Love is in the Shadows

Love is in the Shadows


Chapter 1

Coming Back

i sat with Kyoshibi silently.
"are you going to the coronation or not?" he growled. i looked at the ten-tailed look with a glare. he glared back with his wolfy eyes. him and i had grown apart since he decided to take some time out of my body. i had changed a lot, my blonde hair was a lot darker and my eyes were no longer a bright blue. i had lived in the shadows for too long. i looked at Kyoshibi and then into space.
"i guess we are going to konan" i sighed. he frowned and looked at me. within 5 minutes we were in a wash room, well i was. he was back inside my body, hiding in my mind. i looked in the mirror and cringed back. i was nasty. i was covered in grim. i walked into the shower and stripped down. i didn't care the water was cold. all that mattered was i was getting clean. i didn't have a dress for the coronation which was in an hour and i didn't want to reveal myself quite yet, this was a dilemma. i felt the shadows engulf my body and i was in a store. i grabbed the nearest dress and disappeared. i appeared in my old room. wow 3 years had really done some work. i changed into the dress and then put on a pair of old heels that were hidebound in the room. After that the shadows took me to the coronation. Of course I hid in the shadows, I saw gaara standing at the front of everybody standing with hinata. I sighed to see him smile brought back memories of our old adventures. I then saw naruto appear in a hokage's dress. He had a ring on his left ring finger. I gasped. Naruto, married? I'd only been gone 3 years. How much could have happened? After a long ceremony made by some old guy naruto looked out at the crowd smiling his goofy grin. He beckoned for hinata to come to him.
"everyone. Thank you for gathering her for my coronation. I won't let you down. I want to thank the people who believed in me, my lovely wife, Hinata, sakura sasuke kakashi gaara and and old, dearly missed friend Kikyo. Without her I don't think I'd be here today, I know gaara wouldn't and neither would sasuke. If you will all have a moment of silence in her memory and hope she returns some day" naruto said. He bowed his head and slowly everyone in the crowd was looking down. I leaned against the tree I stood under and scanned the audience. I saw Sai and Ino holding hands next to Sakura and Sasuke. Kiba stood with them as well. Kakashi stood at the edges of the crowd with Guy and Lee. I stood under that tree until everyone in the crowd had left. I used the shadows to appear inside the party. I was at the top of a giant staircase looking down at all my old friends and colleagues. Someone gasped and then the entire party came to a stand still. There I stood emotionless in a dress and heels. My eyes were back to the clear blue but my hair was still a dark golden color. One face stood out in the crowd. It was the one face out of all the others that stood out. The expression this face wore broke my heart into pieces. It was torn, lost, confused, hurt, pained, and most of all sad. It wasn't a sad sad, it was a happy sad. Like when you're happy to see someone but you know it might not go the way you want.
"Kikyo... Is that really you?" Gaara asked coming from beside me. I turned and looked him in the eyes. He had grown up even more. His face was more chiseled and his muscles were more prominent under his clothes. I nodded slowly because I wasn't able to fund my voice. He grabbed me into a huge hug and I could feel his tears on the side of my face. My kind moved slowly as I reached to hug him back. I lived him but I realized it wasn't the same love I had three years ago, it was more evolved. This love was friendlier. Out of my periphial vision that one face remained unmoving, clear as day. It started moving away but I wouldn't let it go. I ran from Gaaras arms and passed the other friends. I reached out and grabbed the faces hand. The boy froze and the face became a mask. His black hair fell into his face in small strands and I reached out to push them back but stopped myself. Just a touch from me could cross the line. I left him 3 years ago after he confessed he loved me. I couldn't expect things to be the same. Tears welled up in my eyes and I pulled my hand away backing up.
"I shouldn't have come. You all are doing fine without me, you're happy" I said shakily.
"kyo, no. Please stay" Kiba pleaded. I blinked furiously, trying to stat strong and not cry.
"it was good seeing you guys" I said, getting ready to seep into the shadows.
"kyokyo, wait" sasuke said, his face finally becoming a name again. A silent sob racked my body and I colapsed onto my knees, crying. It was a silent cry but it set off a chain of whispers and sobs. A finger lifted my chin up and a set of soft lips pressed against mine. Something was placed into my hand during the kiss and when I opened my eyes the person was gone.

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