen to be eaten in front of the entire school?"
"Ah, you catch on quickly," Fred, said.
"I know a prankster when I see them. So are you two clones willing to make a deal?"
"Depends on what you have to offer us." George said. I smiled at them. "Fourth of July quality, enchanted fireworks. That's all I have right now."
"And what exactly do you want?"
"Several samples of your products and everything you know about Draco Malfoy. His background, schedule, and what annoys him the most." They both smiled at me. "Deal!" Oh Draco, you and your beautiful hair are in for a long year. Wait, what?

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