U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 5

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Chapter 1

A Reunion With An Old Friend

We stood there kissing for a couple seconds when our guy friend Ryan saw us and interrupted the kiss by saying, "You two can't stand there all day just kissing." Justin asked breaking the kiss, "Why not?" Ryan said laughing at sight of my messed up hair, "Because we have to get to class and Cheyenne needs to fix her because it looks like she has sx hair." I said playfully and gently punching Ryan in the arm, "Oh shut up. It does not, does it, Justin?" Justin said trying to smooth out my hair, "It kind of does." I asked looking at Ryan then Justin, "How do you guys know what sx hair looks like?" Ryan was going to answer but I said cutting him off, "Actually forget that I ever asked that. I don't want to know what you know." Ryan said as I opened the girls bathroom door to go in, "We know what it is because we hear you girls saying that all the time when your hair is messy." I said walking into the girls bathroom, "I have never said that, have I?" Ryan said as the door closed, "You do actually. You are the one that started saying that before everyone else."

-In The Girls Bathroom-

I looked into the mirror and my hair was a mess. I went to work on getting the tangles out and trying to make it perfect like it was before. I said mostly to myself, "Ugh! I hate Avalon! I don't understand why she hates me so much. I never did anything to her, I was a loyal best friend to her. Just because Cody wanted to date me instead of her." A voice came from one of the stalls, "Avalon hates you so much because you embarrassed her and you are her only real competition for the most popular girl in school." I asked jumping at the sound of her voice, "Who is that?" The girl came out from the stall and walked to the sink next to mine and said, "I'm Andrea. We use to be like best friends in the first grade. I don't expect you to remember." I said as she washed her hands then dried them off, "I do remember you, Andrea. How could I forget my best friend?" Andrea said walking over to me and trying to help me, "It seemed easy enough for you to replace me with that b***h Avalon." I said remembering the day that we stopped being friends, "She made me chose between you and her. Popularity seemed so important that I stayed friends with her because everyone knew my name and everyone wanted to be my friend and I liked that. I still am sorry about that. Forgive me?" Andrea said as she finally got my hair perfect again, "I forgave you a long time ago. I know what it's like to have something that you want that it is just within reach so you are going to do anything to get it." I asked picking my backpack off of the floor, "Are we friends again?" Andrea said opening the bathroom door for us, "Hell yeah, we are." I laughed and went to walk out of the bathroom but someone got in my way. I said to the person, "Excuse me. Please move." The person turned around and I came face-to-face with.......


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