Love and Magic: A Dangerous Combination

Just an idea me and my friend had.
(Fith year minus the crazines)
A very potter musical reference!

Chapter 3 is now what would have been chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 (Aren't I creative)

note~I hate cliffhangers, don't you? And I just reread that last chapter andthe typos murdered me~

'We could test the potions on the students."

"Students," Snape said standing up. "All of the boys please come to the front of the room." Nervously all of the boys walked to the front. Snape made a bunch of quills appear with a flick of his wand. He covered the feather part with his robe. "Students, pick a quill." The quys a picked out a quill. Then Snape did tdhe same thing with the girls. I picked a random quill int the middle. I looked at it. The feather was blood red. Looking around I saw all of the other girls had black quills. Looking over at the boys I saw another red quill in the hand of . . . .Harry Potter. I knew enough about drawing the short straw to figure out what Snape was doing.
Quickly I went over to Artemis and said "Arty, trade quills with me please."
Sighing she handed me her quill. "I don't see why it matters Aly, it's just a quill. . . . And don't call me Arty!"
"Then don't call me Aly," I said giving her my quill. "And you might thank me for this later, far into the future." I backed away to the edge of the group.
"If you have a red feathered quill then please step to the front, if you have a black feathered quill then sit back and enjoy the show." Snape said evily, at least it sounded like he was trying to be evil, but to me it sounded like he was enjoying himself for the first time in a very long time.
Artemis and Harry stepped to the front of the room. Snape epxplained what that they would have to test the potion Draco and I hade made, and when he was done explaining, they were both blushed so much that they resembeled a cherry. I was watching them hoping that the potion would't kill either of them, when I saw something from the corner of my eye. Draco was whispering to one of his friends/groupies/minions and pointed at me. "She doesn't deserve the title of pureblood. She's a blood traitor just like the Weasleys. I bet her mother was nothing more than a fat who-"
"Don't you dare talk about my mother again you spoiled brat. And don't talk about the Weasleys like their animals, when the only animal here is you, pig." And then I turned his hair cotton candy pink. People laughed, but most were just too stunned to believe I hit him. Draco was staring at me shocked, clutching the part of his face that I had slapped. I heard him weakly mutter "My father will hear about this."
"Ms. Starr!" I looked towards the front of the classroom to Professor Snape, ignoring Artemis and Harry who were standing in front of him hugging and calling each other weird names like "Hunny Bunny" "Artsy Fartsy" and "Sweet Thaang." I think the love potion may have fried their brains.
"There will be no violence in this classroom Ms. Starr. See me after class."
Snape the ntalked about the risks of a botched love potion and gave Artemis and Harry the antidote for our love potion, which Snape gave an E (exceeds expactations). Artemis was chewing me out for making her go up there. I wasn't really listening to her because, I was zoned out and Artemis's Irish accent is really hard to understand when she's shouting very fast. Snape then dissmissed the class.

Snape's POV

Alyssa Starr stood in front of my desk, while I angrily paced behind it. "Ms. Starr, violence is prohibited in my classroom. Now explain to me, why on Earth would you hit Mr. Malfoy?" I fumed. I was angry that she had hit the Malfoy's boy. He was my personal favorite, despite of his father, who I disliked, not as much as Potter though. James Potter was an arrogant, jerk, unworthy of Lilly Evans. But part of me was angry that she wasn't nervous or scared like all the other students that I had stay after class. Her expression was as blank as a new sheet of parchment. "He provoked me Professor," she said staring at me, her tone giving away none of her emotions. She sounded bored. This infuriated me. "So you decided to slap him? I bet your parents would be ashamed of you."
She looke up at me, her jaw clenched, a new look of ferocity burning in her eyes. "Yes Professor Snape, my parents would be very ashamed of me right now." Inside I felt a small sense of victory, I had gotten to this girl. "Yes, my parents would be ashamed that I slapped him, instead of breaking his nose. If anyone calls my mother a fat prostitut-" She choked up. Small tears were welling up in the corner of her eyes. She blinked away the tears. "My mother and father were murdered. I feel that I have the right to slap Draco Malfoy if he insults my mother." Several tears slipped down her face. My heart softend for her. I flicked my wand and a chair came over behind her. "Sit down tell me about your parents." I said sitting down. Shaking her head she said "Professor, you don't want to her my sob story."
"Fine, I won't send you to the headmaster, but you do have dention for a week starting today. And I'll talk to Mr. Malfoy. But will you dou me one favor Ms Starr? Tell me your parent's names, I might find someone who knew them. I know some American potion masters." A hint of a smile appeared on her face. "My father was Russel Starr, and my mother was Diana Nightblood." I froze in shock when I heard that name, the name I hadn't heard in a long time, the name I longed to hear news about. Before I could say anything, Alyssa looked at her watch and mumbled something about being late and ran out of the room.

~ha, you probaly thought i was going to make Alyssa and Draco drink their love potion, truthfully i was going to, but i thought that would be too obvious, and it wouldn't help my plot any. HAPPY THANKSGIVING~

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