Love and Magic: A Dangerous Combination

Just an idea me and my friend had.
(Fith year minus the crazines)
A very potter musical reference!

Chapter 3 is now what would have been chapter 4

Chapter 3

Hungry Like the Wolf

Special thanks to The Hogwartian and werewolfgirl16 and all you awesome people who took the time to read this and commented when i had writers block and just gave me ideas.

What Alyssa looks like-
but without the piercing

What Artemis looks like-

I followed a bushy haired girl into the Gryffindor common room. She turned and looked at me. "Aren't you the American transfer student?"
"Yes, I'm Alyssa Starr. The 'American Idiot' that my new friend called me ever so nicely. But I guess that I deserved it, since I thought Harry Potter Was a wizard pop singer instead of a national hero." She giggled. "Well, you are a bit off there. I am Herminone Granger."
She started to talk about Hogwarts as I followed her to the dorm rooms. When she opened the door to the Fith year's girl dormitories she screamed. She ran downstairs. I could hear her frantically yelling at somebody.
Cautiously I peeked inside the room. Now it was my turn to scream. I ran into the room just as Herminone ran back up the stairs. There was a large Grey wolf sitting on a bed "No! Alyssa! don't go in there! That beast will-"
"BANE!" I jumped on the bed and hugged the huge wolf. "Oh, I misssed you so much! I didn't think Aunt Beatrice would find you! Oh, I'm so happy."
Bane started licking my hands. "Alyssa what are you doing??!" Hermione shrieked. "Oh, Herminone this is Bane." Bane jumped off the bed and walked towards Hermione. He was bigger than most wolves. I have to admit he did look a bit scary.
Bane stared at Hermione for a long time. Then he started he jumped up and knocked Hermione down. Then she started to laugh. I got off the bed and watched them. Bane was sniffing Hermione's face and his whisker's were tickling her. I started to laugh. "Bane, I see you've introduced yourself to Hermione."
"Alyssa," Hermione started. "Why is there a wolf in the dorm room?"
"Well Hermione there is a completely logical answer to this."
"Well, what is it?"
"Magic!" I said waving my hands. "Sorry Hermione. I've wanted to say that ever since I found out I was going that I was a witch. Anyway, this is Bane. He's my pet wolf."
"But Alyssa, Hogwarts rules says you can only bring a-"
"An owl, cat or toad. I know Hermione. I've read my acceptance letter.But Bane has been in the family for as long as I can remember. So i sent a ltter to Dumbledore explaining that. He said that as long as he didn't cause trouble, Bane could stay at Hogwarts with me."
Bane started walking down the stairs going towards the common room. I yawned. "Hey Hermione, Can you do me a favor? Will you tell everyone that Bane is harmless as long as they don't provoke him? I'm really tired."
"Sure, it's no problem. Goodnight Alyssa."
"Goodnight. Sleep tight. Please don't let the wolf bite."

Chapter 4.2- Love Stinks

The next morning I woke up to somebody screaming. "Looks like someone found out about Bane."
After I explained to Ron Weasly that Bane was harmless, I changed into my robes and went to breakfast. I ate while Hermione was introducing Harry and Ron to me. "We've already met, Hermione. I almost made Harry die of laughter when I called Voldemort 'Moldy Wart', and I had to tell Ron to stop screaming like a girl when he saw Bane this morning. "I did not scream like a girl, it was Neville."
"Sure it was Ron, sure it was."
He threw a piece of toast at me but it hit his brother Fred instead. So that caused a food fight at the Gryffindor table.
"Pssh, look at these Gryffindors, throwing food around like animals, a rather pathetic house, if you ask me." I jumped. "Gosh Artemis, if your going to sneak up on me and scare me half to death you need to warn me first! What if I was drinking something?! I could have choked! My death would be on your hands."
Artemis shook her head. "You should be in Slytherin, because you throw a hissssy fit. Besides, if you did choke then Harry Potter would give you mouth to mouth."
"Ooo, Artemis has a crush!"
"Shut up! Anyway, do you want me to show you where the Potions classroom is?"
"No thanks Arty, I can find my way."

I walked into the Potions classroom out of breath. I sat down across from Artemis. "What's wrong with you?" She asked.
"My stupid watch was set up wrong, so i thought i was late."
"Oh, well that explains why you're out of breath, but not why you sat down there."
I stared at her. "Why does that matter? It's just a seat. It's not like it's cursed."
She just sighed. "Well, that may be a matter of opinion. did you enjoy your meeting with Draco Malfoy on the train?"
"Um, no. Artemis, why are you acting so weird?"
"Well, it probaly has something to do with you not understanding my hints! Just turn around."
I turned around then groaned. I was sitting right next to Draco Malfoy. Why of all places did I choose to sit here? He was turned around talking to some Slytherin girl. I started to say something sarcastic to him, when Professer Snape walked in.
He reminded me of someone. I felt like i knew him from somewhere. "This week you will be learning how to make potions that can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. Love potions." The class laughed. I felt something hit my leg. I lopoked under the table and saw Draco's knee very close to mine. I kicked him. Snape started taking away points from Gryffindor. "Do you Mr. Weasly think love potions are amusing?"
"Do know that some dark wizards used love potions to have people kill for them? Do you know that they used the love potion in ways of torture? They gave the person a love potion, and tortured the person that they believe they love in front of them. Imagine that Mr. Weasley, watching the person you love the most in the world being tortured then killed in front of you. You would be begging for your death.It makes people insane."
Ron looked like he was going to puke. Snape walked towards the front of the room and wrote down the instruction on how to make the potion. Draco kept kicking me and a kept kicking him back. "Stop this you freak! Do you think kicking me will make me like you?" Draco said. "Honestly woman, you need to understand that I am so out of your league." That really ticked me off.
"Draco Malfoy, if you don't don't shut up right now, I will-"
"Ten points from Gryffindor Ms. Starr. I suggest you get started on making that potion." Snape said looming over me.
"Yes, Ms Starr," Draco mocked when Snape walked towards the front of the class. "You should get started on making that potion before Professor Snape comes over and chews your head off, you stupid-"
"Five points from Slytherin Mr. Malfoy. I suggest you watch your mouth."
"Snape must be in a really foul mood if he's taking points from Slytherin!" Ron whispered to Harry.
"Yes, Mr. Weasley, and your idoitic comments are not helping. 20 points from Gryffindor."
We started on our potion before Snape could take away more points form our houses. Even though we hated each other, Daco and I worked suprisingly well together. There was only minimal threats and we only kicked each other about every ten minutes. I know that sounds bad, but when it comes to school, I usually try to cooperate, if I have to, the person I dislike.
We were done with our ption before anyone else was. One of the Slytherin's potion smelled horrible. "Love stinks," I said. Draco looked at me funny. I sighed. No one ever got my jokes. I put a small amount of our potion in a vial and brought it to Professer Snape. He looked at the potion for a minute then took out the cork and sniffed it. "Very good, Ms Starr," he said before going back to finish whatever it was he was doing. "Professer," l started nervously. "How will you grade our potins if you don't know if they work?" I asked. Snape put down his quill. "What are you implying Ms Starr?"
"Well, at my wizarding school in America, some of the potions would look or smell differently then what they were supossed to, but they still worked as well as a normal looking potion. So the teacher tested the potions on pixies or other things."
"Unfortunally Ms Starr we have no pixies on hand on account of an certain Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher not doing his job. But there is another option, if you want each potion to be graded on how it works," Snape said. He was grinning, which I found odd because Snape didn't seem like the kind of person who grinned a lot. "What is it?" I asked.
"We could test the potions on the students."

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